2014: you’re looking pretty good

By | January 10, 2014

10 days in and January is looking pretty good, #GoTheDist wise:

  • Steps:: 42,324
  • Miles Walked: 17.8
    (both as of January 9)
  • Miles Biked: 41.44
    (as of January 10)

Pretty impressed with the foot totals in light of the polar vortex and I’ve been to the gym every other day. I am proud of that and hope I can make it stick.

Speaking of looking good. a friend turned me on to Fabletics and I may or may not be hooked. I did need some new clothes as a not small amount of my workout clothes are 60 lbs ago. I’m hoping to use this weekend’s rain to purge and bring the previous purges to the thrift store.

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