January, Gyms and Fred Lebow

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Gyms and January are a hot topic. Blink is a place where the crowds don’t ebb and flow drastically, at least not the two locations I typically go to. While it’s not a Planet Fitness, it’s not one with extensive equipment which tends to cut down on some of the nonsense. I had my first personal encounter with resolutionist shamers and it just made me laugh. Apparently unpacking a new sports bra and taking off the tags in the locker room is a heinous crime worthy of comment. I resisted the urge to invite them to access a print out of my visits, but really it shouldn’t matter.

Lebow Hat 2019

It’s crazy to realize Fred Lebow is next week. I also just realized that with New Years Day a Tuesday, MLK is a week later and whee, I have Monday off after the Half. Although walking around was good recovery last year, it’s going to be a push to do my stairs when I don’t have to for work.

[bctt tweet=”Getting ready for the #FredLebowHalf to kick off my @nyrr running in 2019″ username=”travellingcari”]

So with it a week out, goals:

  • Finish strong. This is really about pacing myself. I know I’m undertrained and my achilles/calf is still a slight issue. If this means walking up Harlem Hills so I finish, I need to do this. I want to finish, yes, but I’d prefer it not be a limping crawl over the finish.
  • Have fun. Yep. This really is number one. I want to enjoy this day. Lebow was my first and I hope it’s just as magical the second time around.
  • 2:45? 2:50? Yeah, that’s not a PR but I’ve done minimal hill work and I think I’m going to regret it. 2:41:09 was this course, 2:50:08 was Ft. Pancake/Flat Lauderdale where I walked a lot due to heat, gel queasy. Honestly? I don’t care. I just want to finish this feeling good about the run. I was injured last year too so not sure extent to which that’s a deciding factor.

My regrets about the training cycle? No Mile High and not changing shoes sooner (more on that below). Lesson learned. Both within my control vs. November’s challenges.

Monday is D-Day. Err, M-Day. It’s the first day I can claim my guaranteed entry for NYC Marathon. I think I’m going to be smart and wait until next Sunday to be sure my leg is OK. I’m 99% sure it is and I’ll be fine, but I want to be cautious. It’s the same logic I used after last year’s Lebow and before Fort Lauderdale.

In the mean time, weekly wrap with Wendy and Holly Kim. Subtitle? All the cross training:

  • never miss a Monday: I’ve really enjoyed the Monday routine I re-established in December and wanted to keep it up although I needed a running off day. So I rowed for the first time in about a month and the first long row in nearly two. That’s not a six minute fall off in ability, but rather fidding with YouTube buffering because I cannot get through rowing without a “soundtrack” and for some reason it was being a toad. Oh well. I then had a good, long stretch and roll.
Hi calluses. Calli?
  • Tuesday: I tested the achilles on the treadmill and it started to be annoying, so I decided on another cross train day. 15M on the LateralX almost a year to the day after I first tried it and another 5K row. Between a flare of winter hands and two days in a row of rowing, I’m glad I’m not a hand model.
  • Wednesday: off. Didn’t even get step goal. Start of cold coming on and thought a full off day smart to rest achilles ahead of Thursday’s Central Park hills. Decided the best way to heal is not chase pointless steps.
  • Thursday: office run group expanded to three on one of our coldest runs so far. With an additional person the pace picked up and I was surprisingly able to keep up even on Cat Hill. But going up that hill was also a doozy on my left foot and calf. When we finished, I gathered my stuff from the office and headed to NYRR to collect my bib and hat. Came to love last year’s, but think I like this one even more. I stopped in at the New Balance store to see if the staff thought my shoes were the issue, which I was beginning to think. The staff person did the scan, but surprisingly for that store’s staff, wasn’t helpful so I headed to the Jack Rabbit at Time Warner where I got a little more help. Unfortunately she thought it was probably just that the shoes ran out of miles early. She suggested I stick with my backups and then come in when Lebow is done and “we’ll play” which I think is a good one.
  • Friday: felt like something was pulling at the outside of my ankle, although it wasn’t painful. Luckily I have a flexible offices and sneakers will occasionally fly. Decided to be smart and not run two days in a row. I rowed 5K and then stretched and rolled. Rowing actually made the calf or whatever this is feel really good. Iced when I got home as I’ve done most nights. The frozen roller from my first PF flare is a godsend as the size/shape is perfect.
  • Saturday: I woke, no pain. I dreaded going for a run -not because the wind chill was in the 20s – but because I was worried the shoes weren’t going to fix everything. I finally went out with a plan to run along the water which, when I avoid the ferry stairs, is almost flat. My feet didn’t feel great at 1.25 miles so I doubled back and finished at about 25m. But it was better than Thursday and I think I’ll be OK even if I only run Thursday. Cross train has been good.
  • Sunday: no pain! I still played it smart and didn’t run. I did a mile on the elliptical since the branch open Sunday doesn’t have a LateralX, 2K row, and a long roll and stretch. Officially cautiously optimistic.

