November 3 is feeling real

with the calendar on the cusp of October, although the temperatures don’t feel it, November 3 is feeling real for the first time. The marathon is five weeks from today. Five weeks from right now I’ll probably be somewhere in Brooklyn. EEK.

My left leg hates me. It’s almost comical. This is the leg that had achilles tendonosis, plantar fasciitis and now it’s a tight hamstring/IT band. It’s not an injury and isn’t particularly bad, it’s just my body reminding me I need to find the time to prehab. While listening to Running Rogue’s True or False on Saturday’s long run they talked about running in time vs. mileage. The hours we’re running really is almost another day of work. As I said on Strava, beginning to feel the effects of training through work busy season. There has been virtually no cross training.  I’m determined to find the time to get in the PT and yoga. And yes, at some point catching up here. Eek.

Other podcasts Saturday: Ali on the Run with Meb (amazing complement to reading his book, which I loved. Review, TK, eventually. Here.) and the inaugural episode of the SVU podcast. I don’t watch the show regularly anymore, namely because I can’t stay awake for Thursday at 10, but I’m excited for this.


National Coffee Day you say?

I took this, and then found that it doesn’t count for BrandChamp, but I still love it. Coffee is my vitamin C.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

Mother Met
  • never miss a Monday: summer weather made another appearance. I met a new friend to run, which turned into a run/walk. Partially because she’s a Galloway runner, partially because it was too hot and humid to contemplate anything else. Nice 3m shakeout and it was dark by the time I headed back to the East Side. The Met in flood lights will always be one of my favorite spots.
  • Tuesday: visit and dinner with a friend
Protein shake with Reeses as topping. Ralph’s really needs to close for the season for my waist’s sake.
  • Wednesday: Rogue. The prescribed workout:
The Workout: The Dellinger. This is a continuous workout, ideally where runners are “recovering” at race pace within the workout.
Marathoners will do the following:
– 1 mile at 10K pace
– 2 miles at MGP
– 800m at 5K pace
– 1 mile at MGP
– 800m at 5K pace
Why? This gear switch workout is like what Rogue used to call “Find Yo Pace” in that we are changing gears between race pace and a faster pace. Our purpose is to teach runners how to change gears quickly in their goal race while simulating the physical and mental demands of their race. Running the faster paces before will make the half/full marathon paces feel like a jog. The faster paces towards the end should be tough after fatigue has set in and will feel like an all- out effort. Running the workout continuously adds another challenge. It requires runners to focus for a long period of time without a break while also pushing out of their comfort zone.
  • The reality: pretty much! Not posting the Garmin splits as I wasn’t good about hitting it each time, but Strava tells some of the story. This was an assist. One of our amazing coaches dropped back to run with me mid first MGP session because she knew the weather was favorable to some “speed” . Like when we ran after work, I always go a little faster with someone “pulling” me. I couldn’t remotely keep up on the 5K speed ones, but I finished strong and really proud of this.
Turtle Power!
  • Thursday: off. Planned to get to gym to stretch whiny hamstring/IT band but we had a work event Friday and there was a lot of prep and I was at work until almost 8. I was lucky to get in a quick walk between meetings.
taste of fall
  • Friday: amazing but long event. Being on my feet all day -albeit in comfy shoes – not the best idea but that’s the training through busy season. After work I got in a quick gym stretch and sunset walk with a dear friend.
  • Saturday: 18 on the (beautiful) Struggle Bus. This was hard. My legs were tired & sore and there was a lot of sun on our route up the West Side, over the George Washington Bridge and back. I finished, which was about all I cared about. I ran into the group on the Bridge on their way back and we hopefully got a good selfie.  There was some walking, and lots of stretching breaks, but it’s done. As has become my habit, post-run gym stretch and some walking helped with the soreness.
  • Sunday: gym for row and long yoga, PT exercises. Erg app says first row since July 29, but I think that’s poor logging as I know I rowed in Stowe.

