Marching into March with Coffee

I cannot figure out where 2019 is going. Joining Coco and Deborah to see if we can figure it out over coffee.

C is for Cookie.. and Cari! Cari likes cookies!

If we were having coffee I’d tell you I’ve had way too much lately. Between the cold (almost 100% better, but you know how they linger), early PT and general busy-ness, I’ve reverted to my need for afternoon coffee. Luckily I’m still tired enough that it doesn’t affect my sleep, but I need to get back out of this cycle. Or at least drop back to office coffee so I quit keeping Starbucks in business. I’ll never give up my iced Dunkin’ in the morning. Starbucks’ white peppermint mocha is amazing crack though. I’m still trying to follow my advice to myself last summer. I am a much better human when I don’t live on caffeine and sugar.

run this town!

This mug was a random find years ago at Christmas Tree or Bed & Bath and has nothing to do with running, but with the NYC Marathon drawing and NYC Half on the horizon it has taken on some fun meaning.

Although it’s eight months away, the NYC Marathon is beginning to feel real thanks to the social media buzz around the drawing on Wednesday. I’m almost positive I’m not going to make running it “Facebook official” until the day of. Ideally with a medal around my neck.  When I ran Lebow last year I didn’t even tell my best friend, mom and brother until morning of when I sent them the tracker. I won’t do that for this, in fact my brother knows. I haven’t decided how I’m telling mom & Bob yet. Only one colleague knows and he knows I don’t want to talk about it. I generally don’t like being the center of attention and specifically not about running. I am planning to fundraise for an organization I have for some time, but as I don’t need to raise a huge amount it’s easier to keep quiet.

My lowercase g goals for the next month or so as they relate to the marathon:

  • run the NYC Half (more on that below) to get an idea of current fitness and how much base building I want to do ahead of training’s start in late June.
  • get my legs into a place of three or four run days a week. I think Tuesday, Thursday, weekend long run is likely. If it’s a Saturday long run, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday might be the best way to get to four days.
  • decide which plan (probably Hal Higdon’s Novice 1, but still researching) I’ll follow and get the runs into my calendar. The latter worked really well for Lebow last year
  • make the race-day decisions like bus or ferry.

I’m going to need a lot of coffee on March 15. When I upgraded my NYRR membership last week it opened up a volunteer slot for the NYC Half expo so I’m working that on Friday afternoon. Not sure exactly in what role, but I’m sure like last year’s medal shift it will be good for steps. Then more coffee on March 17 after the Half. Although I’m Wave V (yay, Turtle!), weekend morning subways and a start in the middle of Prospect Park are going to mean an early start.

I have no time goal for the NYC Half and didn’t even before the Achilles derailed the first two this year. I just want to have fun. Running over the Manhattan Bridge, up the FDR and through Times Square into Central Park is something I want to enjoy every second of.

I’m starting to plot out the balance of this summer’s race calendar and other than a new one to the NYRR calendar, I think they’re all going to be repeats. That’s a weird feeling to me as I still feel like a running newbie.

See you next month. Maybe. Friends in town that week so blogging iffy. I love this linkup when I can get to write it.

  • What’s your goal race for this year? Is it new to you or an old favorite
  • Outside of your blog, because I feel like there are few secrets here, do you tell friends and family about major races?
  • Starbucks or Dunkin?
The Ultimate Coffee Date

Tuesday Topics: Women’s Running Clothes

While I’m not the Marie Kondo fan some of you are, I do find some truths in her advice. One relevant to running is that I don’t feel good in clothes that don’t look good on me. I don’t give a hoot if I match or not, I like all the colors. Often in the same outfit. The crazier the legging patterns the better so maybe looking good is not a constant. LOL

Tuesday Topics

I feel like we (in general, not this linkup specifically) talk more about sneakers, winter running and running gadgets and less the basics that won’t get us arrested for public nudity. Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to discuss the state of running clothes in this free topic week of Tuesday Topics.

One drawer? Hah. Source: Gone for a Run.

While the scale didn’t move much, I’ve shape shifted significantly in the last year (yay) and am at a place where I need to update my running wardrobe for things that fit my current shape.

Thanks to recent birthday and shopping in mom’s closet as she is retired and doesn’t need as many of her work clothes anymore, the work wardrobe is in better shape. My personal favorite on that front is these Apt. 9 Brynn pants from Kohl’s and the short length doesn’t require hemming. When I realized how much I liked the fit I bought two more pair so I have two black and one charcoal. Whee.

I haven’t had luck on the running clothes part, mostly because my shopping is so random and short of SkirtSports I wouldn’t know what to tell someone to buy me, whereas mom knows Kohls and Macys are my crack.

Besides SkirtSports, which I already love and know many of you wear, what are your other favorites? Bonus points for shorts, which I’m somewhat lacking in. I’m a happy clam perusing the racks at TJ Maxx, but I never really know what to look for or what is good. Also, has anyone tried Fabletics recently? I had some stuff in the early years but found it didn’t wear well for what it cost. Has it improved?

