Closing the books on 2016

By | January 7, 2017

Belatedly, as I was traveling.

Other year-end wraps: 2015, 2014, 2013

December Totals:

  • 306,676 steps
  • 126.14 miles walked
  • 4.16 miles biked

Q4 Totals:

  • 962,117 steps
  • 395.48 miles
  • 12.39 miles biked

2016 Totals:

  • 4,054,028 steps
  • 1,666.42 miles walked
  • 431.72 miles biked.

I DID IT. 4 million steps!!

Super excited that I identified a goal early and pushed hard toward it even when I knew it was going to be a challenge. I’m also really happy with having hit twelve months in a row of 300K. Wow.

2015 Totals:

  • 3,729,058 steps
  • 1536.53 miles walked
  • 321.03 miles biked

2016 v 2015

  • an increase of 324,970 steps
  • an increase of 129.96 miles walked
  • an increase of 110.68 miles biked.

The former two are almost as if i had a 13th month in the year rather than one Leap Day. The latter I’m especially proud of because getting to the gym is always a struggle. I’ve started strong already this year and am hoping to top that. More TK in goals post.

2016 Goals(more info at the link)

  • 3,600,000 steps
  • 1515 miles

Personal Challenge

  • 3,680,000 steps
  • 1600 miles for 2016

Yep, obliterated the stretch goals too. I’m simultaneously super proud of myself and trying not to worry about not being able to repeat it. 2017 goals to come momentarily


I read 84 books that totaled 25,504 pages. 63 of those were for the #2016TBRPile challenge. Happy with that especially without my usual beach binge week. On to 2017 which is off to a good start


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