Oh COVID Christmas

I don’t have it, and everyone I know is safe and healthy, I just can’t think of another description for this surreal year/holiday. I also don’t have a ton to say so have more pics than anything else.


Although I wouldn’t really call it hoarding, so much as buying more than normal due to being home way more than normal.

blank slate
Happy Cari

You’re not supposed to have food rewards for a good run. What are the rules around drink rewards? Such a wonderful treat during a post-run soak.

Weekly run down with Kim and Deborah:

bonus Fred
still pretty spot
  • never miss a Monday: river path was too icy so a surprise weekday visit with Fred and morning Central Park run. Made for some nice variety and since it was overcast there was no solstice sunrise to miss.
good morning Central Park
oh frozen wonderland
  • Tuesday: knew it would be a long zoom day and it was a beautiful morning so I headed to Central Park for a walk and thanks to cloud cover a bonus “sunrise” at my new favorite spot.
watercolor sunset
Harlem Meer floating tree


  • Wednesday: start of my Christmas break. Intended to get out sooner but a sunset run and Christmas Tree made it worth the delay as I got in Zooma’s 12Ks of Christmas with the Harlem Hills for the first time in eons. Got some fun compliments on NoxGear which was a surprise and it seems common here.
2020 version of Christmas Eve fish
    • Thursday: before a 3P Zoom movie date with my niece and nephew, I went out for a shakeout as my legs were sore and I knew Friday would be a soaker. Rewarded with some pink Christmas trees. The world needs a smile. We do some variation of the seven fishes in a normal year, this year? Warm enough for sushi which made me very happy, even though it ensured no white Christmas. Salmon is my essential fish any time.
    • Friday: speaking of smiles. The rain passed early afternoon and I was going stir crazy so I decided to visit the Twig and finish the Holidays on Fifth courtesy of a map. Santa comes via sleigh and Frosty via plane? Works for me.
  • holy giant inflatable!
    • Saturday: the best day of the week despite the drop from 50s to a wind chill of 12F. Frozen al fresco brunch with mom & Bob and I’m so glad we were able to find a way to see one another to do Christmas in this upside down year. Rocking a new hat from mom that I love, but wasn’t quite warm enough for the frigid temps. Also great to support a local restaurant. And then a chance to visit with Santa. That is one huge inflatable. 5’2 for scale, but still.
  • Imagine indeed
    frozen wonderland
    • Sunday: ran to and walked with Elizabeth to spend time together in person for the first time since she ran the marathon. So lovely and necessary.



it’s all about the feet

coming up on my fourth running anniversary (!!), I have a runfession… I was a fair weather runner.

I never really thought that because it wasn’t that I didn’t run if it was too hot/cold, but rather I escaped to the gym. This summer, that wasn’t an option and this winter I’m not ready to go back so the choice was run or not and… I’m running in all weather and it’s fine. You adapt, adjust. I think it’s because I just really want to run, would be different if I weren’t loving running right now.

Second runfession…I never understood the appeal of Smart Wool. Even before I was running, I was given a pair as a gift and they’re still in their packaging. I’m not a sweater wearer, and didn’t understand the appeal of them on my feet. I think you can see where this is going, especially if you saw my snow pics on Instagram.

My wonderful Elf gave me a pair of Balega Natural Fiber Performance and I opted to try those knowing Thursday would be a slush fest en route to the less-trafficked park and… many puddles later my feet were warm, dry and I ordered three more pairs. Yes, a chunk of my holiday shopping has been for me, myself and I, why do you ask… ;-D

It really is all about the clothes, not the weather.


now I just need to find my missing Yaktrax

Despite my comment about the Grinch last week, it kind of caught me by surprise that Christmas is less than a week away. Ooops. Like everything else this year it feels anticlimactic. Merry Christmas to those celebrating in whatever form it looks like this year.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

