2015 Home Stretch: Reading

By | December 1, 2015

so I realized today that at the end of 2014 I said I wouldn’t read 54 books again. About that. I’ve read 88 so far. That is, in a word, insane. 11.5 books this month is going to be hard with work eating the first half, but I’m going to push hard. I really want that meaningless accomplishment.

I only abandoned one more book in the last two months though. Or at least marked it as abandoned in Library Thing.

I also looked back on my last update to the A-Z challenge. Still missing Q,X and Y but that doesn’t really bother me as there was nothing on my initial challenge wishlist that I want to read so…

In reading back on my 2014 year in review I can say:

  • still bad at reviews
  • still read too much crap (although I may be out of series on which to binge)
  • still a happy bookworm


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