The amazing running community

Yes. YES

All of you. Everyone I’ve met over the last nearly three years. Everyone I’ve run with since beginning training in June.

There isn’t much substance to this weekly run down as I was somewhat down with a cold throughout the week. But I’m not dwelling on that – I want to focus on Saturday’s route of the last ten miles of the marathon and the absolute running block party it was.

Three crazy Rogue runners. (c) KatyMariposa
When you need to hop on the counter to be heard

Saturday morning came bright and early. I won’t say dawned as it was absolutely pre-dawn when we gathered at the JackRabbit on the Upper East Side as one of the many groups tackling the last ten miles. I truly think every NYC based running group was out there this weekend or last. We at Rogue joined the larger JackRabbit team and general public with one of our coaches as a pacer.

We headed out of the store a few minutes after seven and over to 1st Avenue to start the run up to the Bronx. I’d never run the Willis Avenue Bridge before and was somewhat surprised at its incline. From there we wiggled around surface streets until a rest area (with Gu, Nuun and a puppy!) and then a longer rest area as the Madison Avenue Bridge was undergoing some work and not open at the moment.

a few more awake Rogue Runners


waiting for the Madison Avenue Bridge to reopen

You really can’t stress it and no one really was. It was a meet and greet on the go while keeping our watches out of power save mode.

When the bridge re-opened it was a right turn and then a relatively straight shot down Fifth Avenue with a slight wiggle around Marcus Garvey Park before heading into the Park at Engineers Gate. I was glad for that – not so much the final stretch as the water fountain. It was slightly warmer than I’d expected and I need more than a 20 oz without water stations. That also lead to the wonderful fashion statement of my long-sleeve shirt shoved in my belt. Nice to know that’s an option too.

I actually ran all of it with a Rogue runner who had to drop back in pace and it was nice to get to know her as we ran. We were also running at the same pace as a group of women wearing amazing & fun skirts. I know I’d met one of the women at the Mini or one of the other summer runs, and it was nice to see them again.

nearing the finish. (c) Katy
imagining people in the stands in a week! (c) Katy

I crossed the “finish” with two of those women and “apologized” for eavesdropping as the one who had run NYC before – I later learned three times – told her friend where the finish was, what the exits would look like. This was super helpful even as Rogue Wednesday workouts crossed the finish a few times.

The running community is such a help – it’s not a competition, everyone is really helping and coaching either other. It’s just fun and I cannot wait to run with 49,999 of my BFFs NEXT SUNDAY.

The choice of Cascade over Gym Girl for “only” ten was deliberate. If the weather is in the 50s, I might go Cascade over Lotta Breeze and I wanted one final test, although I’m pretty sure I wore it for the first twenty miler. A spurt of cleaning this morning found my disposable pants to go with the sweatshirt. Yay not scrambling later this week.

what about your friends!
twinning. Note my AWESOME sandals
is there a better post-run meal?

The other up side of “only” ten miles is you don’t feel trashed and can have some fun with friends. Leaf watching. Twinning. Brunching.

Friends absolutely make our lives better.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Marine Corps Marathoner! Kim :

  • Monday: squeezed in 3.5 miles after a long ass day at work. The run ended at a diner for matzoh ball soup for the second day in a row, which should have been a sign of what was to come, health wise. There’s just something in that chicken fat.
  • Tuesday: plan was to go to the gym to cross after work. I worked late and had a sore throat coming on by the time I left.
  • Wednesday: Rogue, Little Inferno. I felt  pretty awful by this time but decided to try it. The planned workout:
– 2 minutes at 10K pace followed by 1 minute easy
– 6 minutes at HMGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 10 minutes at MGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 6 minutes at HMGP followed by 1 minute easy
– 2 minutes at 10K followed
  • the reality? My watch worked. My lungs not so much. I hit the intervals, but my paces were all over. It was great to run through the finish line a couple of times.
  • Thursday: went home after half a day at work and worked from my couch to try and kick this.
  • Friday: made it through the day of work, but there was no activity beyond some yoga and PT.
  • Saturday: the running block party I detailed above.
  • Sunday: off completely. It’s pouring and I want to rest. Watching football, tracking my friends running Marine Corps.

Week/total mileage: 15.85 // 419.32

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday: off, back to back meetings. Outside shot at morning run if I don’t run Monday
  • Wednesday: last Rogue group workout
  • Thursday: Expo. Gym cross maybe. Walk home maybe
  • Friday: dinner with the other Joyful Heart runners.
  • Saturday: a walk maybe?
  • Sunday: 26.2!!!!!!!!!

