#GoTheDist: October 2016

By | November 1, 2016

so what where my October goals?

  • 301,135/302,677 (actually aiming higher, I want a cushion against a bad December)
  • 30 miles biked

And my October totals?

  • 334,831 steps
  • 137.53 miles walked
  • 4.5 miles biked (way too nice out)

That’s insane/amazing with two weekends away and I’m really thrilled. I’m starting November strong with a 15K day and am going for 4m.

Downside of weather being nice enough to walk home almost daily? No reading time. 77/75 books read, 57 for #2016TBRPile. I won’t hit 100 on the year due to work, but hopefully I’ll have a good start on 2017 with a week’s vacation to start the year.

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