PT 2020 Week 2: Runners are the Best People

subtitle prior to Saturday: making time for all the things, which is also true.

Blogger Meet Up!

A few weeks ago, Deborah mentioned that she’d be in New York and I had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t be — while Darlene and I almost always catch up when she’s here, I’ve missed blogger visits all too often when I’m out of town myself. The stars aligned this time and we met for drinks on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

We had such an amazing time. I’m pretty sure we didn’t shut up once and would still be nibbling on popcorn if we didn’t need to get to other evening plans. Runners really are the best people.  While I always do better in very small groups or one on one, I never even got nervous thinking about this-mainly because I felt like I already knew Deborah from nearly two years of reading each other’s blogs and social media. Yep, Cherry Blossom marks two years of starting to meet most of you. WOW.

As an aside, while we did manage to run together last week, Darlene and I have not run together way more than we’ve run together lately. #RunnersNotRunning really is or should be a thing. This is also pretty much why I’d default to Friends v. Running Friends.  We all may have met through running, but there are so many amazing people here that I dare say we’d be friends no matter what we were doing.

Runner Bingo

This was making the rounds in some of the running Facebook groups and I had to laugh. Here’s my board

There was a runner who had a game and BINGO was her name-o

I guess I could claim a DNF in my DNSes, but to me that’s different. Of the ones I didn’t get I’d say it’s a mix of possible: costume, DNF, lose a key and an impossible/not likely: stroller, dog, Disney, Boston, winning age group, streaking. And let’s just say I hope I never poop my pants, but I wouldn’t be the first or the last runner to do so.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: while I was eager to run to PT with my new running backpack, I was not about to run three days in a row. PT was a mix of balance and strength training. The balance work really needs to be an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but my main PT swears I’m getting better. I definitely feel like the strength training is helping. I went to the gym after work to get in some of the stretches and other exercises that there just isn’t time for during a one hour session, especially when some time is spent working on my IT band.
Quack Quack!
  • Tuesday: well technically another chapter of running friends, although it wasn’t the ducks. I was just fascinated by them all sleeping in a near straight line. I had a late start to work due to an exhibit preview in Queens (go see Kubrick at Moving Image!) so Elizabeth and I met up to run the reservoir. We were too tired & forgot to take a photo, but the run and miles happened. I swear 😀
  • Wednesday: one of the days that lead to this post’s original subtitles. PT, a luncheon, some training, a metric ton of email. A good chunk of the PT session was her working on the hip/knee/tendon as it was tender to the touch putting on leggings and a little swollen. Her work helped and walking wasn’t sore the rest of the day – which was good because I had a meeting in a location where the trains didn’t really help. You can do many things in Manhattan – going diagonal isn’t easy.
Yep, 1980s crop
  • Thursday: had all the things to run outside after work, but the temperatures were dropping and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good workout, so after stopping by NYRR to get Darlene’s Lebow bib and checking out the spring “fashion”, I headed to the gym. Knee was feeling better, but the treadmill pounding wasn’t, so I headed to the elliptical for 25m. I really really love that evil workout. Followed this with a full set of PT.
  • Friday: another late night at the office. But I got through the inbox ahead of the weekend. No step goal. No gym. Although there are always days like these, it overall feels good to be active again. The two weeks of running combined with the general sedentary element of the suburbs were hard.
Runkeeper is a meanie
  • Saturday: snowy snowy Saturday. I’d take the hit for it, but it was already snowing when I opted to wear the wonderful Brooks shirt. I had a late start due to a real feel of 16F and headed to the gym. The original thought was a semi-long run, but the reality was two miles of speed work since I wanted to be sure I had time to do my stretches to keep the hip from tightening up. I alternated 5.5 and 5.8 for .2 / .1 / .15 intervals and it felt good overall. Hard, because I’ve done no speed in a month, but a good hard. The time felt familiar and it was about twenty seconds faster than my July time trial. On the down side, treadmill is more climate controlled, but on the plus side, I’ve done virtually no speed work since the marathon and coming off injury. So it’s neither an improvement nor a fall off. Nice to see I can hit these paces when the runs of late have deliberately been jogs to heal. I forgot to tell Runkeeper I deferred. Not to worry, it told me.
Gorgeous day in Central Park
Not running it, but silly fun still mandatory
  • Sunday: Elizabeth and I cheered on Darlene and the other Lebow runners. I love having the chance to do this and still be a part of my favorite race. It was a beautiful January day. Followed it with PT and some overdue sushi

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: office closed; run to and from PT?
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: run to PT before my flight?
  • Thursday – Sunday: fun in the sun. No race, but there will be some beach runs. I already sent my foam roller on ahead with mom’s husband who drove down and am packing my bands to keep up the PT.

