Super busy, wonderful week

A wonderful week with friends, both running and non, as their summer & work travels brought them through the city. A whirlwind of many late nights, but wouldn’t trade it for a second.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down:

Home sweet home
  • Never miss a Monday: two running weeks in a row, Kim, you’re rubbing off on me! Six miles after work and while I’m not one to complain about summer exiting stage right, but it’s heading toward dark too early to do six solo miles after work. The path is populated and lit, but considering I jumped sky high at a car backfire on the loop back, these will need to start earlier or come to an end. The run itself felt great. SiS lemon tablet, no gels or chews. Hungry toward the end but that was a factor of no afternoon snack due to meetings.
  • Tuesday:Β a 23K step “rest” day as Darlene and I walked from the Little Red Lighthouse to the 79th St. Boat Basin.
I really wanted to upload the bouncing live version, but a .mov won’t work
  • Wednesday: run group with a post-run birthday party for one of the coaches. The workout was a repeat of the lactate threshold one, although 2x 20m this time. I had my watch and for the latter portion, a partner. Overall pace was 11:09, which I was happy with. I’ve known this since our office run group, but a partner/pacer is a huge help for me. Also, a help, not being hungry post-run so the cake wasn’t tempting.
Friends <3 Pattern <3
is a friends selfie a friendsfie?
  • Thursday: I am so glad Darlene’s work travel brings her here so we can get together so often. This was a year to the day from when we first met. We walked to meet up with Elizabeth – have I mentioned lately how many great people SkirtStports has introduced me to? – for a chat by the water and then we headed off on a short sunset walk/run. A beautiful evening.
  • Friday: Giants game and a trip up the river to Katonah to see a friend for our annual lunch date. Late late night which was poor planning ahead of long run, but life goes on.
Friends and former colleagues
isn’t Fred every runner’s friend?
  • Saturday: 14 miles! Summer Streets down and back and then a loop of Central Park up to the 102nd Street transverse. I have to say, this felt good. It wasn’t too sunny so for the second week in a row I could ditch the hat. I prefer the Buff, but really can’t wait until my hair is long enough for a ponytail. It was faster than my first fourteen miler, but that was also a factor of some wonky GPS in midtown as I did not run a sub10 minute mile at the eight mile mark. I went out ahead of the group as I knew I’d be doing this solo anyway and had plans to meet my college roommate and her kids in Westchester. The group passed me as we entered Central Park. Three podcasts: Marathon Training Academy’s Ask The Coach + Road Trip, Running Rogue’s NYC Marathon Race Planning, and MTA’s Running Outside the Comfort Zone with Susan Lacke, which I’d started in Stowe. Podcasts are the best for a long run and Aftershokz allowed me to hear Rachel call my name when she spotted me. I loved SummerStreets for the Nuun stations and the samples they handed out which allowed me to flavor my water when I refilled in Central Park. It was super humid, but manageable. I bought the belt that Kim recommended last week and although I used my disposable bottle more, it was good for Nuun sample storage. Also took two (orange, lemon lime SiS gels. Day finished with spending time with my godson and his sister and then dinner with friends. I so needed a nap.
  • Sunday: off running, but Yankee game will mean steps.

Week’s mileage: 26.46

Total in marathon training: 167.11

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run?
  • Tuesday: off
  • Wednesday: rogue
  • Thursday: off/cross
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 16!!

36 thoughts on “Super busy, wonderful week”

    • I think given your city you might have enjoyed the score better than I did . LOL. Was still a fun game with the kids.
      Thank you!

  • What a super week. And FOURTEEN MILES! That’s a brilliant milestone, very well done!! What a good idea to go out earlier than the group but then be in touch with them as they caught you up – I’ve done that before and it does give you a good moment.

    • The first section was a 4+ mile out and back so I saw them on my return, which was also a nice gauge of how far ahead I was. They must have caught a few lights as I’d predicted they’d pass me sooner. I’m very curious what they pick for our 16 next week, we’ve worn out the “leave the store and go south” routes in the last few. Thank you!

  • What a fun and busy week for you! So glad that you get to meet up with Darlene often. I’m looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks at the Surftown Half Marathon.

    Awesome that your 14 miler felt good yesterday! Way to battle that icky dew point and humidity. Have fun at today’s Yankees game!

    • Me too – spoiled by her work schedule. Would be awesome if you were down one of the times she is. Enjoy Surftown
      The score wasn’t fun , but the game was

    • Lots of steps, loads of fun. Glad for a quiet evening in tonight
      14 (or 13. whatever in my various Halfs) never really felt good before either. Mostly weather

          • Let’s just say I know that you could do it in that weather if you had to (having run 18 miles in hot, humid conditions — and 17, and 15 . . .

            Hopefully you won’t have to. And it’s unlikely your marathon will be hot & humid, but stranger things have happened. I will definitely put out some good weather vibes for you & Darlene (and all the rest).

    • Yet indeed. That was me until 3 weeks ago. Still crazy to think I’ve run more than half marathon distance twice in the last three weeks. Never thought I’d do that

  • Kim at Running on the Fly

    Great job on the 14-miler!! I did 14 miles yesterday as well πŸ˜‰ It’s great that you and Darlene can hook up so often.

    • It’s so awesome to know folks are out there all over putting in the same miles at the same time. We’re going to kick ass

  • Nice week and how fun that you get to see Darlene. I bet she talks your ear off! Don’t ask me how I know…

    So you’re a Yankees fan…..hope you had fun at the game!

  • Great job on your 14 miler!! Which Nuun samples did you get? Do you like them? The lakefront has a few water stations put out by a running store and they always have Nuun and plain water for the runners. Love that they do that.

    • lemon lime and strawberry lemonade. They also had ginger lime, which I knew I didn’t like so I didn’t take. This was the last of the three SummerStreets so the Nuun staff encouraged us to take 2 per person. Nice because I can leave them in my belt as they’re single wrapped in the event I forget my tube of them
      They also had water tables, which was helpful to destickify my hands from a gel overflow.
      Some of the larger run groups have water stations – luckily they’re also usually willing to share

      • That is a good idea to have in your belt just in case. Once I was out running and there were several coolers but with locks around them so one could open them and get water. Some groups just have water specifically for their people. πŸ™‚

        • Same here – usually the smaller ones where they’ve allocated them against runners out. Others have full jugs they’re happy for people to tap

  • Great (busy and fun) week for you! How nice to be able to meet up with Darlene. I feel you on the growing darkness. I can do away with the stickiness off summer but I do love the daylight. Good on you for skipping the birthday cake and yay for 14!

    • Yes, I’d take the summer hours with fall temps. Fall is usually less humid here than spring.
      All cake should be offered post-run when it’s not remotely tempting

  • 14. Whoa. Hopefully I can follow your lead this week. So humid here.

    So fun to see you often. Have to take advantage because things will slow down on NYC travel.

  • Great work on that long run…and this heat and humidity has not been doing us any favors so nicely done! And I’ve often made late night plans on long run days and regret it πŸ™‚ I make it though but try not to do it again!! Hope you’re having a good week of training this week!

    • Yeah, I will not be repeating that late night or long day plans. Only issue on the horizon is GIants game post-20m, but I’ll manage it somehow

  • That birthday cake looks so yummy! Love those excuses to eat cake! πŸ™‚ Way to go on your long run. You are inspiring me to up my mileage. I need to start kicking it up!

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