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First international racecation is booked! I’ve been vaguely aware of Zooma from MCM Mama Runs and Wendy (? I think) when she posted about Great Lakes, but when MCM & Marcia posted about Bermuda, it went from vaguely aware to ooh! Bermuda is one of those places I’ve always thought about going but never acted on, so I’m glad running gave me a reason. Can’t wait to meet some of you.

As I think I mentioned, a colleague and I ended up signing up for Jack Rabbit’s Rogue Training. It’s reasonably priced at $85/month, or about $10/run. The best part is the schedule (6:45p Wednesday, 8a Saturday) works for me in that I can make almost all of them.  The 15% discount on non-electronics is great too as JackRabbit’s stock is more extensive than the New Balance store at NYRR.  Workouts began last Saturday but I was out of town so picked up with the group on Wednesday. More on that below.

I’m calling June 19 the official start of marathon training as that’s when I started with the group. To keep myself accountable, I’m also donating $1/mile to the Joyful Heart Foundation. Although I have my own bib, I still wanted to run for a cause. It’s always one of those I donate to regularly, and wanted to tie my marathon fundraising to it. Since I don’t know if my legs are going to reliably hold up to Sunday’s recovery run, I’m calling Saturday the end of the week for mileage tracking.

Not post related at all, but I read a really interesting post about “bad” race recovery. Some really good and out of the box advice.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: strength training edition. This was TBD cross or strength but when I walked into the gym, the decision was made. If there was AC, it was at 1% and it was way too humid for that nonsense. So full PT and weights cycle and some yoga.
  • Tuesday: treadmill was the plan. Drinks with colleagues was the reality so I walked home after.
look at that pace!
  • Wednesday: Rogue training day 1. I was super nervous about this. Mostly about keeping up with the group. The delayed start for latecomers and then dynamic stretches in the Time Warner Center did not help the anxiety. The prescribed run

Runners will do 2 miles of warm-up then 8-10 strides on a ~100m section of road or track. Then, runners will cool down for 2 or 3 miles to finish the workout. Runners will build their speed for 1/3, hold it for 1/3, and then coast to a stop letting off the gas in the final 1/3. In that middle 1/3, runners will reach ~90% of peak speed in a controlled sprint. Runners will walk back to the start after each stride and repeat. Walk, not jog the recoveries back to the start b/c we want full neuromuscular recovery.

  • the actual run was more like a .5 mile warmup to the Mall because they were worried about the weather and moved the Strides from the bridle path at Engineers’ Gate to the Mall which is paved v. gravel. The strides were a challenge, but not an impossible one. If my Garmin is right, I actually hit something resembling fast. Holy crap though I cannot imagine running at that speed for a 5K let alone a marathon. We then ran the “long way” out via Bethesda Terrace and down the east side before finishing at Columbus Circle. We finished with some fun foot exercises before dispersing. I followed this with a stint at the gym to stretch and do more of my PT. There are two others who are about my speed which gives me some comfort as I definitely could not do the 9:40 warmup that the main group did. I guess this could be called my first proper speedwork?
so thankful for a tub!
  • Thursday: holy soreness Batman! Did not expect that from the strides. Mother Nature finally sorted herself out for a moment and I squeezed in a 3.5 mile recovery run before the skies opened again. Oddly I had no plans of running near home. In fact when I forgot my sneakers this morning I came home between meetings to get them because I thought I’d need to run in the gym and if I went home first it wouldn’t happen. But when the skies cleared it was too late to stash at NYRR and I knew lockers would be full so I hopped on the train and changed quickly before dashing back out. The coaches last night emphasized recovery runs being slow, I think I took that to heart. Also, 90% humidity. When I picked this apartment I was indifferent to a tub. Now? I can’t imagine running without it. I’ve hopped between brands but this is my favorite, I love the eucalyptus.
you are not an XL
  • Friday: off. Lots of steps, some shopping and a sunset ferry ride. I went to see if I could exchange the Pride tee shirt for smaller, but they were out. I did find this shirt hiding among the Queens 10K clearance! The sizing was stupid, but I bought it anyway because I really love it.
  • Saturday: first long run with the group. We met at JackRabbit just before 8 and after an icebreaker and dynamic warmups we hit the park. The coach said at the beginning that as it got warmer we’ll go out earlier. I fell behind the pack in the first mile, which I expected and was fine with. Trying to keep up in mile one would mean I cratered at halfway. Besides, it’s the Park and that’s (part of) why I chose this group. Uncertainty of marathon training but in the comfort of my favorite terrain. Plus, if I can survive the CP hills, I’ll survive the bridges. I ended up catching up with one of the women I finished with Wednesday, who I learned is planning to run not only NYC, but the 60K a few weeks later! I was happy with the run, it was about on par with the women’s mini although the heat meant I felt a little less strong. It was also my first without music in a while as I didn’t think to grab headphones before I left. I got back to the stretching area outside JackRabbit just a few minutes after the main group.  Finished the day with some well-deserved laziness and a very good book, Richard Grant’s Dispatches from Pluto.
  • Sunday: short, hot shakeout. I woke up on time to go out early, but an attack of the lazy Sundays hit. I was also underhydrated due to sushi for dinner Saturday night.