I’m excited. Nervous. Ready. Proud.

Runfessions: NYC Marathon edition

It’s that time of the month. Linking up with Marcia and everyone else for Runfessions: NYC Marathon edition.

Like I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’m really enjoying marathon training. It’s for some of the same reasons Kim mentioned.  I have learned so much about what my body can do since I started running. But I runfess that I’m looking forward to dropping back down to Half training. As a slow runner – not knocking myself, I’m a proud turtle! – long runs just eat an entire day. I’m not saying never to another marathon, but I don’t feel the pull for another one right now even with my run group talking about Paris, Rome, NY again and the Chicago lottery open. I’m going to enjoy the 2+ Halfs on the calendar for 2020 and figure out some more as I really, really love that distance.

I love reading everyone’s posts about Race Plans. Particular recent favorite: Becca’s for Chicago, but I can’t even begin to start writing one. I looked at Runners World‘s guide and I kind of have that, but thinking about all of it is way too stressful. Especially splits. With that said, here’s my “plan”

  • Finish smiling, strong.  I know there’s something to be said for finishing having left it all on the road, but that’s never been my priority. I want to enjoy the race, not feel destroyed. I would like to finish under 6, which seems realistic based on my finish times for the two 20s and what McMillan said, but if I don’t, I don’t.
  • Clothing: probably the Lotta Breeze capris that I wore for my second 20, but outside chance at Cascade if it’s in the 50s.  Haven’t decided on the shirt yet, but leaning my beloved Frozen Penguin. Throwaway will be my hooded Yankee sweatshirt that I never actually threw away at the NYC Half.
  • Nutrition: going with just water as far as hydration. Food wise, Gu Margarita Chews and Honey Stinger cherry blossoms. Not sure about breakfast yet. Ugh. I did not plan this part well, but the late start makes it hard.

I runfess that I don’t mind one bit that I’m undertrained. The Rogue plan was too much for me and my injury history. I go back to what I heard on the eve of Lebow: “It’s better to be ten miles undertrained than one mile overtrained”. Notwithstanding my whiny Achilles and hamstring and fingers crossed for the next ten days, I came through this cycle un-injured. This was a smart decision early to scale down. The only Wednesday night group workout I missed was last week, and I did it indoors due to weather. The only long runs I missed I did the day before or after.

I runfess that I’m glad I got a cold this week. Not glad glad, but glad it’s over with so I can stop freaking out about getting sick before November 3. It hit Tuesday night and I’m starting to feel better, although I’d like to drain my ears. It’s not at all training related, I seem to always get a cold this week.

Do you race plan?

Are you eager for your off season?


Running through fall

What a crazy couple of weeks. All is good on life & work front, but work is so busy and to be honest the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit at a computer.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for a double the fun Weekly Run Down

Week of 10.6

  • never miss a Monday: running long on Saturdays has been good for Monday runs. This one nearly didn’t happen as it was supposed to storm, but I made it out and I was glad as it rained all week. 5+ miles on the east side. Yeah, this is that route that never ever measures the same. Six ish is fine with me.
  • Tuesday: gym. Probably PT. I don’t remember as it was ten days ago as of this writing.
  • Wednesday: Rogue. The prescribed workout:
The Workout: Speed Fartlek
Runners will do 2-4 sets of a 30/60/90 fartlek. One set equals:

– 30 seconds ON at 5K effort followed by 30 seconds easy

– 60 seconds ON at 5K effort followed by 60 seconds easy

– 90 seconds ON at 5K effort followed by 90 seconds easy

  • the reality: this was chilly hard fun. Fast too! I saw times I hadn’t seen since our July time trials (almost on the dot!), and this included easy/recovery. I was happy with this especially as no one was pacing me. This was on my own. I can push it when I need to. I like fall speed work.
  • Thursday: off. Tickets to the amazing production of Little Shop of Horrors. Sometimes theater way better than running.
  • Friday: benefit of a Sunday race is I could run Friday. I went home with Mom & Bob after Thursday’s show and had a gorgeous fall run through my hometown. The funniest thing about this route was that the first part was the route Dad gave me and a friend for riding to tennis camp to make the best of some hills between home and the courts. I was happy to incorporate and alleviate those hills for something other than my usual out and back down Broadway to the Hook.
  • Saturday: off, drive to Albany and five year old’s Batman party.

Week’s mileage: 13.66 due to long run moving.