My favorites in case they help any others:

  • Marika and Danskin leggings and capris, which I can often find at TJ Maxx. Their 5/8 pants are legging length for me and they wear well for the price point.
  • I love RBX’s shorts (probably also a TJ Maxx find) because their spandex stay put and the shorts don’t ride up.
  • TekGear and Champion sports bras. I’m relatively small so don’t wear anything fancy.

Any other running wardrobe advice?

Physical Therapy: Week 2 and Half Marathon Recovery

#RunFTL shirt

One thing I forgot to touch on in either the weekly wrap or the race recap is how much I loved the A1A Half Marathon shirt. Last year’s was cute, but the cut was infuriating and I almost never wore it because I’m forever tugging at it. This year I switched it at the expo for a large (over sizing anxiety) and it fits perfectly. Memo to shirt makers: take note from the mermaid, women have boobs.

I runfess I like to treat myself after achievements like a half marathon. Luckily through #GoTheDist I’ve learned to be more conscious of non food rewards. This week’s damage was two new skirtsport skirts. I’ve enjoyed them, but running in the Lotta Breeze for the Half was just perfection. The cut is cute but the pockets are a game changer. Also, I wore a pair of formerly leggings to PT Friday morning and time to purge what doesn’t look good on me.

Key learning in this week’s physical therapy sessions: ankle stability and balance go hand in hand. I know, DUH! But somehow this never clicked for me. My balance is generally poor – I was laughably bad when Wii Fit was a thing – but better on my left side, normally. Not so much with the whimpering Achilles, but I really love these stability/balance exercises. On the dip into heel raise from a step I really felt the calf shaking with fatigue on the third set.

Speaking of Wii Fit, I wish I still had the board for some of the heel dips and raises as standing on the stairs in my apartment building gets old.

NYRR upgrade

As I work in the cultural world I’m fairly familiar with the membership upgrade offers. Buy now, get x months free; upgrade and get Y benefit. I hadn’t really looked at the NYRR ones beyond basic member until I got an upgrade offer. The cost difference is about $60 and includes a free race registration (value ~$20), but I got to thinking of all that NYRR has given me: the free programming at the RunCenter, the wonderful people I’ve met, the growth of myself as a runner. Because I can afford it, it seems the right thing to do to give back more. Added benefit: it opened up a volunteer opportunity for the NYC Half Expo so I can unlock 9+1 in case I want to do the Marathon again in 2020.

Currently reading: Phil Hewitt’s Outrunning the Demons, barely in time for Runners’ Bookshelf’s February choice. I enjoyed Meb for Mortals and seem to be on a bit of a running kick. That’s helped by the fact that they were pretty much the only books I downloaded to my new Kindle last week.

Also this week: I posted my recap of the A1A Fort Lauderdale Half.

Weekly Wrap: with Wendy and Holly. That this is the last weekly wrap makes me sad. I’ve only done it less than a year. I met some of you who were Cherry Blossom 10M ambassadors when you found my recap, and after Wendy and I met in Runners’ Bookshelf she coaxed me into linking up since I posted my own wraps anyway. I finally joined, and I’m so glad I did. I’ll check out #RIOTS, the new linkup Wendy mentioned and will try to be better about posting in rather than just reading the weekday linkups.

  • Monday: I felt pretty good after the Half, thanks to the swim. Mom and I had some errands to do and I wanted to dip my toe in the ocean for it to be an official Florida visit so we walked to the beach. I felt it in my achilles on the bridge over the intracoastal and by the time we got back to the condo I felt I should ice it. One of the best goodies in the expo bag was a hot/ice pack from Cleveland Clinic. It’s perfect. Overall, felt good and didn’t stiffen too much on flight home.
  • Tuesday: I was off work and took advantage of that with a weekday outdoor run. Yay. The shakeout felt really good and I wasn’t sore at all. I could have gone longer but decided it wasn’t smart to push it if I really want to pull off two long runs ahead of the NYC Half. I decided a much needed mani/pedi was more interesting than steps and didn’t even get my step goal. Funny how much I’m commute dependent on that.
  • Wednesday: hi, winter. So glad I ran outside yesterday because it’s a slip and slide now. 5K row after work. PT in the morning and he was impressed at how my Achilles handled the half marathon but found some huge knots in my calf. I can understand why runners often have massages. Besides the existing, he added:
    • side steps on toes
    • Single leg RDLs
    • “sneaky” lunges on toes. This one was a challenge, I don’t have lunge flexibility
  • Thursday: return of the office run group which in my head just sounded like Eminem’s Slim Shady. Why I thought of that song, who knows?! Our usual lap in quite good time even accounting for a slower mile two on account of the reservoir transverse being a dark, muddy, potholed mess. My achilles felt good as was my breathing through this winter cold.
  • Friday: thrilled to wake up and do my morning commute with absolutely no pain from Thursday night’s run. First in a couple of months. I got a good number of steps in, but took a rest day from the gym because I’m fighting a cold and needed some down time. PT again in the morning. Mine had one of the assistants helping and the assistant asked if I ever did a “single leg RDL” I said I had no idea what that was, but to show me. I had the prior Wednesday, but I don’t quite speak PT acronyms. Those are fun, save for my lack of balance. Added today:
    • Side plank clamshells. Oh those are evil but I kind of loved it
    • Single leg heel drops on a leg press machine.
    • This really complicated one where I bent the plant knee, slid the other foot out to the side and then behind me in a kind of curtsy. It took me about two sets to figure this one out. I’m not sure which is worse, my coordination or my balance.
  • Saturday: complete rest day beyond PT exercises and errands, want to kick this cold to the curb. Could I have run or hit the gym? Absolutely, it’s not a bad cold. But don’t want it to linger. and yes, now do you have to let it linger is an earworm. And then I spotted this Sarah Marie shirt in an eblast. That might have to happen one day. Funny of the day: I was frantically trying to find a charger for my vacuum before my cleaning guy came. I told him there might be an issue. Not to worry, he was coming from another job where the client didn’t own a vacuum (how?!) and he had his on him.
  • PT with a view
kinda like I’m channeling Kim. Did someone say heel drops?
  • Sunday: I wanted to be outside. The weather was overcast but better than forecast. The vague plan was a long run, but I knew that wasn’t happening pretty quickly. I don’t like spitting. I don’t mind it at all when others do it courteously, but I hate the feeling in my throat. What’s one of the side effects of a cold? Crap in the back of your throat that you choke on and… you see where this is going. So I decided to go about a mile and then do my PT laps there. Stretches are fine in my apartment, lunges and side steps not so much. I then jogged back to the stairs for some scenic heel drops. Now time for some quality time with a book and a bath.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: PT and cross train after work
  • Tuesday: run
  • Wednesday: last? PT or find out whether insurance approves more. Off, after work event
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: crosstrain
  • Saturday/Sunday: long run depending on weather.

