LoseIt while eating out

By | January 30, 2013

Had “coffee” scheduled with a colleague in the industry tonight and I was anxious. Not about seeing her as she’s good fun, but smart choices at dinner. I know there are healthier options at Starbucks but I can’t stand the taste of “skinny” drinks as I much prefer soy milk. Well coffee turned into “drinks” and I relaxed when I had an idea of their menu. Or so I thought. At least I could get an idea of the choices from Yelp.

Turns out we were both “watching what we’re eating” (aka every other woman in NYC) and we split an appetizer. I should have stayed away from the bread but… I tracked it. And it was good.

Speaking of tracking. I am in love with LoseIt after a few friends recommended it. When I first started this journey in 2009, I was on Weight Watchers. When I got tired of paying for WW meetings I wasn’t going to and an online tool that wasn’t working for me once they switched to Points Plus, I switched to SparkPeople. Spark was ok. It never worked for me in the way WW did but that could have been because I wasn’t working it the way I worked WW. I hated the app and I found the website clunky. Enter LoseIt and I feel like I’m in love. It graphs, provides a calorie budget (I’m also a Mint-aholic) and best of all supports daily WI so I don’t need to also keep my up Excel doc.

I’m not going to make excuses – but one of the main challenges I faced in tracking was trying to track in too many places: the excel spread sheet (weigh ins and factors that might have affected the numbers), SparkPeople for nutrition and MapMyFitness for exercise. Now It’s down to LoseIt and MMF with a check in on DietBet. I think that’s infinitely more manageable. I’m in the honeymoon phase since I even tracked a single dorito – but I have a good feeling.

Now on to two work lunches to round out the week. Wish me luck!

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