Ambitious June #GoTheDist goal

By | June 2, 2015

I was so antsy while away to see if I’d hit my stretch goal of 310,000 steps. Well, I didn’t. I blew it out of the water.

May totals:

  • Steps: 359,946
  • Miles Walked: 147.9

Wow. Easily my best month ever. Thank you, mostly, to the Great Saunter and its 50K+ steps. More than made up for limited steps while on the train/in the LA area.

So I’ve set a kind of ridiculous but possibly attainable June goal pace because I revised my Q2 personal goals up after an amazing April/May. Both my #GoTheDist and personal goals were too easily attainable.

June goals:

  • Steps: 320,089 (would make 1,000,000 for the quarter)
  • Miles: 120.17 (would make 400 miles walked)
  • Bike: 50 (this is really gym visits. I need 10 to hit 50 over six months for gym reimbursements. I’ve got one down so that’s something. It should also help me get back on track while not losing my steps).

The steps goal is about 11K/day, but I think I can do that in good weather. Will depend on some weekend/family plans, but I think it’s within range.

After all, what’s a goal without a little pressure?

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