after virtually no podcasts for a while because I couldn’t stand to be talked at, I went on a bit of a binge this week. Among the highlights:

Listened to anything lately that you’d recommend?

On the reading front, I wanted to do non-fiction November with Liz, but I can’t focus. I did read a book though. Michael Connelly never fails with a fun crime thriller, and Fair Warning was a good read.  Goodreads is annoying me the way Garmin does some of you with its detraining. I’m well aware I’m 27 books behind schedule. Go spork yourself, Goodreads, it’s 2020. I did realize that I hadn’t read a single one of the Goodreads Choice noms, which made me a little sad. A few have made their way to my wishlist for some time off reading.

How did I finish Fair Warning in a week with my utter lack of reading? 2.5 hour line for a COVID test (negative, thankfully). Not symptomatic and no known exposure, but numbers here are up a little and I wanted to be sure ahead of some possible travel.

Weekly Run Down with birthday-girl Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: four miles on a beautifully mild Monday morning. Shorts and a tee shirt in November!
  • Tuesday: too distracted by the stunning leaves to keep pace for RunBet, but still a glorious 2.5 mile walk before work.
  • Wednesday: 63 and 92% humidity in November. So weird. Wanted to enjoy this last day of summer, but had a lot of mental don’t wanna going on too.
  • Thursday: it rained much of the day, but I got out for a night run after work. Wet leaves are soo tricky so I stayed on the flat part of the river path.
new meaning to iced coffee!
new use for a hair dryer!
  • Friday: guess what, it rained. My day was not at all boring, however, as I learned coffee can freeze to the back of a fridge. I couldn’t figure out why the door suddenly wouldn’t reliably close, and then I realized the coffee was frozen and the ice block was pushing the shelf out. Oh Friday the 13th never fails. Luckily it was an easy “fix”
Yeah, slightly jealous of Fred’s cool mask
glorious day in the north woods
  • Saturday in the Park: luckily much cooler than the fourth of July. It was a beautiful day between lots of rain, yet I struggled to get out the door. When I did, it was magic. The park was somewhat busy and I wanted a people free run. Not Covid related, but more not in the mood to dodge strollers and jump over leashes. So I went north via Fred and on 102 turned into the North Woods where I scampered around the trails (seriously, my Strava is a hoot!) before heading down the west side and into the Ramble.  The entire run was gorgeous and it was one of those days where playing outside was just magic. The North Woods are definitely a 2020 “find” for me as I never had time to explore that area before and one of the things this year I’m grateful for.
  • Sunday: going for a walk.

there are just no words, just pretty leaves

I tried to write coffee, and gave up and drank more coffee.  Who else had way too much coffee and screen time this week? Just a short run down on a week I was grateful to the outdoor weather.

this sign made me laugh so hard

All I’m going to say about the election is this telegraph sign on the old Piermont Station felt way too relevant.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: another day where getting out the door early wasn’t happening, but I got in four miles in before work which is always a good start to the week. Not a good start to the week is staying up to watch the Giants lose yet another heartbreaker in prime time. I think America is happy to have a 1-7 team out of prime time after two weeks in a row, my eyelids are also happy for a 1p game.
quiet corner of Central Park
  • Tuesday: hiked the ramble to try and get the clock to move. Stunning to get off the beaten path a little and away from cell signal. Always fun to look at the places I’m usually looking from and be somewhere where there isn’t much cell signal. Nice to front load the week with runs and a walk for Deborah’s RunBet.
  • Wednesday: grateful for running. Grateful for a boss who didn’t mind my opting to run a little longer v. getting into work on time. 10K to try and focus the frazzled brain cells.
full color, and fall fell
  • Thursday: nice walk before work, enjoying the fall colors and burning off some energy/anxiety. Glad I got out, since I didn’t get for a run later.
Ferries Forever
  • Friday: was off work and had time for a run on a beautiful summery fall day, but my head wasn’t in it so I called it good at 5K. This week/year, no judgement allowed. Everything just is. I met some friends for lunch and rather than an uber home at rush hour, opted for a shorter uber and a ferry from Clason Point. The route is stunning if a little strange as it takes you right past Rikers, but can’t have a better sunset than on the water.
elbumps and yoga fails
Hudson House!
  • Saturday: the plan was to surprise mom for her bday. Bob ended up needing to tell Mom, but it was so good to all be together. It’s going to get more complicated with winter, but so glad the weather more than held out for my brother/family to come down too. And yes, we were twinning accidentally in masks. Calories don’t count when you’re celebrating and we had a delicious dinner at the restaurant where they got married (and are regulars).
glowing trails
long overdue trailfie
somehow still hungry for brunch
  • Sunday: my favorite thing to do when home-especially in fall-is run the Old Erie trail, and so I did. Shorts and a tee shirt in November, with relatively few people. Not COVID/mask related, just really treasured the peace and quiet. It was almost exactly a year ago I last ran to the train station, and my next plan is to go long in one direction and get picked up at the far end, because I want to know how far that trail has been maintained. Somehow I was hungry again and we went to brunch at one of my favorite diners to enjoy this stunning November weather before coming back home.