Week of 10.13

Finish Line focus!
  • Sunday: Hannaford Half Marathon + a couple warm up miles.  Nice to have some free race shots, but Judy and Heidi’s were better, mostly because I heard them and could Ham
who says there are no east river sunsets?
  • never miss a Monday: lazy lazy lazy Monday. Finally got myself out the door and although my legs were sore & stiff from car ride home from Albany, ran some. It was a true shakeout run wherein I needed to stop in mile one to stretch, but was overall good. Six wasn’t happening and I’m OK with that.
  • Tuesday: off, Jack o Lantern Blaze. So much fall fun.
  • Wednesday: Rogue, Dellinger redux. I came down with a case of, as Liz introduced me to, maranoia. We had a n’oreaster come through and I was so worried I’d slip and fall on wet leaves especially in the super dark segment. The group was tiny and did not include me as I went to the gym instead. I realized just how spoiled rotten I’ve been with a not terrible summer. This is the first time I “had” to take my run inside since July’s heat wave. Since I began running in January, I was never anti treadmill (I was actually anti outside! ” I jogged outside for the first time. It was.. underwhelming. I realized quickly I didn’t actually like running on pavement. It was too jarring.”), but I’m glad to have trained almost exclusively outdoors. The run was 13 seconds slower than last time, but I had a pacer then. I was proud of this effort and consistency.
  • Thursday: what I have taken to calling yohab. Yoga, PT exercises. I probably could have run, but it was dark and chilly by the time I left so I decided a solid gym session would be better.
  • Friday: planned on PT/yoga again for the hammy. Reality was at my desk until 8p. Unplanned off day. Despite success with real food last Saturday, I went back to the avocado for dinner. I need to fix this for spring.
Wind burned and smiling
  • Saturday: 14 never felt so short after the 18s and 20s of the last month or so. A picture perfect fall day for a run up to the lighthouse and back. I did the first five with Mo until she turned back as she’s only doing ten with Marine Corps next week and then the next two-ish with Nicole and Sarah to the lighthouse. I went out too quickly trying to keep up, but held it together for a solid 14m run. Only one podcast as I was social the first half. Marathon Race Questions sounded good, but was mostly a recap of current events and not enough on questions. This felt strong and like I’m ready. The most surprising thing came post run – normally I pick up my laundry on the way home, but I was carrying too much for that so I went up my stairs and willingly back down. My knees didn’t hurt! I’ll be honest though, I’m looking forward to this being my max distance. I am tired. Second surprise, I was not craving sushi for the second long run in recent weeks. Wonder if that’s lack of a need for salt as in summer. Speaking of salt, has anyone else tried REFIX? It’s a seawater based drink. JackRabbit had samples yesterday post run. I think I’m a fan.
  • Sunday: off, Giants game

Weekly/total mileage: 37.7 // 403.47. Holy cow.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run after work
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue
  • Thursday: run?
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: the last ten miles(!)  with JackRabbit/Rogue


Tuesday Topics: Hannaford Half Marathon

13.Done. Spoiler: I finished

Linking up with Zenaida and Chicago Marathoner! Kim to talk about Sunday’s Hannaford Half Marathon. I’ll do a double up Weekly Run Down next Sunday as I haven’t even started it.

Recognize the shirt? No, not the race shirt, which was also pretty awesome. My finish shirt. Yep, that’s the shirt from my first ever race. Besides being adorable, it has turn into a little bit of a crutch and might be a marathon shirt.

Rewinding a bit. With family in Albany, this race had been on my radar for some time. My brother actually ran the full some years ago. This year it happened to coincide with my nephew’s birthday party and thanks to a little bib swap magic courtesy of an injured friend of Darlene’s, I was able to run it this year.


it’s even prettier live

First, I have to say the race shirt is one of my favorites. It’s so soft. Perfect recovery shirt, although I never did get a photo wearing it. It & my bib were waiting for me on arrival in Albany thanks to one of my local sherpas.

This was an interesting trial race in a number of ways: namely being outside my environment. I am very much a creature of habit, but I know that isn’t going to fly on November 3 with the later than normal start. This week’s chapter: being out of my own environment. Before every half marathon and most long training runs I’ve eaten the same dinner, avocado toast. Being at someone else’s home, I couldn’t. I decided to eat smartly, but normally. I’m not sure where the (not my) birthday cupcake fit into that. Otherwise, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and mom’s chicken cutlets. Not ideal, but not bad and no ill effect on Sunday morning.

