A Quieter Week

I love it when friends are in town. I adore them and we got up to good mischief. But I am so glad for a return to my routine. I am such a creature of habit.

Speaking of habits, I finally broke down and ordered an iPod with blue tooth. The running without music experiment went mostly OK, but I realized during the NYC Half how much it helped.  I don’t think I’m going to make it through long runs without music and a refurb was a fine investment in this. Oh, and it’s hot pink. Can’t wait to get it on Monday.

Nothing whatsoever to do with running, just my favorite doctors’ office view

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim: there was not a ton of running as I was feeling slightly under the weather (nothing major, just allergies and late nights) and opted to listen to my body

  • Monday: the best laid plans to walk to and from work went kaput when I hit snooze and then had a long day clearing out emails from last week.
  • Tuesday: run or cross train was the question. The answer was 7+ miles on the bike and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t influenced by a desire to finish a book I was reading. Linda Fairstein’s Blood Oath was great and my legs appreciated the extra semi-rest day.
walking between meetings <3
fleeting life
  • Wednesday: short morning run and PT exercises before a meeting. Walked home to enjoy all the cherry blossoms. A whole lot of steps today
  • Thursday: office run group at my best pace since the Achilles flare. I really love being paced because it keeps me from unnecessarily slowing on the hills. First outdoor run with the new shoes and they’re pretty good. Had some numbness in left foot but know that’s lacing related.
not a beautiful night for baseball
springtime for toesies
  • Friday: I was awake unnecessarily early for no good reason, so thought I’d walk to work. And then I walked outside and it was raining. Nope. Can’t be a frizzy drowned rat ahead of meetings. Knew there wouldn’t be steps after due to Yankee tickets, so I walked the stadium as much as I could. And then a pedi to get rid of winter feet. I actually have one monthly year-round, but first of spring is always refreshing. I think she took off a pound of dry skin.
39 going on 5!
  • Saturday: oh how I love trading in hats and gloves for sunscreen. Mid 70s by the time I went out for a short run/blossom exploration. 2.5 miles felt good. Re-laced shoes and they were fine. Also, ridiculous jumpies speak to Gym Girl Ulra’s shorties’ power.
so maybe I’m not going over to Randall’s Island!
  • Sunday: there were vague long run plans. They did not happen. Allergies were brutal and when I finally went out there was an inSANE headwind likely tied to the storm coming in from the north. No thanks. Did a couple miles and some PT stretches. Better than nothing. Now off to have the #SparkJoy conversation with my winter closet.

Week Plan:

  • Monday: off
  • Tuesday: run or cross train
  • Wednesday: run or cross train
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off?
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: short run/off

39 thoughts on “A Quieter Week”

    • I just saw your post and was about to comment same. Dear plants, please quit fornicating.
      I had two open toed days that were my reminder
      Feel better!

  • My feet need some TLC. They’re not looking ghastly, but there’s a good layer of dead skin and the toe nails need a redo. I think all of us are craving some decent weather! Thanks for joining us on the link-up!

  • That is a pretty color for the iPod? Can’t you use your phone for music?

    I think I’ve only gotten less than 5 pedicures in my life. I do like them but don’t make the time to get them.

    I don’t have allergies but do feel bad for those that have them.

    • Theoretically I could, but I don’t have data. So I’d have to put 8 GB of crap onto my phone and as someone who likes things “just so” on her phone, that was never going to work for me.
      Pedicures became my treat to myself when I first lost a ton of weight, and it just stuck.They’re not cheap, but I happily put $ aside for them

  • Our cherry blossoms came and went already! Yes to pedicures those runner feet need all the help they can get in my opinion. I get so may calluses. Glad your achilles is feeling better and your runs are going better. Have a great week!

    • It’s funny how those couple hundred miles are so different with flower blooms. Was the same with the bloom “front” when I lived in Japan. We’re having a super quick peak here between delayed spring and the crazy fluctuations in temps. Glad i could get out to explore them for the two days.
      Thank you!

  • I am due for a pedicure, even though I won’t be wearing sandals outside soon, I have naked toes during yoga! It sounds like your allergies are rough.

  • I stream my music through spotify. No issues with using precious storage space on the phone. But on the other hand, I don’t always need to run with music…

    I used to get monthly pedicures but somehow I let that go this winter. Time to head over to the salon!

