#GoTheDist January: Bike Edition

So I had a silent goal of some bike mileage for January. I didn’t touch it in my goals since I wasn’t confident it was actually going to happen and didn’t want to put it in writing. I started with my same goals from January of last year and…

Goal Total Have To Go Average Daily Needed Daily
Bike Mileage Goal January 33.3 33.72 -0.42 3.065454545 -0.021
Bike Mileage Goal Q1 100 33.72 66.28 3.065454545 3.314

I beat it on January 11! I’ve been to the gym five times and while some of that has been out of need for a shower, I’ve done what I should and it’s paying off. Here’s to more success in that vein.

2015: it’s a reading wrap

my final 2015 numbers thanks to another beach author binge: 102 read with 38 unfinished.

Wow, just wow. I didn’t finish the A-Z challenge but that’s mostly a product of not wanting to read what I’m told to read so 2016TBRPile challenge it is. While I hope to read more, my goal is 75 due to a lack of series to binge on. I do want to read a better cross section of fiction and non and am happy that of the two books I’ve read so far, it’s one apiece

Some thoughts on 2015 reads:

  • I really was all over the map: from Tess Gerritsen, Mary Higgins Clark and Nevada Barr to non fiction on making of sushi, people who never lived and a number of sports books. I really do like to read most anything with words.
  • I wanted to do a genre breakdown like I did last year, but with 102 books it’s just too long. Maybe I’ll try to go as I go along this year.
  • Kindle Unlimited is awesome. So many new to me titles and authors
  • My unfinished tell me more about my reading interests than those I finished. While a friend referred to those as books I’m “saving for later”, I really don’t think so. They’re just either not my personal interest or so poorly written. The few that I think I might return to – usually a case of running out of time before the library hold ran out:
    • Among the Truthers – Jonathan Kay
    • The Colossus of New York – Colson Whitehead
    • Hungry Monkey – Matthew Amster-Burton
    • Moby Duck – Donovan Hohn
    • The Tastemakers – David Sax

Maybe ones for the 2016 challenge? I did just join this challenge to go with the TBR one:

2016 Reading Challenge
2016 Reading Challenge

Final #GoTheDist 2015

so as I mentioned at the end of November, I was in a good place for December.

December totals:

  • 275,357 steps
  • 113.17 miles walked
  • 6.13 miles biked

The one I’m most proud of? The last one. I actually went back to the gym. Baby steps. I hit a stretch goal steps wise and that felt good. Thank you El Nino.

Q4 totals:

  • 843,754 steps
  • 346.74 miles walked

I’m happy with that, especially as my goals for the quarter were: 800,000 steps // 315 miles walked

2015 totals:

  • 3,729,058 steps
  • 1536.53 miles walked
  • 321.03 miles biked

Yep, that last one is a disaster but you know what? I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I started again in December and did nearly 10 miles today. I put my bike goals back in my spreadsheet and I’m getting back on track.

Overall, a year to be proud of. I’m happy with my 2016 goals and look forward to a good year.