Weekly/total mileage: 27.24//322.73.  I totally missed the 600 mile Run the Year notification and am now at 646. Whoa.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run with friend
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue: Workout is called Inferno, weather seems to be following suit. Saturday’s high will be 60s. I’ll take the latter for long.
  • Thursday: cross/stretch
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 20


Quick Run Down, week of 9.16

Well this might refer to Wednesday’s speed workout, but really is a reflection of a banana crackers crazy week at work. All good/great, just a lack of time for reading & writing.

I am reading Meb’s 26 Marathons though, and he speaks the truth:

You don’t need to race to set personal records. Maybe this month you ran more days than ever before, or you’re having your longest injury-free stretch, or you’ve recently run farther than ever. Celebrate it! Do the same in the rest of your life when you know you’ve done something better than ever. Take pride in getting that much closer to your best.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for the Weekly Run Down

oh what a beautiful serene morning
lets see how many colors I can bring out
  • Monday: actually had the chance for a pre-work run. It was overcast and my legs were more tired than I realized from Saturday’s twenty. Went the north route and got in about 3.5.
  • Tuesday: cross training was in the plans, but it was an absolutely gorgeous fall-like day and I walked home. I’ve so been missing that, that I couldn’t miss this opportunity. The erg and yoga could wait.
new shoesies! And kind of matching?
holy speedwork Batman!
  • Wednesday: the planned workout:

Runners will do:
– 1 mile at MGP, (Marathon Goal Pace)
– 1200m at HMGP, (Half Marathon Goal Pace)
– 800m at 10K
– 400m at 5K pace
– 2 x 200m faster than 5K pace

Runners will take 60-90 seconds walking/standing rest between each repeat (including between the 200s), flexing the rest within that range as needed.


It’s a down week, and as you know, we like to work on speed and efficiency during down weeks. This week is no exception. This workout comes from the great track coach John McDonnell from the University of Arkansas. John is still the winningest coach in NCAA history in track and XC. He won 40 NCAA team titles. This workout is designed to leave runners feeling fresh and fast b/c the progression in paces allows the body to warm into each subsequent pace while also making it relatively easy to hit those paces given the shorter distances as you go. You will be surprised  with the relative ease at the progress and with how fast you finish. The only pitfall to avoid is going too fast too soon.

  • The reality? Pretty much. My Garmin splits are a little off as I tried to simultaneously hit lap and pause for the rests, but I got faster. The weather was a help as it was mid 60s and not at all humid. But <3 New shoes are also a <3, but expected as they’re new color, old model.
  • Thursday: post-work shakeout. Nothing fancy and tired legs, but this goodnight kiss from Mother Nature was awesome.


all pro non matching
  • Friday: I did hand wash this skirt between all the re-wearing. Skirt Sports’ quick dry is awesome. I really needed to wear this a third time just to wonderfully not match with one of my favorite race replacement shirts. Yoga and PT stretches.
you were clean!
rolling out the dirt
matching for a second
hanging out with one of the strongest women I know
  • Saturday:  I was really glad for this down week. I was tired going into the run and my legs never woke up. We did a full loop of Central Park and one shorter one of the bridle path. At one point my feet were literally dragging on the ground and I had to pick them up. I got back to Columbus Circle at 9.6 something and called it good. The run itself wasn’t the issue, just a lack of sleep and not great dinner Friday night. I stuck with my plan of late of not leaving the gym until I could touch my toes. Granted ten easier to bounce back from than twenty, but I am still feeling the training volume in Achilles, IT band and calf so taking the time to stretch, roll, PT and yoga.
    After the run, I went to spend the afternoon with a dear friend and Skirt sister. I am absolutely loving the new Strong Fricken Women tee (also in a tank). It’s super soft and fits well, although I’m glad I sized up as it’s slightly fitted. Women’s cut shirts are so weirdly sized, but that’s not a Skirt issue. I wouldn’t run in it as I prefer tech material, but it’s the perfect shirt for post-run lounging. If you’re not a Skirt Ambassador and want one, save 15% using 47CarSSA.
  • Sunday: 30m recumbent bike, long stretch and roll followed by some street fairing before football.