35 thoughts on “PT 2020 Week 2: Runners are the Best People”

  • I so appreciated you picking up my bib and also cheering me on. So cold and windy before and after the race. During not bad. But those hills.

    Enjoy the Florida sunshine.

  • The runner’s bingo card is fun. I guess I won’t rule out stroller running since I might still be running when I’ve got grandkids? I wouldn’t count DNS as DNF, so I don’t have any DNFs either. Or last place. So jealous of the meet-up! I hope to get to NYC soon, but we also need to make plans around Cherry Blossom.

    • Yes on Cherry Blossom – Deborah and I were talking maybe Expo. Are you running it? I can’t remember.
      Stroller running isn’t technically an impossibility for me – but I figure if I haven’t run with my nephew, nieces or godson yet, I’m probably not going to.

    • Your (& Renee’s) ears should have been buzzing. We were talking about the times that people link up and you two are almost always first as you’re settled/in to link whereas at 1p eastern, most of us are still out and about. Happy birthday week! I ice skated in central park today, and not intentionally.

  • Awesome that you got to have a blogger meet up! I love that the internet connects complete strangers and builds real friendships.

    Love the runner’s bingo card.

    Enjoy the sun!

  • Kim at Running on the Fly

    That Runner’s Bingo is hilarious 🙂 I think I’m about 50/50 on all the squares. Glad you got to meet up with Deborah and Darlene…I have to agree, runner friends are the BEST 🙂

    • Yeah when I saw it in a FB group I had to snag it. It leads to so many fun stories.
      We had so much fun – heard great stories of your Chicago meetup a few summers ago

  • Pretty sure the only things I haven’t done on that board is BQ’d and come in last. Yay me, middle of the packer!

    Isn’t it fun having blogger meetups?

  • How fun that you and Darlene got to meet Deborah! Enjoy your time in the sun! I’m bummed for your that you had to defer your race, but it’s good that you’ll be able to run some while you’re down there.

    That Runner’s BINGO is so fun! I have DNS’d, but never DNF’d and agree that they’re two totally different situations. We DNS’d the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler one year because it was snowing out our way (even though it didn’t snow in Arlington) and we decided to go back to our warm bed.

    • Snow in April is crazy – but yet the year I ran it there was talk of cancelling it for snow. The temperature dropped like crazy from Friday.
      Meeting up was so much fun.
      And thanks, looking forward to the warmth

  • Let’s see I came in 2nd from last at my first 10k and 3rd from last at my second 10k, last place is definitely achievable!

    • I was DFL in a 5K that was mostly vets & active duty/reserve military. No shame and a great cause. The last water station volunteer ran me in and held back so I wasn’t technically last, but he wasn’t a registered runner so…

    • I need to run in costume one of these days. I could count my turkey headband, but that seems cheating. Maybe this year I’ll find a Halloween race.

  • So fun to meet up with Deb! Isn’t she great? I know what you mean: Us running bloggers can talk forever! Love the bingo, although I’ve only got bingo on the first vertical that starts with Lost a Toenail. That’s a tough card!

    • Yeah I feel like there are very few Gimmes. Maybe the Garmin? BUt I guess there are a lot more brands out there.
      It was so much fun, and yes she’s amazing. I can’t wait for our version in Bermuda. Is there a talking Half Marathon built in?

  • Runner friends are always the best! I love that you were able to see some lovely blogger friends, and that you had a great trip. Also wonderful that your PT was able to help relieve some of your pain. That’s so important!

    Love the Bingo!

    • Hah! Luckily Deborah looks just like her photos and we had a meeting spot. Darlene and I had a total laugh one day this summer when we were in “dress” (aka work) clothes for a walk. I think prior to then we we casual even if not in run clothes. And another friend when she wasn’t wearing sport goggles.

    • Runkeeper does – and they can be great, or stupidheads. I used their C25K when I started running, and a version of theirs for my first Half, but they’re finnicky
      Hope there’s a meetup or beach run in your future soon

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