Weekly Wrap, 11.5

I spent a lot of Marathon Sunday afternoon watching football and catching up online. I really, really need to remember not to read LetsRun. They publish some wonderful articles but the forums are a misogynistic cesspool of the worst order.  My kingdom for a world where raising one person up didn’t result in tearing the others down. In the mean time I’m just going to focus on wonderful articles like: American Women Take Top Spots from Runners’ World.


Speaking of Runner’s World… I may have a birthday coming up but I feel like this email was a little off the mark, target wise. I absolutely laugh about it because my age doesn’t bother me, but this is up there with my dermatologist sending a birthday coupon on Botox.

So much lately on the various running e-blasts about staying motivated. I guess I’m relatively lucky in that I haven’t hit that much. I think I channel Thoreau as Deb mentioned: 

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move,” wrote Henry David Thoreau, “my thoughts begin to flow.”

Running without music has been complete non-issue, even last week’s longest at nearly eight miles. Even on days where I’m pushed into cross training it’s a great mental balance for the craziness of work this season. Less than three weeks to the gala, which is wonderful and frightening.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly:

Very little running most of this week. Achilles, calf. Decided not to push it. Rather miss goal this month than be hurt long term. Didn’t use it as reason not to go to the gym though so calling it a win. It’s actually a bit of a gym catch up for me ahead of February reimbursement as I know I’ll miss some time around the holidays so want to front load so I’m not scrambling then.

  • Monday: I started on the treadmill, but my Achilles was whingeing so I decided to row followed by a long, hard stretch.
  • Tuesday: I had a lot of plans to get out early and run, and then I remembered I needed to vote before work because I couldn’t after. So I had a short test of my Achilles (yay, it’s on mute!) My evening plans got turned on their head so I ended up with time to go to the gym and was glad I almost always have my gym bag on me. My right calf seized up at .2 miles so I decided to hit the elliptical. Not sure why that happened, but I’m all about listening to my body. The Matrix Elliptical is evil and it felt like a good workout.
  • Wednesday: got a little further in trying to run, but calf was still unhappy so I went for 25m on my old friend the LateralX. That feels like such a good workout and didn’t bother my calf at all.
Toasted White Chocolate Mocha
  • Thursday: had some time in the morning and wanted to test my right calf. Short, sweet and no pain. I really think it’s the treadmill that’s irritating my legs this week so glad to have the chance to run outdoors. The other reason I wanted to test the leg was I needed to know if I was good for the office run group. Our first after the time change but luckily Central Park is fairly well lit except for the segment where we cross the reservoir loop. It was a good run, not quite as close to the PR as last time, but I will break 32. Eventually. Fuel for that run? 3P Starbucks run. Not a huge fan of the toasted white chocolate mocha. I think I’ll stick with peppermint or go back to the regular white mocha.
all the colors!
  • Friday: was supposed to be a true off day, but it was raining so hard I couldn’t even walk home so I went to the gym for some light cross training on the recumbent bike (Yes, still trying to get through Order of the Phoenix) and heavy stretching. Barely eked out my step goal.
cold sun
  • Saturday: there were plans, and then there was reality. That started with some quality time with coffee and my laptop. Ahh weekend procrastination. I finally got dressed to go out. I mentioned to Lisa that while I’d acquiesced to long sleeves, I was not ready for tights. Seeing that it was 45 with a wind chill in the 30s sapped the desire to go to Central Park for ~ 9 right out of me. I could say it was a smart decision after the Achilles/calf pain, but that’s just making excuses. The issue with CP is it’s about a mile walk to the start of my loop, which is cold. I could take the crosstown bus, but that’s not sheltered from the wind and mid-day Saturday traffic means it’s too hard to jaywalk and stay warm while running to start. So I decided instead to run to the gym and back for about four miles. As soon as I walked outside and to the corner to start, I knew it was the right decision – even with a shirt with thumb holes, I was cold. Although I switched from buff to hat, I forgot my gloves. The wind wasn’t terrible as this path is mostly sheltered and it was a good run to the gym even if the GPS was a complete mess. There is so much construction & scaffolding it’s almost impossible. So I’m calling that a two mile run for logging purposes. When I got to the gym I decided on a short row and a long stretch/foam roll before running back home. GPS was off there too as it apparently didn’t truly find a signal until I stopped zig zagging. I stuck with York as there aren’t too many roads to cross while running against the hospitals and Rockefeller University and it’s well lit whereas the riverside path isn’t. Overall, a good running day.
  • Sunday: Meh. But not going to dwell on that. Going out to run 7 miles is better than sitting on the couch and the Park was gorgeous. Two years ago or even last year I couldn’t go out and run seven miles so a run that didn’t make me happy is better than I could do before. It’s the little things.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: crosstrain or off depending on whether I need root canal.
  • Tuesday: run or crosstrain
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off, dinner with Mom
  • Saturday: crosstrain or run
  • Sunday: NYRR Race to Deliver 4M. I haven’t raced since early October and looking forward to this. I want to beat my Gridiron time (43:04), but I realize that’s contingent on my tooth & runs this week.

