#GoTheDist May 2016

By | May 31, 2016

My spreadsheet has gone berserk. Not only do I have columns for my monthly goal as well as to top the month the prior year, I have columns for 1m and 2m steps. Berserk!

Runaway spreadsheet with some of my June goals

Runaway spreadsheet with some of my June goals

I didn’t top May 2015’s total, but I knew I wouldn’t. I’m a little disappointed in myself for the number of “oh fuck it” days, but I also realize I was nursing an injury so it is what it is. 342,899 is really not anything to be disappointed by.

My June goals:

  • Hit one million steps for the quarter, two million steps for the year. Both should be doable.
  • Hit either (both?) 347,231 (June 2015 total) or, at minimum, 333,333 which has become my new baseline. I had a 27K step day last June that I won’t have this year, but we’ll see. Not ready to declare it impossible.
  • Six gym visits to make 50. Non negotiable, $200 is at stake.

On to June….

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