2019 NYC Marathon Training Miles (eek! In writing. Legit): 12.82

$ Raised for Joyful Heart: $12.82

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: off, dinner plans with friends. And I think Mondays are going to become an off day if I regularly manage the Sunday recovery runs.
  • Tuesday: run
  • Wednesday: off, planned work event and can’t make the group workout
  • Thursday: group workout, 30/90 fartleks
  • Friday: off (as actually scheduled in the plan)
  • Saturday: Pride5M with run to and from for extra miles. They changed the course this year, so I see I’m going to be all Harlem Hills all the time. Self: this is a good thing.
  • Sunday: Pride March. Not calling that an off day

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  • I know that signing up for groups can be scary when you’re not a super fast runner (aimed at myself!). Sounds like you’re off to a great start. I love strides! And yes, for 20 seconds I can sometimes manage an 8 mm. For.20.seconds.literally.

    I have to say that I’ve done one ZOOMA race, and not a fan of the organization (despite knowing bloggers who are involved in it). While I’d love to go to Bermuda (was there about 50 years ago), AND it falls around my birthday — pretty sure it’s not in the cards for me. I’m sure you guys will have a total blast!

    • I don’t like big groups, but luckily I did this with the buddy system and it’s small and social enough so far. Never done strides before so that was new to me. Can see how they’re helpful

      I figure it’s hard to have a bad weekend in Bermuda, and the races will take maybe 5 hours of it. None of the other destinations that I’ve seen are places I’m interested in, so this seemed a good reason to try it out

  • I love that you will be raising money while you train for the race, even though you already have your own bib. Such a great idea and an awesome way to give back! I start training for Chicago on July 8th so right now I’;m just trying to make sure I have a good base going into training.

    That Zooma Bermuda race sound like a blast! I was really interested when Marcia posted about it – I still might see if I can make it work with my schedule.

    • I will laugh my ass of if, living ~ one hour apart, we have to go to Bermuda to meet. But of course that will happen 😀 Fingers crossed you cam, but even if it doesn’t, we need to find a time to meet up.
      I wasn’t planning to start until 7/1, but this is when Rogue started and it’s just as well as I have to miss this Wednesday’s group workout, so at least this way I have & can do it on my own.
      I feel like (speaking for myself, I have no judgement on what others choose to do) it would be selfish to run without giving back. Team for Kids would have been obvious way to give back directly to NYRR but I feel like they have so many running for them that I wanted to do it with a smaller team

  • I am intimidated by large groups, so I’m sure it surprised a lot of people when I joined my running club! But they have pace groups for everyone. Plus their motto in no runner left behind.

    I’d love to run Zooma Bermuda, but with several trips coming up, I don’t think the hubs would be very happy!