#MedalMonday, 2019 Publix A1A Half Marathon

Palm trees make for fun artsy medal shots

I finished. I could still walk after. Atlantic ocean makes for the best race scenery. I pushed on through heat & humidity. I’m a happy camper…errr, runner. But, rewinding.

Fun in the sun on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront #RunFTL Click To Tweet

Tuesday Topics: Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to talk an oceanfront half marathon while they’re posting about cold weather running essentials. Also posting Medal Monday on a Tuesday. LOL.


The Expo was a lot of fun. It’s relatively small compared with the Cherry Blossom one and easy to manage. I lined up for the bib, shirt & goody bag (three separate, but only the bib was a line) while Mom & Bob went to get the parking pass. Pre-pay parking for your spectators is a time & sanity saver as the Bahia Mar is right across from the finish and finding parking on a beautiful weekend beach day/traffic on A1A with the race isn’t fun. We spot checked some of the meter apps and the pre-pay in the lot was only about $4 more.

After the essentials, we wandered the four aisles. I knew I had “forgotten” my chews aka couldn’t find them before packing last minute so they were what I needed to buy. I found them quickly, although not from the Running Wild booth. I wish I’d realized I forgot my backup shorts as I would have bought a pair there. As I mentioned in the Weekly Wrap, a four store tour of Delray was not productive in terms of finding shorts. Oh well.

Race Day ish:

avocado toast is the best (only?) pre-race dinner for me

Why do I consider pre-race dinner part of race day? When the race starts at 6am and it’s less than twelve hours before? That’s race day!

Luckily I was relatively tired from a 4a wakeup on Friday and was able to fall asleep by 10 or so. Alarm went off at 3:30 and first step was to check to see if I could get an Uber/Lyft to the start. I knew they served Delray, but wasn’t sure about available cars at that hour. I had a backup in Mom, but luckily it looked easy to get a car thanks to bar closing time/airport runs.

Somehow I didn’t end up with a Flat Cari photo. Oops. I opted for the Lotta Breeze capris despite the heat concerns, a bright yellow shirt from the Manhattan 7 Mile making it easy for mom & Bob to spot me coming and my Yankee hat that I wore for Lebow. Why that one? It’s a random game giveaway and wouldn’t have minded tossing it if it got too sweaty. Rather than the new shoes, went with the Vongo 2’s as I ran Lebow in them but hadn’t taken the new ones out for longer than 4.5 miles. I requested a Lyft at about 4:15 and was at the start by 4:50.

in control and ready to roll!

I wasn’t really sure about how to warm up for this, so I essentially didn’t. I did some of the PT exercises at my PT’s advice but otherwise people watched, joined and re-joined the potty lines and watched the clock crawl to 6. It was too long a wait, but with a 30m drive and I-95 a crap shoot, I wouldn’t risk it closer. If I do this again next year I’ll definitely stay in Lauderdale.

the city starts to wake as we cross the Intracoastal

Seeing and waves were more organized than last year, and I think we crossed the start about 6:10 or so. Why “or so” and no exact temperature and humidity? I decided from the beginning or really even from early last week to take it as a fun run. I had not run more than 10K since my last half and when I went into PT I made the decision to sacrifice the goals for all three spring Halfs in order to heal. This was the right decision.

Plus, it’s easy to treat this as a fun run. The course is (mostly) gorgeous, the spectators are fun and aside from the bridges on Las Olas, it’s a pancake. The latter is why I hope one day I’ll set a PR here.