a year ago I became a marathoner

Holy crap.

I know time has been funny in 2020, but I can’t believe marathon Sunday was a year ago today. I am so grateful I didn’t wait until I was 40 to do it, as there is no way I’d have been able to train through all of this craziness. Major shout out to all those running NYC virtually this weekend and all the other virtual marathons.

#SlideBackSunday to Marathon Monday 2019

Simultaneously, I can’t believe it’s already November. After March 58th, this year has absolutely flown. I’m still nervous about COVID and flu season. I’m beyond nervous about the election. This is going to be a rocky end to a rocky year.


I love this slogan

I don’t have plans of a Virtual Turkey Trot, but I love this one‘s slogan: Give Thanks, Not Covid. New York changed the rules to something I think is a lot more manageable: mandatory testing in lieu of a fourteen day quarantine. That just was not feasible for a variety of reasons and it was impossible to enforce, so why not move toward something that might work better. I Hope.

winning signs

The world is upside down, but it was still Marathon Sunday and NYC knows how to (responsibly) celebrate. It was great to see so many of the usual NYRR staff & volunteer faces, and some great signs.

Speaking of running, I ran 95+ miles in October! Would have had 100 if not for my road trip, but I don’t regret one single leaf.

Nailing my running mileage while not hitting step goals is the epitome of work from home life.  Grateful to have Deborah’s RunBet beginning this week to hopefully get some more walks in.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: morning run that I remember none of. Lunchtime dash to try and vote. The line was too long, but a 15 m walk at lunch was a really nice treat.
  • Tuesday: beautiful day and got in a morning walk as I knew it would be a late evening Zooming with a colleague and I guest speaking at a class. There was another dash to try and vote, but the line was three hours at 745 PM and well, I am not a civilized human after 10pm, so I did not.
you’re wrong, but thanks for the pep talk
glow worm!
  • Wednesday: we had TS Zeta slated to meet a winter air mass on Thursday, so I knew I needed to run after work. I was treated to the amazing find of the full path open again after July’s sinkhole escapades. The run was good even if Garmin was a little drunk in telling me I hit mile/5K/10K PRs.  I knew the mile/5K were wrong and confirmed when I got home that the 10K is two minutes off what I think is my 10K PR. I still enjoyed this pep talk as it has been a while since I saw those terms. Those were all in the Garmin era, so maybe it was blinded by my glowing self into thinking it was PR.
  • Thursday: Zeta soaker. Nothing of note.
the skittles of running
  • TGIFriday: what does Friday mean anymore? I decided to take advantage of Friday hours and get in a last well-lit after work run. The hat selection was slightly deliberate with it being marathon weekend, but did not think of the color palette until I saw this photo. The run wasn’t great as I had some back pain that flared, but there were seals and I was happy to be playing outside.
She and the moon could always be found playing in the darkness.” —A.J. Lawless
  • Saturday: late start, but lovely pain-free run followed by full moon chasing. My new phone is wonderful, but there’s nothing like a camera for night shots. Not really a Halloween person so didn’t feel a particular level of GRR at COVID taking it, and it was nice to see people out and about dressed. I realized I hadn’t been home on Halloween on a weekend in a while so I saw more out than I would in midtown even in a “normal” year.
  • Sunday: finally successful at voting (no line at 745 AM!) and then a morning full of marathon spectating. Felt weird not to at least run on marathon Sunday, but today wasn’t about me. So glad to be a part of Elizabeth’s race. It’s now raining (again) so lazy Sunday watching football.

GoTheDist October:

  • 408,093 steps
  • 185.87 miles run/walked
  • 96.52 miles run

This year is upside down. No judgement. Just continuing to move forward. This is my fifth month in a row of really solid, mostly pain-free mileage and I’m thrilled with that.