Mileage this week/total: 21.22/295.49. EEK. No wonder legs are feeling it

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run with a friend after work
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue
  • Thursday: shakeout/cross depending on legs
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 18, rumor is we’re running to NJ
  • Sunday: cross

Tuesday Topics: Marathon Milestones

I’m pretty sure I’ve never recapped a non race. But I have to say, even 36 hours later as I start this – twenty miles didn’t feel like just any other run. Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to talk about the milestones this race represented for Tuesday Topics.

While this run was far from perfect and I hit a wall (not The Wall), I’m really really pleased with it and part of me still can’t believe I ran twenty miles. Sorry not sorry to all of you who got caps locked on Strava or text. 😀

I’m in a Facebook physical activity challenge group and last week when I posted Thursday’s rain run, one of the other member asked whether I could/had run the 59th Street Bridge. I mentioned that I’d walked it a few years ago but had missed the long run when the group ran it. I hoped to have the opportunity to run it before the marathon – and then it landed on the route for this past Saturday.

Albuquerque, Brooklyn

OK, so there was a scenic detour in Brooklyn there. I wasn’t really too disappointed, I could use a break from running Central Park. Something I never thought I’d say, and I really do love the park – but sometimes it’s nice to see something different, even if it ended up as part of the NYC Half course.

This route was a lot of fun. While I know the 59th Street Bridge at mile 16 is going to feel very different to mile one, it was so nice to have the chance to run it, albeit in reverse. One major difference I’ve seen from training is that hills don’t necessarily feel like HILLS. I really want to be sure I keep this up post-race.

Running through Queens into Brooklyn, while not exactly the marathon course in reverse, was a great way to get familiar with the terrain. It was great to realize that the Pulaski isn’t a Bridge in the same sense that the Verrazano and 59th St. are and I learned some of the landmarks.

I also got a feel for finish time. McMillan told me that my time trial equated to a 5:45 marathon with a 13:08 pace. That was mostly meaningless to me until I ran a distance longer than a Half. My running time was 4:33:19 for a 13:27 pace.  I was out longer because there were some stops to check the map when I was turned around in Brooklyn, some stretching time when I was trying to motivate myself to keep going, and some photos. Saturday’s weather was nice, but warm. I think with the cooler weather in November and more water along the course to avoid some longer water stops to fill and drink that I might come in around predicted which is crazy. I’m still not at all setting a time goal. I just want to finish and enjoy it.

My Garmin lasted. I thought it would, but I read stories of people saying theirs didn’t so I was glad to see that it was down to only 50 something %. Although I don’t plan to listen to my iPod through all of the race, it was nice to know that lasted too. Four podcast episodes:

  • Running Rogue Listener Questions – I don’t even remember. I think this was the last and I was zoned out by then.
  • Marathon Training Academy – the Marathon Fueling episode. This one was wonderful, the light bulb literally went on: more later.
  • MTA – Weight Loss Tips for marathoners. Not super relevant, but interesting to learn about MetPro system.
  • Running Rogue – Labor Day Smorgasbord – I really liked how he got into current events and the results of the Diamond League.

Run fueling has been An Issue and I’m even more than normal to Liz for her counsel on this part of running. The avocado for dinner before the long run has worked and I put out two breakfast bars to take with me – before and after run. And then I promptly forgot them. Luckily, CVS was open and I bought yet another box. I seriously have 2-3 started from this exact issue. That part of pre-race fuel is relatively fine, although I know it won’t work for ~10 a start. That part is still TBC. It’s the in-race that’s still a work in progress. When I listening to the fueling episode the lightbulb of frequency went off. The 8-10 mile strategy of a chew every mile and a half-ish is perfect. I’m just not sure I want to eat 13 margarita chews. The Science in Sport lemon-lime and apple gels worked, although I took the latter too late when I was trying to stave off a dehydration/heat headache. Sipping the Science in Sport lemonade slush is still good, and that’s the plan for the race start. Still TBC: how I’ll do Nuun/SiS tabs mid race. I think the plan is to carry a handheld and fill it from the aid stations, but not sure I actually want to carry a bottle so… TBC. This is why I love long runs. Fun planning. I’ve just decided I’m going to run the Mohawk Hudson Half so will hopefully get to trial this.