  • I haven’t had a pedicure in way too long 🙂

    Music definitely helps on the solo runs! I’ll have to look into one of the new iPods.

    • This is a new old one. But way newer than my old Nano which couldn’t do bluetooth and I’ve gotten too spoiled with bluetooth headphones to go back to that if it even powers on anymore

    • Do it. Such a good post-run treat. Somehow I got in the habit the last two Halfs of a pedi just before to keep the nails from getting too long. Luckily race day didn’t mess them up
      Thanks! Being a goof is fun

  • that ipod looks like an iPhone! is that what they look like these days? I just use my phone to listen to music (usually spotify). I do like the color you chose – it would definitely be my choice!

    i had to laugh about taking a pound of skin off your feet! haha! also, euwww! LOL! I am dying to get a pedi but definitely have to wait until my wound is healed AND I was also waiting for the big toenail on the right foot to come back at least 80% before freaking out the pedicurist… (nearly there).

    hope your closest sparked enough joy for you to have something left in your wardrobe 🙂

    • It really does. Other than size it’s almost indistinguishable from an iPhone. I cleared off all the apps except iTunes and Podcast as that’s all I want to use it for.
      I really just wanted the Nano but they quit makng & selling them so iTouch it is.
      My closet sparked enough, and then I had a car in the suburbs this weekend. Uh oh.

  • A pedi will have to wait until after London. I can’t afford to have anyone mess with my feet so close to rest day. I’m jelly of all those blossoms. That won’t happen here for another month…and of course now we’re under 9″ of snow. Cubs were “snowed” out. Haha!

    • When I was in Chicago for a wedding Easter weekend a couple three years ago, the switch was nuts. We had gorgeous wedding Saturday, acceptable Sunday morning to do Navy Pier and then snow/sleey Monday when we wanted to tour Wrigley

  • Rabbit Food Runner

    My feet definitely need some TLC after all the winter/spring training. Hope the allergies are better this coming week!

  • Thanks for the reminder. I need to do my toes if I want to wear sandals in the future – love the purple polish!!

    Crazy weather here – so warm on Sat…then rain and wind today.

    Hope your allergies calm down – mine vary from year to year but we are still behind nYC temp-wise so the daffodils are just blooming.

    Hold those cherry blossoms until April 28 please.

    Got 6 tix for April 28…not sure if we can fit the Vessel in before we catch the train. Where can you check luggage besides Macys??

    if I don’t get there, I’ll try for tix the week of May 20 or June 10.

    Will I see you April 27?

    • I loved the purple, but it got dingy too quickly. It’s PlayDate or similar from Essie. I might get it for a mani soon again. I also like darker on my toes because with short fingernails I can’t make it work
      We were still warm this morning but now I need my winter coat thanks to wicked storms. Hope the blossoms made it through Me too on allergies
      There’s a luggage place near Macy’s that has multiple locations. Will find the name and send to you. I’m sure there’s one closer to the Vessel.
      Definite maybe — I’m captain of our 9/11 Run/Walk team Sunday morning but not sure I’m in the city Saturday. If not, I’ll see you the week in June.

  • I wouldn’t want anyone near my toes ever already, and certainly not now! Oh dear – maybe some moisturising sessions when I’m doing all this more resting. Well done on a good week of looking after yourself. Allergies are NOT good here, either.

    • Yes! Running unleashed my inner pink
      Sometimes I can get lost in nature, other times I’m Captain Distracted. Especially on the treadmill my YouTube playlist only got me so far.

  • I actually don’t run with music. I keep thinking maybe I should go back to it (after years), but OTOH I often run alone so I’m better off being in tune to what’s going on around me (although I’m also often in my own head and oblivious, anyway).

    Biking is great cross training. 🙂 I only do it for a few minutes here & there, though.

    I do well chasing runners at races, only they are usually gone in short order!

  • I hope you got (and are loving) your new hot pink iPod! I hope your allergies are clearing up! It’s storming here now, so hopefully the rain will wash away some of our pollen. I love all your pictures! It looks very pretty there. Our blooming trees are almost all leafed out now, but a few are still hanging on.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Whoops, this somehow went to spam. No link, no idea why
      I love love love my new iPod. It’s more red than pink, but it’s still purdy!

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