Spring 2019 Half Marathon Mileage: 86.13

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: off, after-work event
  • Tuesday: run or cross train
  • Wednesday: off or cross train
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: cross train
  • Saturday: off
  • Sunday: Fred Lebow Half Marathon.

44 thoughts on “January, Gyms and Fred Lebow”

  • love that hat!!!

    Rowing…never tried it.. sounds tough.

    You think it’s been cold in nYC…single digits with the wind. Wed & Thurs the wind was brutal but Sat & Sun, the sun came out and the wind died down. it made all the difference.

    I laugh when I read your posts.. After yesterday’s run, my arch was very sore..hmmm. I think I wore shoes that had too many miles. I have many pairs and don’t keep track. I try to make sure when I run a half marathon, I have good shoes.

    So I iced and stretched and debated skipping my run today. Instead, I wore newer shoes even though it was only 3 miles. I think my feet are very sensitive and I can’t wear old shoes (can you say costly!!).

    Anyway, my arch was not perfect but much better. Not wearing those shoes for 10 mile runs!!

    Tomorrow??? Scary!!!!

    • Rowing is fun. It’s definitely tough on the hands, but overall a really good workout without the pounding. Has the side benefit of stretching the calves as I row, which was unexpected. I think that on Friday was part of why I didn’t hurt Saturday. If I get to a place where I’m back to this regularly, I’ll get a pair of gloves.
      So we’re the same person and have the same feet. LOL. WHy am I not surprised. I think I’m going to retire these shoes even from cross training. I immediately felt the better cushion – reminded me of when I got glasses and the eye doctor was “that’s how you’re supposed to see” when I went wow. I think these just went quickly from not rotating earlier – oops. Hope yours is ultimately fine.

  • Wow Fred Lebow is next week?! This month is flying by. I love the hat that they have for this year’s race!

    Someone made a snarky comment to you about a new sports bra? That’s just insane! I swear some people need a reality check, lol. I’m also “guilty” of this crime btw, haha.

    Glad that you didn’t have any pain for your workouts this weekend – that’s a huge plus!

    • Thanks. Me too. Hoping it’s good sign.
      It really is flying by. Feels like Christmas was a minute ago.
      Yep. “Wonder if she knows how to work a treadmill if she’s just getting a sports bra”

    • Ugh, but good to know that lingering won’t be a surprise. I’m going to be better about rolling & stretching even if it feels better.

  • I hope all the pain is gone by the race! Sometimes I get phantom pains before a race, which is actually pretty darn common, so I hope that’s it. I love the hat! I’d love to have a hat from a race!

    Now, obviously you & Darlene can train for NYC sort of together. At least virtually.

    Ugh to the cold. They seem to be EVERYWHERE! STAY AWAY! (not you, the cold, although if you have a cold . . .)

    • As far as I know, this & Dash to the Finish the day before the NYC Marathon are the two NYC races that give hats. I still see the Dunkin’ ones from the NYC Half a few years ago but to my knowledge that’s now just shirts. Not sure about JoeK10K though as it was cancelled last year and I haven’t been running in CP since this year’s so could be a hat I’ve not yet seen.
      Yes on the cold – wholly. Hoping it didn’t take. Cute little crawler sneezed on me

    • It is, isn’t it? I didn’t like the giveaway last year and for a while would wear the hat when I thought I’d want a disposable one, but it grew on me to be a favorite. Now it might be passed, by its sibling, if the latter fits as well.

  • How silly to comment about a new sports bra. Could have been a holiday gift, has nothing to do with resolutions!

    Good luck at the half, get those Harlem hills!

  • I’m curious – who is Fred Lebow? I apologize if I should know this and I don’t. I’ll blame it on “old age” and “forgetfulness” – I have grandchildren, I can get away with it, right? 😀

    I love rowing! That was my saving grace every time I’ve been injured and couldn’t run. Even after my knee surgery – one legged rowing, what what?! LOL

    • Nope, no reason for you to without being local. He was founder of the NYC Marathon
      I think his most notoriety outside of NYC was when he & Grete Waitz finished together when he was in remission from cancer. Alas it took his life, but Fred’s team is one of the main New York Roadrunners fundraising teams. I “knew” him outside of running mostly because there’s a statue to him where I usually enter Central Park.
      When I was gym shopping I was secretly hoping for one with an erg as I’d missed it while using a bare bones gym. One branch did and the other got them soon after I joined — happy Cari. It’s such a good all around and less soul crushing than the elliptical.