I figured out a way to carry my phone. OK, this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Part of my issue with the NYC Half was chafing because the weight of my phone was making my capris slide around. I hadn’t really figured this out as I so rarely run with my phone. But I knew I’d need it for Brooklyn, Queens turns so I made it fit in one of my belts with some gels there, some in the other pocket. I would happily run the marathon without my phone, but know I’ll need it for post-race meetups.

All in all a great practice run. I felt pretty decent after it thanks to my rule of not leaving the gym until I can touch my toes. I’m eager for the next set of 18/20 mile runs, but in the mean time I’m really glad for a down week.

  • What’s your proudest running achievement?
  • What did you struggle the most with in your longest run?

Honor 9/11

I’ve seen the article that floated around about whether running is a selfish past time. I don’t buy it – at least not any more than any solo activity. We do what makes us happy, and if we’re able to, we give back.

9/11 Memorial North Pool

But this week? There’s something bigger than all of us.

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?Were you in the yard with your wife and children, or working on some stage in L.A.?

Did you stand there in shock
At the sight of that black smoke
Risin’ against that blue sky?
Did you shout out in anger
In fear for your neighbor
Or did you just sit down and cry?

I’m not at all religious, but Alan Jackson’s song is always on repeat this week.

I was living in Japan – I’d moved there just three weeks prior. I realized I didn’t get into that when I asked where you all were on 9/11. Here is my post that I wrote immediately after. I’m glad I made it public as I’ve lost the password to the LJ account.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

Hudson River Park’s AIDS Memorial
Mural at the Oculus. Words to live by
  • Monday: September 11 snuck up on me this year. I’m not sure why, exactly. I realized over the weekend that with the anniversary on a Wednesday I couldn’t make it to the Memorial and trying to do the Rogue workout while running to remember just felt wrong so I decided to repeat last year’s run on Monday instead. I’d like to say it was easier not on the anniversary itself or that I didn’t tear up, but that would be a lie.
  • Tuesday: planned off. Met a friend for dinner and then went to the gym for yoga/prehab/strength.
Tribute in Lights with Museum at the right
  • Wednesday: Rogue. The prescribed workout:
The Workout: The Michigan: 
Runners will do 2-3 sets of the Michigan. 1 set equals: One mile on the road at half marathon pace + short jog to the track + 800m on the track at 10K pace + short jog back to the road.
Why? Ron Warhurst, head Track & Field at the University of Michigan, developed this workout back in the 1970s and it has become a staple workout for many distance runners.  The workout not only simulates the changing of gears in a race but also uses different energy systems and terrain all in one workout. This is  the ultimate aerobic strength workout that builds endurance and staying power in races, especially half marathon and marathon distances.
  • The reality: Sort of. But not my fault. There was some type of power outage in the park that made dusk turn really dark and as I completed the 800m portion of my second set, one of the coaches suggested I run back to the start (about a mile) and do a 400m out and back there. I agreed, mostly from a place of fear of twisting my ankle trying to get from the Great Lawn around King Jagiello. So my distance was a mile off and pace was all over the place due to the heat & humidity, but this workout felt good. I saw the Tribute in Lights from the Park and ended up going down quickly after we finished. Always inspiring.
happy drowned rat
  • Thursday: I can’t remember if I said this or not when I posted about training, but I decided early on that I wasn’t going to do the prescribed mileage. I knew the volume/training days was not something I could do with base and coming off the Achilles injury, and since my priority is getting to the start line healthy, I did not try. I committed to running three days a week with a fourth if it felt right. It mostly hadn’t, but the Sunday before last and this Thursday, it did. I’m liking this leg strength progress. I headed home after work as I didn’t want the crowds or hills of the park and had a delicious rain run. ~3 miles just puddle hopping and enjoying life.
  • Friday: off. Wanted to stretch and roll. Rolled with last week’s dinner, avocado with ranch dressing.
view crossing the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn
reward time
  • Saturday: 20 Miles. TWENTY MILES. I’m actually going to post about this on Tuesday as I want to touch on some marathon milestones that long run hit. It wasn’t perfect, but I’m excited and proud of myself. After spending the afternoon with a dear friend, I treated myself to a much needed pedi. I really just wanted the foot massage but it’s fall & purple time.
  • Sunday: off. Giants game. Technically a DNS on the NYRR 18 miler, but really that’s just a swapped run. Insane to think when I signed up that I didn’t think I could do it and instead ran twenty. TWENTY!