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  • Yeah, what is up with all those mean runners on Let’s Run? After getting some funny looks this weekend doing my run/walk intervals with the group, I can only imagine what the Let’s Run people would say to me. I thought runners were all nice people!

    Looks like a good week of running for you. Fingers crossed that the tooth behaves and you get to run your race!

    • I think nearly all runners save for LRC are wonderful. Let them stay contained to their cesspool. It was a nice reminder for why I don’t read it.
      Thanks! I love the charity the run supports – God’s Love We Deliver – and it’s especially important when folks don’t have access to warm meals at the holidays so I’ll go no matter what. If I know it isn’t going to be pretty, I’ll turn off the Garmin and just treat it as a walk in the park.

  • You’re very right to not push it now so that you can later on. I’m not always real great at listening to my body that way.

    I guess we really are spoiled by just being able to drive to where we want to run! It takes time, of course, but I can blast that heat on the way home, too (was so chilled after the race today!).

    I stopped running with music a few years back. Haven’t gone back. I kind of chuckle at all the posts bemoaning a dead phone & there fore no music!

    • I was at mom’s for Thanksgiving last year and LOVED having her car to sit in before starting the Turkey Trot since it was freezing. But I think I’d hate to be somewhere that I couldn’t run to start of runs. Catch 22
      For me dead phone issue is no photos. Outdoors I’m fine, treadmill iwthout music or podcast I’m in trouble

      • Oh yes, on the treadmill I need a tv show!

        Turkey trots do tend to be really cold in these parts. 🙂 I think at Troy there’s a place to hang out though. Used to be for the one I do, but the last couple of years they don’t open it up. 🙁

        • Oh good. On the plus side, my mom has decided to drive me so worse comes to worse I’ll hide in her car after I get my bib.
          Supposed to be cold Thursday, was bitter cold here last year

          • It is also supposed to be sunny, I believe. Most likely I will skip it this year. Even Darlene has been making noises of skipping it (probably because she has a half on sat), but knowing her, she’ll still do it.

  • I’ve never ventured to Lets Run. Sounds like I don’t need to. I’m trying to draw motivation from the earlier morning light. I know it will be dark again during my running time soon.

  • I have not read anything on let’s run and it sounds like I don’t need to. I struggled w an annoying achilles all summer. It’s finally cooperating but not back to normal all the way. I am still doing intervals which seems to help.hope you feel better this week

    • Me too. I think/hope it was just too many bridges last Saturday. Taking it easy helped and I did some relatively flat running this week when I did run. Like when my knee flared, I think treadmill exacerbates so trying to run outdoors where possible. Today was definitely slow/interval-ish.

  • I’ve read a little bit of Let’s Run, but didn’t realize they were so hard on elite runners? I thought it was similar to Marathon Investigates that busts people for using mules to get into Boston, etc!

    • I think they’re most hard on the elite women. At least among what I’ve read, it’s just arguing about the men vs. denigrating them
      I feel like Marathon Investigates tries to keep it about the facts – X cheated in Y way and should be disqualified vs. X ran faster than me and they’re fat so they must have cheated. That said, Aysha/Kelly Roberts seems to be spilling back into MI which eek.

