We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!

By | March 29, 2020

Edit: this post was half written, and then we lost a dear colleague to COVID19 and I deleted a lot as it became irrelevant. Pardon the random collection of what’s left.

I’m OK, just sad. He was an amazing man. Here are some photos another colleague shared.  We don’t know when we’ll be back in the office, and I can’t imagine that day without him stopping at my desk to scope out the candy dish and I feel like this is going to be unsettled until then. The issues with CV19 are many, but among the top is we lose our ability to come together amid crises. It’s testament though to how loved he was that the GoFundMe to bury him and support his family was fully funded in about 36 hours.

Title inspired by something that showed in my Facebook memories. Any guesses?

This is one of the pieces I’m struggling with on work from home. I miss my colleagues. We have phone calls, Slack calls, Zoom calls, but sometimes it was just easier to pop over to someone’s desk and storm the brains.

I’m grateful for Facetime with the minions in my life for smiles. Running? Running is just for running. I do want to do the Cherry Blossom Virtual 10 miler, maybe, but otherwise there are no distances on my program. I’m running when and for how long I want to.

For those of you who lost a lot of races this spring and are looking for a free virtual ultra challenge, Run the Edge’s Uncanceled Project.


On other notes, I was glad to see the Little Free Library between my apartment and the coffee shop restocked. It had been bare of late and I wondered if its curator was taking the books inside for safekeeping when I left one and saw it immediately gone. He restocked it last  weekend and I was happy to continue my take one, leave one policy even if I’m not reading much of late.

Just got this for Kindle, much much lighter than 400+ page hardcover

of course what do I take? Another hardcover. It might make up some for no travel

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

definitely more “Sound of Silence” than “Feelin’ Groovy” going on of late.

I’ve run this so many times, never noticed grandma’s name on the overpass

  • rewind to pick up last week’s unfinished Sunday business. Got out the door for a quick out and back of two ish miles. I realized that while I don’t have enough Simon & Garfunkel on my playlist, it’s usually on the mental playlist. I was almost in tears seeing grandma’s name. It’s not near her bday or passing anniversary, but emotions are weird.
  • missed this Monday: because I ran three days in a row. Was almost wishing I hadn’t when I walk/swam to Target to get some basic essentials to adulting. It’s funny, the things you can live without (Brita filter, pyrex bowl) until you’re home full time, Got the PT space up and running ish and got in a set for the second day in a row.

an oasis of many kinds

  • Tuesday: crisp, beautiful spring day and after work I went avoiding people and hunting cherry blossoms. Cherry Hill still bare, but the Park was gorgeous for a 4+ mile wiggle.
  • Wednesday: short after work walk to drop off some items to a friend who isn’t able to go out. Also put together my new chair and laptop riser, which have made a huge difference toward physical comfort while WFH

obligatory selfail

  • Thursday: who says “long” runs and selfails are for weekends only? Darlene, Elizabeth and I were texting about a simultaneous virtual run and matching, so I tried to take a pic. Otherwise I just ran and took in the evening light. I’ve run a lot more on the East Side of late – not for fear of CP crowds but just because it’s more convenient. I love living so close to the water.

oasis above the highway

Socially distanced and sitting on a trash bag

  • Friday: water is therapeutic. This walk wasn’t even long enough to count for #19for19challenge, but I headed here after work to think about Rally. This end of the park is always quieter as there are no benches, and the only living thing to get within six feet was a dog who was quite confused by a human at his height. NYC gets a reputation as a concrete jungle – although having lived there too, Osaka is way worse! – and I suppose there is some humor in calling pavement a park. But it’s a great oasis over the highway and a great place to read. Yes, this is the home of most of my runrise runs.

Pilgrim Hill, one of my favorite cherry blossom spots

  • Saturday: there were some vague plans to go out early and beat the crowds, rain and do ten for the virtual cherry blossoms since ours will be mostly gone by next week, but I wasn’t feeling it. I did want to get some outside activity before a weekend full of rain, so I got in a couple of pink miles. I had some necessary shopping to do, so I took care of that later and then settled in on the couch to finally finish John Grisham’s The Guardians.
  • Sunday: get out of my PJs, eventually. Cook lunch for the week (yes, for the third week in a row!). Maybe finally switch my closet, although today feels too raw.

21 thoughts on “We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces!

  1. Zenaida Arroyo

    I am sorry about your friend! Hugs to you. By the way, I am not sure how I missed it but I love the new layout of the blog. Before the libraries were closed, I picked up “The Reckoning”. I am sure I will finish it before heading back to work. Stay safe and take care.

    1. cari Post author

      ooh, I’ll have to look for The Reckoning, I think I missed that one. Thanks. One of my add ons broke so I reverted to the last non broken version. Or semi non broken since someone mentioned they couldn’t comment. I do love this theme though and may keep it even when I try to figure out the add ons.