MIleage for the week/total: 34.03//274.27 No wonder my July shoes are creeping up there in miles.

Plan for week:

  • Monday: Run
  • Tuesday: Off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue
  • Thursday: Run?
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: 8-10, oh blessed down week

Starting September Off Right

Marathon training and the marathon is starting to feel real. Not frightening or anything, just real. I think the absolutely gorgeous fall weather contributed. As I mentioned, I’m really enjoying marathon training, but shared a few of the downsides over coffee.

Just a quick recap as this was a busy week.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

  • Sunday:  yep, I actually did something worth writing about on a Sunday. A friend texted me Sunday morning to see if I wanted to run, but she was already on her  way to the park and I hadn’t gotten up yet, so I didn’t join her. After lazing around much of the day I was feeling itchy for a run and wanted to get the gym visit cycle off to a good start so I ran to the gym. After making use of their amazing foam roller on my super knotted calf, I realized I still wanted to run. I’m not sure if it was the stretch and roll or I just warmed up after two miles, but I ran home too. It was a beautiful Sunday and I didn’t want to waste the weather. Also, Sunday afternoons are about to get more full with football around the corner. Yep, one of my favorite parts of fall. Running on Sunday totally threw off my routine for the rest of the week.
Gel, hydration shares
Evicted (books, not the sneaker that photo bombed the bags)
shelf collage! You can see the other running bin on the right.
  • Monday: sort of missed, but not really. I took advantage of a rainy day and Marie Kondo’ed my bookshelves. I do not have space to add another and my running gear has taken over 1.3 of one, so I made the gels share with a handful of my hard copy running reads. I love my Kindle, but some really need to be read in print. And no, that landline doesn’t work – I just can’t get behind the entertainment center to disconnect it. Project for another weekend.
  • Tuesday: back to reality after a 4 day weekend. Somehow I escaped to squeeze in a short run between calls. Strava just made me laugh.  GPS clearly wanted an adventure of its own as I promise I did not hover over to the far side of Roosevelt Island. I knew something was off when mile 5 came in at 8+ but was super confused by hitting six while still on the promenade. This run is always six even when it also has a blip, there’s no way it was 6.3. GPS, you funny. Run felt good.
  • Wednesday: Rogue group training. The prescribed workout:
The workout:  2 Mile Progressive Repeats: Marathoners will do 2 sets x 2 mile repeats with 2 minutes rest between each.  Do the first one at HMGP, (half marathon goal pace),  and then the second one between 10K and HMGP. The goal is to get faster on the second set, exactly how much faster doesn’t matter so much. Run easy warm up & cool down according to required daily total mileage.
Why?Progression runs teach runners pacing control and to run fast on tired legs. Developing this skill will help prepare runners for better race day performances. Of course as a bonus, we are also doing work at or near tempo effort (especially early), which is also one of the sweet spots of aerobic development.
  • Reality?  The first time in a while I ran the day before our group workout. That and a dose of 80, humidity made for subpar speed work, but it was a fun effort. We got out a little later than normal and it was a long-ish workout so by the final stretch I couldn’t read my watch to judge my pace. I love the decision to get transition lenses – but they’re really not good for reading. No, it cannot be at all possible that I need bifocals. Nope nope nope 🙂
running friends chasing sunsets
and what a sunset it was