    • No runner left behind is awesome. Alas, I lose the group early. I’m still enjoying it for the accountability and advice.
      Hope to meet you one day – somewhere!

  • Kim at Running on the Fly

    Kudos to YOU for doing the charity campaign as well as the race itself! That’s a very kind and endearing gesture on your part. Not that it’s on my immediate radar, but I have thought of going that route (someday) for Boston. I could possibly qualify, but I don’t want it that bad to put in the extra work required to knock 30+ minutes off my 26.2 PR, and then still not be guaranteed an entry.Besides, being part of a charity team benefits many more than my just my bucket list 😉 Thanks for linking!

    • Re: benefiting more than a bucket list, that’s exactly what I felt. To get into NYC as a local runner is (relatively) easy. 9 races run and one volunteered allows you to bypass the lottery, guaranteed times in another race, etc. I felt that I really needed to do something to earn that bib.

  • Wow that workout sounds so hard. You are going to leave me in the dust at the marathon.

    I am so psyched for Bermuda. I’ve heard great things about Zooma races. But that for me is a minor part of the trip.

  • Yes i will have FOMO about Bermuda for sure! It is rather close to us but I have never been. No direct flights that time of the year for me and that’s a deal breaker. I think I am going to do Rock n roll New Orleans the week before. Sounds like tons of you will be there!

  • I don’t know much about the ZOOMA organization so I’ll be curious to hear what you think (and why others aren’t so fond?) Like you said, Bermuda will be fun no matter what, so excited for you!

    It takes courage to try out a new running club, no matter the pace! Congrats on being brave 🙂

    • Yeah, definitely curious. It seems to be a love/hate thing – no middle ground
      Two months in (unintentionally, just digging out) I’m so glad I did

  • Great job joining with the group and doing the workouts. I am definitely shy/nervous about doing things like that. Bummer on the t-shirt sizing. I am always nervous about choosing a size. I am usually a small but sometimes a medium is too tight. It’s so frustrating.

  • Bermuda sounds so appealing. I am seriously jealous of you right now! Your Rogue training sounds like a real workout. You will definitely get faster with those tough strides. It’s nice to join a group for moral support. Good luck with your marathon training.

  • Good for you for taking the leap to group training! I have been a coach of similar programs and the friendship and support that is gained during the training cycle is amazing. I hope you find it’s equally as enjoyable and beneficial!

  • yay for official marathon training! I was running regularly with my group but it’s changed up a bit and now I’m too slow and my trainer can’t do a fast and a slow group at the same time anymore. We used to have the slow group on Tuesdays but my trainer (who is married to my hairdresser) just had a baby so I get why the time constraints. It feels kind of crappy, but there may be some interval workouts I can still drop in on. Joining a new group is always kind of nerve wracking for me, but I’m always glad to get out of my comfort zone in the end.

    Wish I could do Bermuda for you guys, but the flight is just way too expensive for me to justify it.

    • A month in – accidentally because I lost this tab – I’m glad I got out of my comfort zone too. It hasn”t been all roses, but I knew training wouldn’t be. Bummer re: the lack of paces, but love following your progress on Strava

  • That’s great you’ve found a group to train with and there are people at your pace, I wonder if more will join if they see there are people at your pace. And folk will end up being with you as they find the longer distances hard to sustain. Good work!!!

    • We had two new people join this week, one of whom bailed out of the same one I planned to do for the same reason. Glad it’s not just me.

  • The ZOOMA Bermuda race looks like it will be a fun one!

    I have a tub too but rarely use it. I’ve done a few ice and epsom salt baths but that’s it. Maybe a salt bath will help me relax a bit now.

    • I didn’t use it much until my achilles was an issue. Since then it’s been a godsend. Especially the epsom salts

    • I’m doing the Half in Bermuda. The marathon training is for NYC
      I’m a little all over the place but luckily if I don’t break I might be fully trained for my two winter Halfs as a result of NYC training

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