  • I wish I liked rowing better. I get sea sick on it which is so bizarre because I don’t get sea sick on an actual boat. So weird!

    • So bizarre how it affects us. I was warned about the seasick element as I do get seasick, but I’m OK on the rower. SkiErg bothers me more.

  • Wow Fred Lebow totally snuck up! That’s a fun hat! Really? A snarky comment?? Wow. Beyond ignorant.
    Hope your achilles is all healed up and on board for the race.

  • Wow, good for you! Rowing is so hard. I had one of those moments before my ski lesson after Christmas. I hadn’t taken the stickers off my helmet so I quickly did before anyone noticed them.

  • Ha – the shoe thing – I was aching on my shin after going up and down so many hills on Sat so I wore my newer trainers yesterday and felt great afterwards. Oh well, 380 miles done in the old ones and they will do for the odd short turn still.

    And wait, did someone comment on you getting a new bra out at the gym? What? I have to say I quite often wear my oldest and mismatched running gear at this time of year so people can “see” I am a long-term runner. Although I wore my new leggings yesterday …

    • I was surprised these went kaput after 270, but luck of the draw. Funny that you, Darlene and I had the same issue at the same time.
      Yep. Apparently having a new sports bra means you don’t know how to work a treadmill apparently. I don’t do that as much with running, although I’ll sometimes consciously choose to wear one of my earlier race shirts. It’s a thing with sports tees though. Just surprised they said it audibly. Le sigh

  • I’m always so shocked that people can comfortably make such snarky comments about others. It’s silly and it’s mean. You happen to be a regular gym user but what if you were just starting out at the gym and were nervous, would that make you feel any better?? It’s ridiculous. I’m struggling with my new shoes but my old shoes are really getting worn out now. New shoes are the same exact brand and type but for some reason my feet are NOT happy. I tried them again today and I got a blister 3 km in. But I keep trying them because I hate wasting money. My plan now is to just use them for gym classes. Maybe that will work to break them in a bit?

    • I went through the same this summer. The only difference was the color, so they were almost immediately relegated to cross trainers. Blisters can be so hard to counter because it’s hard to know whether it’s the shoes, socks or some combo thereof.
      And I agree, it’s not helpful behavior in the slightest

  • That hat is amazing!!! And, as a triathlete, I love rowing and it’s a perfect workout for swimming, cycling and RUNNING – as you know! It’s a major part of Orangetheory for a reason 🙂

    • I cannot wait for our OTF to eventually open as I’m so eager to try it.
      Because I’ve never gotten into the elliptical the way some have, I generally want to marry my erg. Such a helpful crosstrainer

  • there’s been so much talk about ‘resolutioners’ that last week when I saw a new guy checking out the gym and taking part in BodyPump, I gave him some quick advise (the first 3 minutes of class are spent by everyone rushing around getting their gear and setting up – the best thing to do FIRST is secure your spot, so I quickly told him that) and then after class I saw him and asked if he liked it and what did he think of the gym, etc. I even said “hope to see you back here next week!”. I mean seriously, did we not all start somewhere??? Extremely rude comment about the sports bra!!

    have you considered taping your Achilles/ calf with KT (or similar) tape? maybe something to consider for your race? take it easy – finishing strong and not broken is always always always better than a PR/.

    • I just bought some KT tape since I can’t find the roll I used last Jan/Feb for my knee. I think this is my body’s way of saying drop the January half, but I so love Lebow. But yes, that’s the plan is to get taped Saturday night and hope for the best.

      I know in January everyone is worn out but one thing I love about my gym is they have a sort of welcome wagon similar to what you did. They’re good at approaching people who seem new/confused/intimidated and are generally fine too with “hi, how do you use this piece of equipment?” even if you’re not paying for training classes.

  • I’ve gotten hats from races and I really like that! Look at your time off last week as a taper. I think you’re going to do great this weekend!

    Thanks for the giveaway. I’m excited to read it. I sent you an email.

    • It can be fun. Depending on the model, there’s an app and wifi connection available which I love for not having to log & verify the workouts. Hope the bike was fun!

  • Gym shaming so uncalled for, and so unfair! I work in a fitness studio and honestly I love welcoming people who are returning to activity or just trying something new, it’s the best! I really don’t understand why anyone would want to shame a person who’s doing something positive for themselves. Also really love your goal to have fun!! x

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