  2. Wendy

    I am so sorry about your colleague. I was thinking about that today, that I don’t know anyone who has CV19. I’m thinking that might change, but I hope not. We’re behind you guys in cases but ramping up for a bad week here. Seriously scary. I’m glad to work from home and I’m grateful for my workouts. I miss seeing faces too. I FaceTimed with Holly and Teresa last week and that helped a lot.

    Sending virtual hugs. Stay safe.

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you! He was the second person I knew of, although I didn’t know he had it until we learned of his death since it all happened (symptomatically anyway) after we transitioned to working from home. The other friend is luckily recovering, but it was a scary process from symptoms to testing to being able to do some home strength exercises.

  3. Laurie

    I am so sorry for the loss of your colleague. I don’t know anyone who has been affected personally. Yet. I’m sure that will come.

    I discovered a Little Free Library in the neighborhood we now run in too. I delivered some books (the shelves were pretty spare-looking) but didn’t stay to see if there were any books I wanted to take. I am getting a lot of reading done these days.

  4. Deborah Brooks

    So sorry about the sudden loss of your colleague. That is so tough. I also started a virtual book club for my running group. Our first meeting is today. These virtual meet ups sure help don’t they? Hope you have an easier week. Thanks for linking up

  5. Jessie

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your colleague. That is so sad…I can’t believe this is real. Please stay safe.

  6. Darlene S. Cardillo

    So sorry about your friend. Hugs.

    Zoom is great but does not replace the human touch.

    My mah jongg friends want to play online. I say nay. That’s not what this group is about. We are friends.

    Glad to support your runs. No cherry blossoms here for weeks.

    Keep posting those nyc pics. Missing my time there and of course you and Elizabeth.

    Fingers crossed for the mini.

  7. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    Oh, I am so sorry about your colleague! How sad 🙁 Sending you hugs. I don’t know anyone affected with the virus yet, but I know it is here in our area too. Love the selfails!

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you. We’ve been lucky to lose only two colleagues in the 12+ years I’ve been there – heartbreaking that reality is we could lose another

  8. Judy @ Chocolaterunsjudy

    I am so sorry for your loss. Knock on wood, so far I haven’t been personally touched by a loss. But you are right in the epicenter. 🙁

    I have been in my pjs longer most mornings, but then our weather has not been great (cue the spring snow). Definitely too early to start switching out my closet.

    I’m so used to being on my own. It truly doesn’t bother me most days. I’m very busy with projects, but I know many others struggle greatly with it.

  9. Kim G

    I’m so so sorry to hear about the loss of your colleague. COVID19 is just so scary and my heart breaks for everyone fighting this illness and their families.

  10. Kimberly Hatting

    Oh, Cari…so sorry for the loss of your friend. We started having family dinners (with the three kids and their significant others) just after Christmas, but those came to a crashing halt a few weeks ago. Today (which is why I’m horribly late reading blogs) we had a long ZOOM session with them and my parents. It was so fun! I often times curse technology (because I’m slow in “getting it”), but it’s been great during this crazy time. Hugs to you <3

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you! Rally was a great guy.
      I go both ways with technology. Sometimes I love it, but others i.e. Zoom and Slack I’m so late to the party. Right now it’s filling a huge need – glad we can still “see” people. A friend is doing similar family Zoom chats where everyone eats the same meal so it’s like a dinner party

  11. Marcia

    I love your serene cherry blossom pics. So peaceful in a time that is anything but. Again so sorry about the loss of your colleague. I can’t get my head around it. Friends of ours, husband and wife, are in the ICU. It’s so scary.

    1. cari Post author

      Oh good, whatever I broke is fixed and you can comment. Not that it was a huge thing, but I couldn’t figure it out
      I needed the blossoms before they got drowned in the rain. There’s just some peace and hope in them – somehow.
      How awful for your friends. *HUGS*

  12. Shathiso

    So sorry to hear about your colleague. That’s so awful. We see our work colleagues even more than we see most of our family so I can imagine how you must be feeling. Sending you lots of love.

  13. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    I’m so sorry about your colleague. I agree, its so hard during this that people can’t come together. New York just sounds horrible right now. I have alot of family and friends up there and I am thinking of you all!

  14. Coco

    I’m so sorry about your friend and work colleague. (((Hugs))) I’m sure living in NYC it is much more “real” to you than it is to many people who don’t have reported cases in their area. We are taking it pretty seriously and staying in except my weekly trips to the grocery store. I did drive to the bike path for my weekend long run — and may make that a thing for the change of scenery.

  15. Jenn

    I am so very sorry for your loss. This time is just so difficult and heartbreaking. Take care of yourself.

  16. Liz Dexter

    So sorry again about your colleague: that was a lovely tribute that you linked to. That’s what I’m finding so hard, too. When I heard my friend round the corner’s mum died, I just wanted to go round and give her a hug and a cuppa, but instead I had to stick a picture of a candle on my facebook (that was for you, too, and for a good few other people). Well done on the running, good to see your views.


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