#GoTheDist January: Bike Edition

By | January 11, 2016

So I had a silent goal of some bike mileage for January. I didn’t touch it in my goals since I wasn’t confident it was actually going to happen and didn’t want to put it in writing. I started with my same goals from January of last year and…

Goal Total Have To Go Average Daily Needed Daily
Bike Mileage Goal January 33.3 33.72 -0.42 3.065454545 -0.021
Bike Mileage Goal Q1 100 33.72 66.28 3.065454545 3.314

I beat it on January 11! I’ve been to the gym five times and while some of that has been out of need for a shower, I’ve done what I should and it’s paying off. Here’s to more success in that vein.

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