  • Thursday: I’d call this running friends not running, except Darlene ran to meet us. Pier I is one of Elizabeth’s and my favorite restaurants, and it’s not just for the food. The sky wasn’t great when we met, but it exploded with color as Dorian’s fringe clouds came in. A beautiful off day, finally got some walks in too.
  • Friday: cold and rainy! Weather has been so weird. I had an after work event in Chelsea (great exhibit) and as has become a bad habit, I got home too late to get avocado toast. I was desperate to fix my fueling issues from the last long run so I spent too much on an avocado to make my favorite dish: ranch dressing and an avocado. Paired that with a handful of Reese’s Pieces for some hard core adulting. Maybe I’ll even buy a toaster, although I have neither room nor outlet for it.
A wonderful beacon
  • Saturday: 18! I was glad when the coaches sent out the route on Friday night. It’s flat until you hit the Park and so so scenic. Depending on the shoreline angle, you can see the lighthouse coming and the bridge is visible from the start so it’s a good/bad thing depending on how the miles are going. Yesterday I didn’t mind one bit. I fell behind quickly, which I expected, and listened to Running Rogue’s Missing Goals Part 2. I was surprised when I got to the lighthouse that I wasn’t too far behind the pack or the secondary pack. I ended up running the final eleven with-ish the secondary pack of 5, which was a pleasant surprise. Mo and I ran together and we called the water fountains the great equalizer as that was when we’d catch up with the others. I had excellent practice in holding my hands steady while running when I lost the cap of my disposable water bottle around mile nine. It worked-ish until I finally tossed it coming into Central Park around mile 13. I ended up close to the assigned route, we weren’t sure in CP whether we were supposed to go higher up or just loop the reservoir. BUt the mileage was right so I didn’t stress. We walked part of mile 13 as W. 72nd was crowded with shoppers and I didn’t feel like playing dodg’em. The cool temperatures helped but so did the avocado. I started the day with my now-standard frozen Science in Sport lemon at half strength — that bottle was cold until it thawed. I had two half started packages of Cliff Block margaritas, which I took every ~2.5 miles or so. When I refilled I had a lemon and then a berry SiS tablet. When I tossed the disposable bottle, I just went with plain water in my reusable as I don’t want it to keep that taste forever. I had honey stinger chews with me, but didn’t need to break into them. Overall, very pleased with this run. Perfect? No. But wow, 18!
Double trouble
Silliness Squared
  • Sunday: it’s rare that I spectate races. Usually if I’m not running, I’m not here. Despite being the closest start line to my front door, I’ve never run the Fifth Avenue Mile either. One of those things had to change this week, and I definitely wasn’t racing a mile after running eighteen. My friend Elizabeth and one of my coaches from Rogue were running and I decided to wake up at 6:30 to go spectate. Who am I?!? Also surprised, legs felt pretty good – I think the post-run errands and gym for foam roller/yoga were good choices. Spectators were relatively sparse so it felt good to cheer on random runners. After some further mischief, I went to the gym for some stretching, PT and strength training. Maybe could have cross trained, but that seemed to be pushing it.  Still a solid walk in, which felt good.

Week mileage: 32.89 EEEK

Total mileage: 240.24. That’s an easy peasy calculation – otherwise never use my calculator app and it retains prior week’s total.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue or run to Memorial as I do for 9/11
  • Thursday: off/cross
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday/Sunday: TBD. I can either do Rogue’s 20, or I’m signed up for NYRR 18 Sunday. I’m a little concerned about timing of NYRR and getting to Giants game, so may run with the group instead on Saturday. I’ll likely decide this on Friday.