  • This is the time of year I twice visited NYC and I remember how gorgeous Central Park was. I’m so jealous! The white chocolate latte (with only 3 pumps) is my go-to at Starbucks. But recently, I tried the Maple Pecan something with cold foam. It’s a cold drink, but very good. My best tip for Achilles is to cut the back third of an old running shoe insert and put into the heel of your shoes. That extra lift finally got me out of an on-going problem. I had two root canals this past winter. Although unpleasant, I was so glad to get rid of all of the pain I had had for months. Thanks for linking!

    • Come up again,f all is the best time to visit NYC.
      Oh thanks for that heel tip, will try that. And ditto, I’m a root canal vet and mostly want the tooth to stop hurting. Has not been a fun few days and the cold fall air on it (mouth breather) does not hurt whether running or just spending time outdoors.
      I’m the same with the white chocolate, although mocha more than latte. Haven’t tried maple pecan but did its almond cousin. I enjoyed but no way am I drinking iced on this tooth.

  • I don’t like the treadmill for numerous reasons (mainly because #boring), but my body does not seem to like it either. I attribute it to my long legs (and long strides), but I’m always paranoid of stubbing my toes on the front of it. Of course, there’s the repetitive nature, and that wreaks havoc on my hips…I crave the variation of terrain outdoors.

    • You wrote something about your long legs/stride in either the Wrap or Race Errors and I had to chuckle. My step/mile conversion is so wonky because #stubbylittlelegs.
      Treadmill is definitely an issue for me when I have an injury but otherwise I’m OK — I’d rather burn off energy than go stir crazy unable to run outside. Agree though re: varied terrain (and scenery!) outside

  • I do try to stay away from the LetsRun forums. I did find one complaining about ESPN’s coverage of the marathon, so it’s not just me who’s disappointed with what we got. I don’t know if I’ll watch in the future since the coverage is so bad.

  • I think you’re super smart to take it easy and let your Achilles and calf rest a bit. Like you said, it’s better to take a little time off now, than be forced to take a lot off later.

    Thanks for the shoutout! That’s a great quote, isn’t it?

  • Rabbit Food Runner

    The treadmill seems to throw my gait off and occasionally after runs on it I feel funky too. Smart to take it easy. Good luck on the race next week!

    • Thank you!
      Interesting to hear it happens to others. When I was injured between my first and second half I blamed it on Central Park hills, but I was also doing treadmill studio classes then — wonder if that was a piece

  • Sounds like you were smart to back off a bit when your achilles/calf bothered you. Weird that it seems to happen from the treadmill! The wind was rough on Saturday. Made it feel so much colder than I expected.

    • Yes, very. Calf tends to cramp on occasion, but this felt different. I’m happy to baby it a little to be sure it was OK. Weird was it was opposite legs
      That wind was nuts!

  • I hope your achilles pain disappears soon. I had a strained achilles a few years back – 6 weeks off and PT. It still makes me nervous every time I feel a twinge.

    This weather is crazy. I can never figure out what to wear. I’m either hot or cold. it’s worse for me because I have to pack all that crap.

    I’ll be back in NYC Nov 19 & 20. I wish it didn’t get dark so early. Ii want to see the CP foliage before it’s all gone.

    GL with dentist appt.

  • Janelle @ Run With No Regrets

    Great job on your runs and listening to your body, which is so key! I hope your calf and achilles feel better soon!

  • Sorry about the calf but did smile when I saw your “bad” 7 mile run and your comment – I make myself think that when I have a bad 10 miler (or even the bad 21 miler, I mean, come on, Liz!!). So many people working their way up to these distances we see as fails sometimes. Hope the tooth thing wasn’t too bad (I am sooooooo behind) and you’re going strong again.

    • You’re no more behind than I am. Ended up with root canal yesterday so this week was a lot of cross training on the recumbent bike. Appreciated the reading time. Yesterday was only time I ran this week and it was barely a mile. My tooth wasn’t yet in agony Sunday, but I think it was part of the bad run. I just didn’t feel well even if tooth & legs aren’t exactly connected. Does that make sense?

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