In the books: August 2017

By | September 5, 2017

long post to come re: my amazing road trip, but quickly closing out the books on August

Came just shy of my full month without goal. I missed it by 20 (!) steps on August 30 and about 1,200 on the 31st. Latter was a conscious choice as I preferred to explore the town I was spending the night vs. treadmill. Wednesday was falling asleep before syncing. Whoops! Still, an amazing month. 37 day goal streak and I’m starting a new one.


  • 503,417 steps
  • 216.17 miles run /walked
  • 39.72 miles run

Oh so close on the latter. Could have found .3 miles somewhere had I known. Pace ended at 11:52 with average workout time of 26:21. Still cannot believe I was able to pull off 500K. That’s mind blowing

Q3 to date:

  • 941,352 steps
  • 404.64 miles run/walked
  • 74.39 miles run

Guess my Q3 goal isn’t going to be a million like it used to be.  1,350,000 will be the goal as it incorporates a semi stretch goal for September as well.  Would like to have 600 miles run/walked and 115 miles run. I have some catching up to do after my trip, but I think the September goals are all still in play as I train for a 10K. To no surprise, even driving 1600 miles I did well when I made time to get to the gym.

Loving that the new gym has a rower and having that for cross training. I’m tracking that, but no goal setting there yet.

3 thoughts on “In the books: August 2017

  1. Liz Dexter

    So many steps! I don’t really track anything except my distances on Strava to make sure I’m doing it right, but well done you. Strong work!

    1. cari Post author

      Steps for me were easier and annual goal until running happened. Easier to track than mileage since fit bit consistently inconsistent there. If I keep up the running I might switch to running mileage goal especially as I’m doing RunTheYEar again

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