My fueling strategy was a NutriGrain in the car on the way down, lots of water and chews when they felt necessary. The run strategy was to walk Las Olas Bridge, the water stations as needed, and then when my Achilles asked for it. Both of these worked as planned and were the right decision. I was pleasantly surprised that I kept within sight of the 2:30 pacer until Hugh Taylor Birch Park at mile 5ish. I started really strong, but wasn’t a case of going out too quickly.

we were all walking here

I was dreading the stretch from the Park exit to Oakland Park Blvd. as it always seems to go forever – usually because I’ve run out of water when doing it on my own and am inching to the Walgreens. Also, it goes away from the water for a bit because the oceanfront has some high rises–not scenic at all. It wasn’t as bad as I feared. Other than walking the Las Olas bridge and the water stations, I didn’t walk until after mile ten, which was much later than last year. This was where I found the beer station and happily took the water they also offered. Them, Front Runners really go to town with their water stations. Could also have hugged the table with the wet sponge, which felt magic when she wrung it over my head. As you can see, I was not alone in my decision to walk. It was just too warm here.

MarathonFoto hasn’t finished with the photos but I expect one exceptionally bad one as I didn’t even see him until the women next to me did a jump and I was trudging at that point. Although I’d been drinking enough, I was wilting.

would you like some ham with that cheese?

The thing that was different about this race than any other? Mom & Bob were at the finish and knew roughly when I was coming as I’d texted that I switched to walk/run around mile 11. When I saw them, I turned on the ham. This was right after the only part about this race I hate, the inflatable pseudo finish that isn’t. It’s an evil tease. And yes, Dirt in the skirt is the best movie line.

It was hot, I was tired, I finish smiling. Oh, and my official finish was 2:44:17.08. 2018? 2:50:08:71. Almost a six-minute course PR. WOW. I was shocked when I saw my watch because I was pretty sure I’d lost the 2:45 pace group.

I got my medal, did the obligatory finisher photo and made my way back to mom & Bob.

artsy momsy

Palm tree was my only request. Best post-race decision I made was to leave a bag in their car with a change of clothes, flip flops and my new massage stick. That (and the Dunkin run for iced coffee!) made for a much more comfortable ride back to Delray.

one honkin’ piece of French Toast

And then there was brunch. Original plan was conch fritters at Boston’s, but I wasn’t feeling heavy fried food so we went to Park Tavern. The plan was ahi tuna, but I was hungrier than a starter and it didn’t pair well with anything else, so this became the decision. Tracked and moved on, see also: DQ oreo mint blizzard for dinner. I’m not normally a post-race brunch person, but this was good!

resting my feets

As was this perfect way to rest my feet and then stretch

it’s not a legal trip to Florida unless toes go in the ocean.

and Monday’s walk to the beach to stretch and make it a legit visit.

A few things I’d change, but a really good race weekend overall. I’m in FLL way too often to consider this a race-cation.

On to the next.

What I loved:

  • The Skirt/capris were the perfect choice. Phone was accessible, leaving belt pocket free for sunscreen, extra NutriGrain bar. It was hot, but I think anything would have been hot, and this way I didn’t have to worry about chub rub.
  • I ran a solid 15K in the heat before we lost the shade and entered full sun. I think it was that rather than my recent lack of running that made for a challenging last 5K. Changing to a walk near the end was right, the choice was running or finishing.
  • My running and fueling strategy. Throwing out goals in favor of a race plan sometimes works.
  • At 13.12, this is the best I’ve run an actual course.
  • PT stretches paid off. Although the lack of hills is part of what made this recovery easier, I wasn’t too sore other than walking to the beach Monday. Intracoastal bridges are evil.
  • Reading Meb for Mortals. OK, this has nothing to do with the Half, but I started it on the plane home and loving it.

Things I’d change:

I’m actually not sure if I’m doing this next year, not because I don’t like the race but because it’s moving to January. While Florida > NYC running in January and I think it will be cooler, which solves my major issue with this race, I’m not sure I want to give up Lebow. So we’ll see. Luckily the early registration savings isn’t a decision maker. If I do, or if these help others, some things I’d change:

  • Stay in Lauderdale. a 30m ride to the start is one variable too many on race morning.
  • I’d fly in on Wednesday or Thursday to give myself more time to acclimate to Florida weather.  I did this last year, and it also meant I got a run in with the Funky Fun Run group
  • Be a little more detail oriented with the body glide. I missed two spots and oh do they hurt. On the plus side, I know what I’d have looked like if I hadn’t lubed.

Physical Therapy: Week 1

I made a rookie mistake when scheduling my 7/7:30 AM PT sessions. I’ve done early dentist appointments, I can do this, I thought. Crucial difference? At the dentist you don’t have to, really can’t, talk. At PT, you’re supposed to. Note to self: coffee before PT.

I really like the staff in this PT center. They’re attentive, but also listen. They’re also not just treating the tendonitis, but working on the weaknesses that led to it. Trying to maintain the arch in my foot by making those muscles work may well be the death of me, but I’m loving the challenge. I also think the exercises will be helpful to me long term as I sometimes don’t know where to start.