September Coffee: Costs of Marathon Training

No, not those costs. Although I use Mint and could probably tell you what I’ve spent on this to 98% completion, save for the occasional non-tracked cash purchases of gels and the like. This post has taken forever to finish and it’s bounced from being Tuesday Topics to Runfessions to finally, Coffee with CoCo and Deborah.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Off the bat, I’m really enjoying the training. Like 95% While we’ve had some mini heat waves, August was much better than July and overall we had a mild summer. I feel like training has gone well. I totally underestimated the impact that training would have on my life. I’d read the stories (blogs, books, articles) but really didn’t think it would be the same issue for me as a single person.

spotted in the thrift store on Monday. Didn’t buy – stranger’s cup is a step too far for me even though I’m not a major germaphobe

Over coffee I’ll tell you, it has. This is that other 5%

  • the one that is bothering me most? Losing my walks home from work. If I have the time and it’s temperate, I feel like I should be running. Running is good for the brain, but walking is a great speed at which to see the city. I miss time spent with Central Park bubble man.
  • I really missed my Labor Day getaway. I was a half step from booking it when I realized that even with a down week, I couldn’t get the run in.  Yes, it’s possible to travel and run, but not my style of travel which barely leaves room for a two mile treadmill run. I tend to hit the road right after breakfast and mad dash road trip/sightsee until sun down when I’m so tired I just crash. The roadtrip I was planning was 20 hours of driving over 3-4 days, which didn’t even factor in the actual stops (Lambeau, Field of Dreams, Mississippi River). While I love my city, I was bummed to be there last weekend because I really wanted to be on the road.
I love my Kindle, but this is just so funny
  • I’ve read 47 50 (yay, managed three more since I started this post) books on the year. I love reading, I miss it.  I’ve learned to like podcasts but cannot make audiobooks work. I zone out too much and miss things. Yes, I realize this is a lot for some. It’s not a lot for me
  • I need a haircut. I miss my long hair, but the ends are fried from too much (re)coloring this summer. But it’s oh so close to a ponytail so I don’t want to cut it.
Let’s go Giants!
  • Prime time games. I can’t stay awake. I have no idea how I’m going to manage Giants’ prime time games. I also haven’t figured out how I’m going to do the NYRR 18M next Sunday morning and make it to the stadium for kickoff.

Nothing major, and the fun of it definitely outweighs the bad, but all surprises.


500 miles!

I would run five hundred miles and I would run five hundred more. Well, maybe not.

Sometime this week I hit 500 miles run on the year according to the Run the Year tracker. Manual miles never quite make it there, so I actually hit it last week but didn’t notice. Why didn’t I notice such a major milestone? I was focused on another: my first ever hundred mile month!

I finished August with 105.95 miles run. Two years ago I stopped chasing a 30 minute running time goal focusing on quality over quantity. This month I averaged 1:33:06 run time. That’s insane, and wonderful. In my 800 miles on the year tracker this is the first time I’ve been ahead of pace since January 1’s ten miles. Nutty. Awesome. I remain in awe of what my body can do when I ask and help it to.

so 19.4K steps/day is a down week?

Oh Fitbit, I love/hate you. Running has meant less chasing of garbage steps and being OK with missing step goal more than I would have been in the past. But the idea of this being a down week just makes me laugh. Tuesday wasn’t really a rest day, I just fell short of 12K steps on my walk to dinner – Sunday was a blissful beach day.

I ended August with nearly 600K steps. 596,413 to be precise. I actually realized that Friday and still decided in favor of preserving a much needed rest day. Wow. That’s 60K more than my previous high, last August. Run/walk total was 270.98. Even though my long walks home have been a casualty of marathon training, I’m still walking plenty, apparently.

