about the million step goal?

By | July 3, 2015

On June 2, I set a “kind of ridiculous but possibly attainable June goal” of 320,089 steps. On June 27, I beat that goal, although I didn’t realize it until June 29.

FInal June totals:

  • 347,231 steps
  • 143.14 miles walked
  • 42.68 miles biked

Final Q2 totals:

  • 1,027,142 steps
  • 422.97 miles walked
  • 85.43 miles biked

I got my 50 gym visits and just need to file the paperwork for my reimbursement.

Looking at my 2015 goals:

Here’s where I am at the mid point of the year:

  • 1,954,731 steps
  • 807.42 miles walked
  • 306.96 miles biked

On a percentage basis (can you tell I love my spread sheets?) that is:

  • 57.4 % of steps goal
  • 53.8% of mileage goal
  • 61.3% of bike goal

I’m in a good place especially as I expect August to be another challenge due to travel.

My July/Q3 goals are as follows:

  • 333,333 steps (yes, going to try for 1m again in Q3)
  • 400 miles walked

On a non-walking related note, I’ve read 56 books this year. I need to go look at the A-Z challenge but wow. I’m very happy with that.

5 thoughts on “about the million step goal?

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    1. cari Post author

      One day I’ll believe you, but in the mean time I’ll take it.

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