In addition to forgetting to pack a small Ziplock of my Science in Sport, I forgot to freeze my water bottle the night before. Given how chilly it was at the start, not freezing my hand was a good plan.

on her turf instead of mine for once

My original plan was to run to the race’s start shuttle from my brother’s house, but he decided to drive me. It was easy enough to find a trail to run down for a few warm up miles, even though I wasn’t too stressed about not getting in the five necessary to bring me to 18 on the day. As I was running back toward the start I circled back as I saw a woman wearing Skirt Sports and we chatted briefly. As she knew Darlene she was able to tell me where I could find her so that we could get this photo before heading toward the start.

During the Race:

peekaboo Hudson!

My brother and Darlene told me about segments of the race, so I knew to expect the Watervliet Arsenal, and then the Hudson at about mile nine. Beyond that, I didn’t really know much and I kind of loved running into the unknown. I listened to one episode of Running Rogue before going to music to get me through the dead zones.

The first miles were through the park and onto the trail I’d warmed up on before we hit the streets of Cohoes and Watervliet. I have to say, my favorite thing about this race was the course marshals and water station volunteers. Everyone was so upbeat and when we’d thank them for being out there, they’d thank us for running. It was an awesome environment. Personal favorites: The Team in Training water station and inspiration, the water bottle table outside a fire station and an older person sitting at a small table with tissues, paper towel and vaseline. I wasn’t chafing,  but the tissue came in handy for a runny nose.

As I mentioned last week, my tongue and electrolyte tablets are going through a break up. This made water stations easy. I took a cup at the first few water stations and as I felt myself getting dry due to the cool air, I took the offered water bottle at the fire station and then filled that from cups at subsequent water stations until I tossed it at about mile twelve.

The Finish:

all smiles hearing my name. Thanks, Heidi!
and Judy!

After re-joining the bike path, we followed the Hudson for the next few miles. At about mile twelve and a half or so, we came into some amazing crowds.

I knew Mom & Bob planned to get there if they could get there, and Judy had texted me that she’d be somewhere near the finish. She ended up getting the second photo above and one more great photo of me on the run. It was so awesome to hear her and some of the Albany runners call my name. I wished I’d been able to linger longer and meet/see them. Cheer Squads are the best.

I was able to find mom & Bob easily (can’t miss 6’4) and we quickly headed back to the house for the rest of the birthday festivities.

Other thoughts:

I really enjoyed this race and would do it again if schedule stars aligned. Although it wasn’t as gorgeous as I’d hoped – late changing leaves all around – it was a pretty course along the bike paths.

I was glad for the chance to try my Lioness Capri on a longer run. It was OK up to 13, but I’ll be doing Lotta Breeze if it’s not Cascade weather in November. I thought I overdressed for this race based on the other runners, but I was comfortable even in the long sleeves until about mile eleven. I’m just not (yet?) an arm sleeve person.

Training has made me a bad racer:

  • When people asked me, I said this was my sixth half marathon. I didn’t realize until late afternoon on Monday that it was my seventh: Lebow x 2, Lauderdale x 2, Brooklyn, NYC.
  • I know my Half Marathon PR, but not the other times. I had no frame of reference for where this race fell, although I was only ever running it as a training run. My only goal was not to get hurt, and while I was sore today, it was manageable.
  • I picked the belt based on the one I used a few weeks ago that fit my phone & gels. This is not the belt that has bib toggles, so I was left pinning it to my Skirt. Must fix this before November 3.


September. Wow. Peak Month

  • 120.38 miles run
  • I ran an average of 1:37:25. Wow

That took me from being seven miles ahead of 800 miles on the year pace at the end of August to sixty five ahead at the end of September.  65!

I’ve run 651.06 miles on the year. I might hit 800 just after the marathon. WOW.

Speaking of the marathon, my run just went public-ish on Thursday when Joyful Heart tweeted it. It has been on twitter before from the occasional tweet of a blog post, but this seems more real. I still don’t think it will be “Facebook official” until I finish.

signs of fall on Saturday

Upside of looking down, this little critter did part of mile 18 with me.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