Although I still haven’t made it to a Team MHRC workout, I love the group’s emails. In this week’s is this writeup of the new-new NYC Half course. No Central Park hills makes me very happy, a start in the middle of Prospect Park less so. That’s going to make getting to the start a fun adventure. Yeah, I’m thinking about the NYC Half when I haven’t survived Ft. Lauderdale yet.

Speaking of Lauderdale, the plan as blessed by my PT on Wednesday, is run if I can and walk if I can’t. That works for me. By the time this posts (if scheduled works), I’ll have finished it.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly:

  • Monday: PT to start. Besides the stretches from last week, PT added
    • Stability board
    • Arch curls
    • Single leg dips
    • Side steps with a band (ouch, my glutes!)
    • Clamshells
      25M on the bike at the gym later as my achilles was pretty tender and there were no rowers available.
Meeting authors is Cozy
  • Tuesday: lots of steps despite the snow.  PT exercises but no formal exercise due to a book signing after work.  I haven’t read COZY yet, but I have read her others. If you’re interested in a new way of seeing the world, the book is probably up your alley. I’m very curious to see how jury duty can be cozy! I have a new Kindle which works with Audible, so I might have learned about this on the plane by the time this is published. Nope, I slept on the plane instead. Maybe on the way back.
  • Wednesday: PT. He videoed me running and it’s just so weird to see, especially in slow motion. He commented that I’m mostly a flat foot striker, my feet slightly flare out but that there isn’t anything in my gait that impacts the achilles. Yay. Beyond the above exercises he added:
    • Laps of heel & toe walking
    • Hip “crunches”. I actually don’t know what to call these. Basically lean up against a foam roller against the wall and move it up and down using my hip motion.

While some of this is driven by the fact that I’ve been running less, I love that the pain is much better and I am optimistic that these exercises will spell a better running future. After an after work event I squeaked in a quick mile and a half at the gym. I usually can’t run after events because I can’t run so soon after eating. Wanting to run is also a good moderation strategy.  Also, was curious to see how legs would “work” after pummeling of PT. They were tender, but distance was constrained by gym closing time, not legs’ ability.

  • Thursday: unplanned off day. Office run group postponed due to schedules and a friend suggested dinner. Haven’t properly caught up with her since September.
iHam, therefore I am
runners’ hide and seek
  • Friday: travel day. Hoped to run after the expo, but the traffic from Fort Lauderdale up to Delray meant we barely got in on time for dinner. The expo was fun, and I acquired some new toys including new bib clips, a suitcase-sized Stick (finally!) and citrus flavored chews since I dare not try the gels in the humidity again. More on the expo if I recap the race Tuesday. PT stretches were wonderful to stretch from plane.
Palm trees and lizards!
Gordon from Loggerhead Marine Life Center
  • Saturday: a quick shakeout to (try) to acclimate to the heat & humidity before exploring the surrounds including this amazing loggerhead rescue center in Juno Beach.  Lots of car time to rest the feet, but also some good walking to de-stiffen from the plane. Some of that was seeking new shorts (I know, I know, nothing new on race day) because I worried black capris would be too warm. Currently undecided on what I’m wearing. We shall see.
  • Sunday: race day! 6 AM start.  I don’t think they have a runner tracker system, but I’ll update twitter or instagram. Plan is to run smart, between the achilles and the heat. ETA: Done! Course PR, I think. I can’t find last year’s results since Garmin & Strava currently not on speaking terms. ETA 2: recap is up.

Week’s plans: active recovery, PT on Wednesday and Friday.

Physical Therapy: Week 0

John Mayer or Queen both have appropriate lyrics

Runfession: I’ve been much more worried about my Achilles than I’ve let on, especially when I started to feel some thickening. I made the decision that I’d go see a doctor after the Half, and that day finally came this past Monday. The reason for my concern? While it wasn’t getting worse, it also wasn’t getting better. I first felt the strain when I was in Florida and blamed it on two 15Ks in four days, but it didn’t make sense as my Florida route was pancake flat.

Cari's adventures with physical therapy Click To Tweet

Luckily I work in a large-ish office with many of us on the same insurance plan, so finding a podiatrist was a fairly smooth process. I was able to get in the same day and she was amazing. She listened to my symptoms, did an exam and x-rays and confirmed what I’d been thinking: achilles tendonosis. Course of treatment? Physical therapy to improve my ankle strength and break up the scar tissue. Their office had in-house PT, but not one that I was in network for, but I had a quick referral to one who was able to see me Tuesday.

You know those words that stick with you because their name makes them so memorable? Dactylography, Triskaidekaphobia. Dorsiflexion.

