GTD 2013: Q1

It took a lot of editing and re-editing not to call it “Q1 down the drain”, but I know Robby would brain me if I did that. :-)

I went off track with #GoTheDist last year when the weather got better. I naturally switched to walking home more which hurt my GTD goal (750 miles on the bike). I was at about 50% for the year (after a kickass 136% start to Q1) when I quit tracking there. But I just looked at my Map My Fitness totals and…. 682.9. 91.05%

I think if I’d realized I was so close I’d have pushed harder to find those miles.

But anyway, this year I flipped it. I made walking my primary goal and the bike secondary (translation: miles don’t count). Through January I’ve walked 16.28 miles and biked  58.89. Let’s see where that decision lands me. Right now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have switched up my main and alternate exercises.

LoseIt while eating out

Had “coffee” scheduled with a colleague in the industry tonight and I was anxious. Not about seeing her as she’s good fun, but smart choices at dinner. I know there are healthier options at Starbucks but I can’t stand the taste of “skinny” drinks as I much prefer soy milk. Well coffee turned into “drinks” and I relaxed when I had an idea of their menu. Or so I thought. At least I could get an idea of the choices from Yelp.

Turns out we were both “watching what we’re eating” (aka every other woman in NYC) and we split an appetizer. I should have stayed away from the bread but… I tracked it. And it was good.

Speaking of tracking. I am in love with LoseIt after a few friends recommended it. When I first started this journey in 2009, I was on Weight Watchers. When I got tired of paying for WW meetings I wasn’t going to and an online tool that wasn’t working for me once they switched to Points Plus, I switched to SparkPeople. Spark was ok. It never worked for me in the way WW did but that could have been because I wasn’t working it the way I worked WW. I hated the app and I found the website clunky. Enter LoseIt and I feel like I’m in love. It graphs, provides a calorie budget (I’m also a Mint-aholic) and best of all supports daily WI so I don’t need to also keep my up Excel doc.

I’m not going to make excuses – but one of the main challenges I faced in tracking was trying to track in too many places: the excel spread sheet (weigh ins and factors that might have affected the numbers), SparkPeople for nutrition and MapMyFitness for exercise. Now It’s down to LoseIt and MMF with a check in on DietBet. I think that’s infinitely more manageable. I’m in the honeymoon phase since I even tracked a single dorito – but I have a good feeling.

Now on to two work lunches to round out the week. Wish me luck!

Day 2

If you're tired of starting over, stop giving up.
If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up.

No, blogging isn’t going to be a daily thing. But this is really resonating with me today. I made a promise to my Hivers that I’m not going to have anymore Day 1s. Today is Day 2. Both tracked, including when I fell into the Cheerios. And the can of soup that was completely vile. Loathe to say I’ve lost “weight” as it’s really just water from adventures in a chili dip and Russian coffee cake this weekend, but it’s a lower number.

And eating better. Even if it did take me an hour the past two nights to find peanut butter and bananas. Yep, smoothies a go. And something I forgot last night – no candy. I’ve proved to myself I cannot be trusted in moderation so it’s banned. Oh, and I stayed away from the evil m&ms today. Not even one.

A final thought on tracking. There’s no reason to fear it. The scale tracks anyway.

Your body keeps an accurate journal
Your body keeps an accurate journal


that’s the new name of my game. I have maintaining down to a science. This year, I’m going to get the rest of my way to goal. Here are some small and big picture things I’m doing to achieve this accountability:

  • Blog. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes. But when I was losing, I was blogging. So we’re going to try it again
  • On the writing theme, I’m tracking. I was a master at tracking way back when and it’s time to go back. I don’t see what my road block is here. I face the foods when I see the number on the scale, it’s time to face it in my tracker. I tracked today. Including the m&ms. That’s a start
  • Money. I joined Run With Jess‘ DietBet challenge at the instigation of a Hive friend. It cost me $10 but I will lose my 4% and if I do that every month it won’t cost me another cent I don’t think. AND if I hit the 4% goals each month (a big if, I know), I’ll hit goal by July, which gives me plenty of breathing room if I have an off month.
  • #GoTheDist. I gave up on tracking this a chunk of the way through last year although I continued to track my workouts in MapMyFitness. But the challenge is a great motivator and it gets me to the gym when I don’t want to go.
  • Smoothies. Yep, back to smoothies for dinner. They help with the salt retention and they give me my chocolate fix when I otherwise eat things I have no business eating when I get home.
  • I’m not giving up soda. Not yet, at least. I was the queen of fake lemonade last time and while I’m contemplating getting a soda stream, I’m not ready to make the switch off soda. I’m afraid I won’t drink enough until it’s warmer. But it’s diet soda so that’s a partial win.

Other Notes:

  • S is for Spark. as in the Spark to get to goal. As in SparkPeople. If I do what I did with Weight Watchers online, I can make it work with Spark. There is no difference in the foods I’m eating.
  • I’m going to get my knees to the point where I can do more than one squat, or I’m going to quit putting off knee surgery and get it done.

So let’s see where this lands. That’s not everything, but it’s a start.