A productive Monday
  • Never miss a Monday: reservoir with a friend. I could grow to like intervals. Finally got to try the Lioness capris. I’m not sure they’re going to work for 26.2, but I loved them for this five mile cool fall evening. I’m looking forward to trying them without a phone in my pocket as that’s typically the undoing with my LBCs as well
  • Tuesday: stretch, roll, PT exercises. I said I wanted to incorporate more cross training, and I do, but I think the focus has to be on the prehab.
  • Wednesday: Rogue. Planned workout:
a. Marathoners: 2-4-6-10-6-4-2 Fartlek
– 2 min at 5K pace with 2 min easy
– 4 min at 10K pace with 2 min easy
– 6 min at HMGP with 2 min easy
– 10 min at MGP pace with 2 min easy
– 6 min at HMGP with 2 min easy
– 4 min at 10K pace with 2 min easy
– 2 min at 5K pace
Why? This workout is about changing speeds in a ladder format. We start with short reps and as the workout goes on the reps get longer before coming back down the ladder. The paces will change as well from faster paces to slower paces and back to faster. The kicker is the recovery. It’s short and that will spike the HR and increase breathing.  Runners will not feel recovered going into the next rep so the back half of the workout is the most challenging. Runners will have to dig deep and stay focused to stay on pace. Runners need to figure out how to stay engaged and relaxed while in this uncomfortable (pain cave) state. Learning to be efficient and smooth when uncomfortable is a lesson that will pay massive dividends on race day.
  • the reality. I don’t know.  My Garmin picked the wrong day to have a moment, and it wouldn’t record. I re-set it after and it’s fine, so gremlins. It’s too dark now to see the Garmin on the go, so I guessed at the intervals and speeds. I’m fine with the effort especially given that it was 80s, humid. October?
  • Thursday: yoga and PT exercises never felt so good.
  • Friday: walk with Darlene to get her Grete bib and an early bedtime
who knew a supermarket was so exciting? (c) Katy
runners are silly
is there a medal for inconsistent splits?
sunny, but still chilly after 20.19
  • Saturday: oh this was fun! It wasn’t as monumental as the first twenty, but we had a blast. The weather was absolute fall perfection of mid 40s when we headed out and about 60 when done. This was no doubt a huge part of why 20 felt so much better than last week’s 18. This was the same route as the prior 20, except we (yes, stuck with people for the first ten!) didn’t miss the turn on Flushing and thus got treated to Wegman’s. I know Deb knows it — not sure if the rest of you will appreciate the sheer glee (and silliness). But Wegman’s is magic and it’s coming to Brooklyn. It was nice to know that was “only” 8.5 miles from the start (and about the same from home) as I forsee a true Wegman’s run when it opens. There are no close subways so run to and buses home might not be a bad idea. After ten I lost the lead two, I pushed through the last ten with varying speed. I wanted to finish, not necessarily finish at a certain pace. I know I can pick it up (see mile 20, mile 3 was GPnonesenSe), and this run left me optimistic for 26.2. Nice entertainment at miles 16-17 or so when they were running a Mutt Strut. I’m not a huge dog person, especially dogs I don’t know, but that was fun.


  • Overall I felt good. One weirdness: second week in a row, my tongue decided it didn’t like Nuun or Science in Sport tabs, so I switched to plain water. Will make life easier for race day. The cool weather meant I could try my marathon bottoms: Lotta Breeze capris. They were perfect. Phone in the belt meant no slip and slide and I only had to adjust them after a bathroom pit stop. Zero chafing. Happy Cari. Two podcasts in the last ten before I went to music: Running Rogue’s Mental Tips (useful, but I’m not a mantra person so couldn’t really relate to all of it) and MTA’s interview with Dean Karnazes. I would have liked more Dean and less MetPro, but such is the life of sponsors.
Found: toes
  • Sunday: I was very surprised I wasn’t  super sore given I had time for neither a post-run stretch nor epsom bath.I headed to the gym for a good stretch and yoga session before crashing to watch some bad football. Yes, it went from nearly 90 and humid to long sleeve weather. Hi fall, I <3 you

Mileage this week/overall: 29.38 // 352.11 (so glad I rotated shoes)

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: run
  • Tuesday off/cross
  • Wednesday: Rogue
  • Thursday: off, Little Shop tickets
  • Friday: run
  • Saturday: off, drive to Albany
  • Sunday: Half marathon + 4-5! Look forward to trying my fueling plan



  • 643,276 steps
  • 294.88 miles run/walked
  • the aforementioned 120.38 miles run

11 gym visits to start the September – February period off strong.


  • 1,777,037 steps
  • 806.77 miles run/walked
  • 311.11 miles run (that’s fun)

That step total is scarcely less than seven months in 2013!

2019 To Date:

  • 4,548,638 steps
  • 2029.96 miles. Yep, completely missed my Run the Year goal, again, a month ahead of last year’s timeline.
  • 651.05 miles run