The latter joined that collection when I met with the PT team who said that, among other things,  I have limited dorsiflexion in my ankle. Sounds like I should spot a dorsal fin and be a dolphin! Things I learned from one day’s session:

  • My 2019 goal of not getting injured is intact – I was already injured! Boo. From their initial assessment, my bouts with plantar fasciitis are connected with this achilles injury, both stemming from my flat as a pancake feet.
  • On the plus side, I don’t need to stop running or change my plans to run any of the 2019 races I have planned.
  • There’s an app for that. PT in 2019 is much better than 1997 and 2008 (both for my knee) where I had bad xeroxes of the home exercises. The app with my daily exercises includes a video that demonstrates them too.
  • When the PT is using some tool on the achilles itself that you can’t see since you’re on your stomach and facing away, it crunches and feels a little like a pizza cutter

(as an aside, WordPress’ spell check is the worst. Those three words may kill it)

I see PT like I did Invisalign — it’s very different when you’re paying for it as an adult. I have been very good about wearing my retainer and will be compliant with my PT. The top photo is actually a resistance tube from the gym, but they gave me my own strap so I have no excuses. It’s too early to tell, of course, but I like the stretches and am optimistic.

My appointments over the next three weeks are at 7 or 7:30 AM. When I (hopefully) graduate from PT the plan is to keep getting up that early and either go for a run, or get to the gym.

Weekly Wrap with Wendy and Holly Michelle after a slightly worried DM to Wendy about whether this recap was running enough for the Wrap:

  • Monday: 5K row between podiatrist and Monday Night Magic. Such a fun show, and dinner was Pommes Frites. How can you go wrong with any of that?
  • Tuesday: beautiful day, nearly 60 in NYC. I had my first PT session and then headed to the gym for a short elliptical session before walking home. Can’t skip a gorgeous weather interlude when snow is on the horizon.
  • Wednesday: off. Did not even get step goal. Not achilles related, more at work until 8 PM related.
new kicks!
  • Thursday: office run group didn’t happen due to schedules. I thought we were happening so only brought outdoor pants (tights) which were more than a little warm in the gym. The shoes look white, but they’re more an ice blue with a coral/pink accent. This was only a short run as I didn’t want to push the Achilles-treadmill bothers it more. Shoes feel good and I’m antsy to take them out for a longer run once I know they’re a good option.
so this is why I’ll never be a home owner?
matching for cross training, apparently illegal
  • Friday: I’m not technically a millennial, but the avocado toast/real estate thing always makes me laugh. Love me some good avocado toast but rarely get it for lunch. I’m back on MealPal for February and it popped up today at ‘Tisserie. So good! After work, headed to the gym for a 5K row and my PT stretches. It’s too soon to have any real impact, but I love feeling the stretches in my calves. Another lovely feeling this week-I don’t “need” to go to the gym. I filed for the reimbursement and the next six month window doesn’t start until March 1, but I wanted to go. It feels weird not to go on days like Wednesday. That said, next week is crazy and I’m going to miss it more than I make it.
trying out new Lotta Breeze capri skirt
  • Saturday: I wanted to run. I did not want to run outside with a wind chill of 20 when I had not prepaid and didn’t have to. But I wanted to run. Oh the arguments with ourselves. So I layered up and headed to the gym where I could give the new shoes another go and try out my new Lotta Breeze capris. They are definitely my favorite capri model. Best thing? No pain and went just a little longer than Thursday. Followed it with a short row and long stretch followed by some well bundled errands.
yep, those are icicles!
  • Sunday: it was marginally warmer (less wind) and I really wanted to go outside. After a l-a-a-z-y morning with my book & coffee, I headed out to do some errands via the long way around. Shoes are definitely a keeper and legs felt good, although that was assisted by a conscious decision to avoid the hills. Still feel good after two days in a row, and cautiously optimistic for the Half. Hardest part was errands after in running clothes. Brrr

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: PT; crosstrain as I’m not running three days in a row
  • Tuesday: off, book signing after work
  • Wednesday: gym following after work event. Run or crosstrain TBD
  • Thursday: office run group?
  • Friday: fly to Florida; shakeout?
  • Saturday: short run to beach?
  • Sunday: Fort Lauderdale Half

Tuesday Topics: Do Frozen Penguins Play Football?

if they do, I bet they’re better than I am. I love the pre-race football throw at the NYRR Super Bowl Sunday race but I am laughably bad at it. Tiny hands (not politics, a pure fact when you’re 5’2) and footballs don’t mix.

I want to play football with penguins. In the mean time, I'll just recap @NYCRuns and @NYRR races Click To Tweet
Tuesday Topics

Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to recap this weekend’s runs.

NYC Runs Frozen Penguin 10K

My beloved first race, which I did again in 2018. I noticed only after I’d signed up for Sunday’s NYRR race that NYC Runs had moved this race from March back to February. I wondered what that would mean for weather, but remembered last year’s Super Bowl run as quite temperate. I figured I’d have survived a January Half by then, so why not. I also appreciated it not falling the day the clocks changed.

As we’ve all blogged over the last couple of weeks, winter got the memo it didn’t in November-December and while we didn’t get as cold as the midwest, NYC was unpleasant last week. Luckily it showed some signs of warming for the weekend.