On to this week’s running with the weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

yep, we thought we were getting rained on again
caught stretching
  • never miss a Monday: ~4 sunset miles with Darlene. After almost always getting rained on for the last year, we’ve had some great sunsets. Monday was The Best. I also was trying out a new sports bra desperate for one that wouldn’t chew me up. So far so good on a short run.
a colorful tree!
  • Tuesday: cross turned yoga. I was really, really tight and I’ve been feeling the niggles. Not pain and not injury, just the aches and pains of a hundred mile month so I took advantage of a training down week to focus on the yoga, PT and prehab.
  • Wednesday: shocker, shocker, it rained the day of Group training. The planned workout:
The workout: 300m repeats
What? Runners will do 8-12 laps of the track with 300m at 5K pace and then 100m recovery jog and repeat. Half marathoners will do 8-10 laps, and marathoners will do 10-12 laps.
The recovery jog should be super, super easy, a pitter patter shuffle jog in order to be ready for the next 300.
Why? 300 meter repeats are a speed workout focused on 5K pace with very little recovery. We want runners to practice patience here and avoid running faster than 5K pace. This workout is sneaky and might look easy on paper. However, it becomes more challenging as the workout goes on due to the short recovery jog, especially if runners go out too fast or run faster than 5K pace. Our purpose is to feel a fast rhythm, stay in control of our speed, improving form and leg turnover. It’s a shorter workout due to the down week as usual. By the end, runners will feel that but should leave the workout feeling like they could do 1-2 more reps. If they don’t – they ran too fast or didn’t take the recoveries slow enough. Either way, please make sure the runners don’t force this one. Be conservative with it and let the speed come to them.
I learned to lap my garmin
and got a popsicle!
and then we decided to pose
  • the reality, pretty close. It was humid, and I’m consistently inconsistent but was proud of these efforts. I probably could have gone harder on a drier day. The host of Rogue Running was in town so we & Om Running toasted him with popsicles. Apparently dessert runs are a tradition for him. We had to improvise as the store has no cooler, but Whole Foods downstairs came to our rescue. And if they’re Whole Foods they’re healthy, right? 🙂 And no, I didn’t re-wear Monday’s shirt, I just bought two since they’re $5. I found out why, kind of see through but oh well.
  • Thursday: work field trip to New York Botanical Garden’s Roberto Burle Marx exhibit. It’s a stunning look at the flowers of his native Brazil mixed with elements of his landscape design. Lots of steps there, and then a trip to the gym for some strength training, PT and yoga. That felt good.
  • Friday: Fridays are prescribed off days in my training plan, but I usually end up with a solid walk by virtue of my commute. This week? Only reason I made even 2K steps was because I forced myself out the door to go get dinner. Was feeling a little under the weather and just tired. I saw my monthly step totals and knew what I’d need to get 600K and just punted. This was my first complete rest day in a long time and it was needed.
Lord Queen of the post-run coffee
  • Saturday: down week! Gorgeous weather and we decided to stay in Central Park. From Columbus Circle we went up and around through the Harlem Hills, across the 72nd and back up across the 102nd Transverse before heading back to Columbus Circle for ten-ish. We ran exactly together save for a dash to a trash can, but our trackers were .3 miles off. This felt good. The West Side rollers x 2 were a non-issue as we talked through them and even Cat Hill didn’t make me too stabby. I’m still concerned about the upcoming three loops of CP and my achilles, but worse comes to worse I walk the hills on the last lap. There was a conversation in the Skirt Sports Facebook group about what someone should wear for a distance run. I found myself saying Cascade, because it’s always Cascade for me. But then someone suggested Gym Girl, which I didn’t think I’d worn for more than eight, and since it was a down week I was willing to try it. In short order I remembered I did it for the last down week too. No chafing at all and the new sports bra also held up. I still am not sure I’d wear GGU for longer, but it’s good to know it’s an option. While I’m not team Summer, I’ll miss the long days. Saturdays feel crushed with trying to pack in a long run, charge my phone, yoga/foam rolling, sushi and a sunset read. One of those things is going to go next weekend when the run is eighteen miles. It won’t be the coffee.
  • Sunday: TBD. Maybe shakeout run

Week’s mileage: 19.03

Training cycle and money raised for JHF: 207.35

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off/gym/movies with Darlene
  • Wednesday: run group
  • Thursday: run/cross
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: 18!
  • Sunday: spectate friends in Fifth Avenue Mile, street fair.