2018 was warmer than 2017
that was sort of true for 2019 v. 2017

That 8:42 on Saturday morning’s screen shot? Yes, I was a last minute Sally arriving. Running in 20 degree weather? Doable. Standing around waiting in it? Nope. Not going to happen. Alarm went off at 7 and I hit snooze until 7:30 when I finally got moving and got an Uber around 8:20. Like the Half, there’s no easy way to 108th & Riverside Drive. Maybe in warmer weather I run it. Maybe.

No flat Cari as bib pickup is day of, but layers were:

  • Bottom: Cuddl Dudds Climate Smart leggings under full-length tights
  • Top: Hanes base layer under Tek Gear with thumbholes under last year’s shirt topped off by a windbreaker. I knew I’d get too hot with all of that, but wanted the windbreaker for the lap that is on the water.

Speaking of shirts, while I didn’t (and still don’t) love last year’s shirt

animatronic penguin

it made way more sense than this year’s

which hemisphere is this race in?

I miss the t-shirt from the first year and there’s a reason I still wear it a lot, it’s just perfect.

When I got to bib pickup, I was looking around and spotted the 2019 shirt. Hah! I had plans to ditch last year’s shirt in favor of this year’s so I didn’t have to carry it while running, but this years is getting donated as I chafe just looking at that. I waited until the end to pick it up, not caring if they’d still have my size.

Despite arriving just 20m ahead, I still had time to kill as they let us know there would be a few minutes’ delay to deal with some ice issues at mile one. That’s the one thing about this course that always gets me — the ice and frequently leaves on the hills. They solved the issue with a small semi circle onto the adjacent hill. Yep, walked both of those so I didn’t turn an ankle.

The course is two giant loops and miles 2/5 are pretty cold right on the water, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous. No pics as phone died of frostbite pretty much on arrival. I won’t lie, I had a moment of wanting to bail after the first loop, but I didn’t. For the sake of preserving my ankle for Sunday’s run, I did walk the hills on the second lap

Speaking of last year’s shirt… I was way happier the first time

Done. This 10K managed to feel harder than the half marathon. I wasn’t miserable despite how wonderfully awful this photo is. More like “oh shit, there’s a camera. Will my bib read. Where’s the hot chocolate?” This race will never be a body then & now photo with all the layers. I would have liked to keep the windbreaker on, but it was easier to take off and hold then the top shirt would have been. Crazy that you can indeed get “too warm” when it’s 19. Legs though were perfect.

Last year, I ran to the bus. This year I sipped my hot chocolate and walked to the subway. I stretched and iced when I got home and my ankle wasn’t too bad when I went out to drop off a library book and got my favorite post-race meal.

sushi rungry

I actually hadn’t tried sushi the night before a run in a long time and was curious. It was more late lunch/early dinner, but it worked.

NYRR Gridiron 4M

long sleeved, and way more practical than last year’s white

I know that Super Bowl is a protected term, but I wish they’d call this race something less silly. Game Day 4M? Gridiron is just so dated to the point of being silly. It was another last minute arrival as I hit every light between my apartment and the park. Amazing how tropical 34 can feel after the Vortex and I was caught indecisive in what to wear, hence another race with no flat Cari. Opted for:

  • same tights as Saturday since I had a layer between them in the first wearing
  • tee shirt, last year’s race shirt and an Eli Manning tee
  • light gloves, Lebow hat both of which were off by about mile two.
one eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater!

Last sighting of last year’s shirt, post-Holi. It never really did get clean. Less purple, yes. White? Not really

I found myself wishing for my windbreaker. Not for weather, but for the pockets. Phone, keys, metro card are a little too much for one hand and I didn’t want to, but ultimately did wear my belt. I really need to find a smaller one soon.

Corral K crossed the start line about 7m after the start. 102nd might be my favorite starting spot because you have time to get your legs under you before the west side rollers and at only four miles, you’re not trashed before you hit Cat Hill. I was pleasantly surprised the ankle didn’t voice an opinion on Cat Hill. All in all it was a good if uneventful race. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere close to last year’s time and decided to just enjoy a gorgeous day in Central Park.

Goofball alert! (c) CheerEverywhere.JPG

Did I have fun? Not one bit. LOL I Ham, therefore I am. Life is way too short to take yourself too seriously  I really love the Cheer Everywhere team and was so glad to get this via DM.

Only oddity of this race? I had a larger dinner Saturday night than Friday and ate a breakfast bar before the 4m. Which race was I ravenous after? The 4M of course. Bodies are weird — even accounting for the hot chocolate at the end of Saturday to take the edge off.

Best news of all came Monday and will lead to fewer fun runs and more training runs, I have a referral for PT for the Achilles. Podiatrist who specializes in running also gave me some stretches to do and I did them at the gym after work.

Fingers, toes crossed.

Do you enjoy moments of silliness when you run?

Does podiatrist just sound like a doctor for old people based on its name?

from Fred Lebow to Penguins and Football

oh my!

I runfess that I have not figured out how to blog from my phone, so this is a two-week Wrap since I spent the interim weekend driving with mom down to Florida. I had the best laid plans of crashing a post quickly on Monday, but I got home late and yeah, not going to happen

I don’t have email on my phone, so trying hard to play catch up on what I missed in Runfessions, Tuesday Topics, Coffee Date and Weekly Wrap. But disconnecting can be wonderful. I didn’t post too much while we drove, but it was great to finally see Richmond even though the museum we wanted to visit was closed.

Not having email on my personal phone was a decision I made when I got the new phone in March and I don’t regret it at all. Really what personal email isn’t spam these days? Does anyone still use email as a primary means of communication outside of work? That’s crazy to think of, but we’ve swung back from give me your number to give me your email to give me your number to text. I just finished Isabel Gillies’ A Year and Six Seconds (loved it!) and one point she made when a friend offered to set her up on a date post-divorce was that there was no email when she dated her first husband. Crazy!

Back on topic…

NYRR Five Boroughs Patch

I had no idea there was a Five Boroughs series patch. So cool. Used to love collecting these when I was backpacking. Want to think of somewhere more exciting to put this than my corkboard. It’s tempting me to do 4/6 again, but I really don’t think it’s on tap for this year since I’m out of town for Brooklyn and not sure I want to do Queens again. We’ll see.

I actually eased way off on running after the Half as I said I would to try and get Achilles/calf resolved. I really don’t want it to linger. Luckily this seems to be helping although I was worried about my back to back races which I scheduled before this flared. All the cross training this last month reminded me that I miss rowing, and do like the Lateral, which were both pleasant surprises.

what was that old Doublemint ad? Double the fun? Weekly wrap with Wendy and Holly Amy:

Week of January 21

  • Monday: stairs were OK and Achilles wasn’t terrible, although swollen, so I went to the gym for a good stretch,roll and short cross train. Never miss a Monday is hard post-Half! Epsom salt bath when home.
  • Tuesday: feeling better. 5K row, long stretch, roll, epsom salt bath and ice.
  • Wednesday: off. Late night at the office and legs needed a day off.
  • Thursday: no office run group due to schedules and I wanted a short test of my leg so I did the lower loop of Central Park. Slightly annoying, but not so I’d call it pain. Iced well after.
  • Friday: leg one of the aforementioned drive to Florida. Overnight in Florence, SC and we didn’t get in until nearly 11PM so although I scoped out the fitness center, I did not do anything but fall into bed.
  • Saturday: leg two. Hotel treadmill was weird so after a half mile, I switched to the elliptical for 20m before the drive from Florence to Delray. I would be AOK never seeing I-95 again.
  • Sunday: I wanted to run to the beach. Mother Nature brought the beach to land with heavy rains so managed just a short run between thunder storms

Week of January 28

  • Monday: ran to the beach and back. Just a shakeout and longest test of my leg. It definitely stiffened up on the flight home, and iced it well that evening. This never miss a Monday was beautiful!
  • Tuesday: was feeling three days in a row on the achilles so went for long stretch and roll and some kettlebell work.
  • Wednesday: ankle was feeling good, and we closed early for the snow squalls/Polar Vortex so I made time for a 5K LateralX. That is hard. And long. It’s almost 20m longer than a 5K run. As I said, the last thing I wanted to do was ice my ankle when I got home, but knew it was the smart thing. I’d also argue I was continually icing it by walking around in this weather.
  • Thursday: ankle felt pretty good after the long LateralX. I wanted an off day Friday ahead of two days running so I biked 45m. Also, I wanted to finish a book. #Priorities
  • Friday: off, sneaker shopping. While I’m pretty confident the issue was my prior pair of Vongo 2s running out of miles early, I still needed an actual solution as New Balance no longer makes the Vongo 2s and the 3s are just too wide. I went to JackRabbit and let them play. We had some trial and error, and amusingly I came home with the 860s which I’m pretty sure ETA: (YEP!) are the ones the clerk had me try too when I first landed on the Vongo 2s. Apparently the new model of these retained the good of the V2. Going to try them next week when I hopefully get back to some treadmill runs.
which hemisphere is this race in?
  • Saturday: Frozen Penguin 10K. My beloved first race moved to February and offered a 10K this year.  It was frozen, as was my phone so no photos of the iced path and icebergs in the Hudson. I treated it as a fun run to see how my ankle was two weeks post Half, and I had a blast. I’ll recap this Tuesday.  My only goal was not finishing last, and I didn’t. Small races are nice, but harder to get lost in a huge pack.
all smiles (and no hat!) after 4M
  • Sunday: speaking of a huge pack, 5,107 of my closest personal friends and I ran Central Park this morning. What a gorgeous day. Finishing without achilles crying was the goal. Done, and I even ran Cat HIll. More on Tuesday.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: I might miss this one. Depends, I have 8p theater tix so might get to gym before for a stretch.
  • Tuesday: run or cross
  • Wednesday: cross or short run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off or cross
  • Saturday/Sunday: running one of the two, not sure which yet.

GoTheDist January:

  • 423,595 steps
  • 189.47 miles run/walked
  • 51.09 miles run

Behind, but smartly letting ankle heal vs. pushing. I’m OK with this

Gym visits: 14 in January (so much stretching, cross training), 52 for September-February cycle. Wow, I don’t miss having to sweat out 50. Time to file for reimbursement.