life is too short to be boring
  • planned missed Monday due to running Saturday and Sunday. Complete soaker of a day so the choice was a wise one. Some nice mail in hand-made masks I’d ordered arrived. Bottom right ended up accidentally on brand for the week.
seen on evening walk
well it’s 2020 so you never know!
  • Tuesday: late start, but I wanted to run because I knew I had another marathon day of meetings so I got in a quick southern loop. Wonder now if this tree still has any leaves. Schedule worked too to take a short walk after work to do some errands. Nice to see my neighborhood get in the spirit, and of course laugh at this PT sign. With so many of us in PT this year it was just fitting.
good morning world!
snow kissed
  • Wednesday: sleep? What’s sleep? had about two hours and took advantage of that for a sunrise walk before Winter Storm Gail arrived. My insomnia hasn’t been as bad as others of late, but when it’s there, it’s THERE. Luckily the day wasn’t too heavy and I was able to duck out after some meetings to take in the first snow.
5’2 meets Mr. Plow’s drifts
forever gorgeous
  • Thursday: SNOW DAY! Well, no, we’re working from home, but I’d already requested the day as PTO so it was a snow day for me. I waited for it to mostly stop snowing and then I went out to have some fun. A run? Sort of? Really just enjoyed every second of playing in the snow.  My feet weren’t an issue at all and wearing leggings, Cuddl Dudds base layer and my new Brooks ugly sweater (last year’s was more fun), I was fine. I really think the difference is getting out the door and running, v. standing around and waiting for a race to start. Yep, I still don’t particularly miss races. I briefly contemplated the NYRR Founders Run celebrating Ted Corbitt & Fred Lebow, but it’s in Brooklyn and I’m not yet taking subways. I still don’t see myself going out in a soaking rain, but we’ll see how the winter shakes out.
it’s christmas time… in my kitchen
  • Friday: off, errands and a book. Nothing exciting, exactly what I wanted in a day off.
spotted cross training for Christmas Eve
  • Saturday: after Thursday’s fun I was eager to get back out and play in the snow again. My route was all over the place as I ran on road (clear, boring), the bridle path (snowy, but not packed), reservoir (well packed, thanks skiiers!) and great lawn (mostly clear) taking in a gorgeous Saturday in the park. My quads were feeling it in the muscles required to stay upright, but I think my PT has paid off as I never really felt unsteady. I had no plan as I’m still not really training, but 6 ish felt good so 6 ish it was. Unlike last week I wasn’t willing to stay out after dark due to the ice.
  • Sunday: errands. Maybe a walk. Football.

nine months, I could have had a baby!

today marks nine months working from home. Our office announced it on Wednesday, March 11 and we had a transition day on the 12th to gather what we’d need “for a week” before starting to work from home on Friday the 13th. I quit tracking the weeks when I ran out of fingers, and nine months kind of snuck up on me.  Time is a ridiculous mess in 2020, but it’s ridiculous to think I could have gone through an entire pregnancy in work from home time.

I’m generally happy working from home and glad to be safer than in an open plan office. The new desktop made my life so much easier (as did some other purchases) and the Instant Pot has made lunches manageable. The floor lamp and general natural light is much better than fluorescents, and I’m not as drained after being “on” all day, but I miss my colleagues. It’s going to be weird when we all see each other for the first time in probably a year by the time we’re back.


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. No, I did not watch the live action Grinch that aired this week. It looked creepy when I saw the ads during the Minions special a few weeks ago. 41 going on 5, why do you ask?

2020 has been weird in so many ways. I’m personally chuckling that it might have made me a little less grinchy. I don’t think I’m actually a Grinch (and I think The Grinch is more misunderstood), but I never really got into the holiday mania. Sure, I’m usually the reason there’s penguin and a reindeer in mom’s nativity, but going gaga for Christmas? Not me. I even contemplated getting a tree that wasn’t a Charlie Brown Twig. Oh 2020.

My accidental theme for this week, the old cheer 2…4…6…8, who do we appreciate, for reasons you’ll see below.

In non Grinchy news, Jenn, Darlene and I ran a 5K “together”

Seasons of Light. Photo (c) Jenn

I mentioned this race earlier this fall but then promptly forgot about it (and didn’t do Ted due to quarantine :() but when Jenn messaged that she thought she’d do it Tuesday, I decided to as well. Would have loved to be festive in my Brooks shirt, but it was insanely cold and can’t layer in that, so warm it was. First flurries of the year and nice to be back on my riverside path even though there was no sunrise to be seen. I’m still not a huge virtual race person but I really love the post-race hijinks we’ve gotten up to for Freihofer and Bix7 and what Liz and I did to commemorate our run together two years prior. I look forward to continuing those shenanigans in 2021.


I joined the short hair club again. I really, really wanted to be done with the dyed brown and while we couldn’t accomplish that all in this cut, it’s so much less. And lighter! Head-on pic to come when I get one that isn’t wind-blown. Grateful for an outdoor haircut as I’m not sure I’m ready to go indoors yet.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

  • I didn’t run on Monday, but I never planned to, so I didn’t miss it in that sense. Nice morning walk to the Met Museum, reminiscent of early quarantime as that was my routine when I wasn’t running.
  • Tuesday: four miles including the aforementioned 5K.
  • Wednesday: bupkus. Could not get going and didn’t really care.
a return to midtown
  • Thursday: office run group meets midtown holiday lights. I hadn’t been to midtown since March and it was surreal to be only a block from my office. It was nice to see some old favorites and new additions to the holiday lights landscape.
winter sunsets are the best
  • Friday: actually took a lunch break for the aforementioned coffee and then a lovely walk on a mild day to and from the new Target to find my new favorite Peppermint Mocha coffee. Will walk for coffee! My steps are still 95% running, but no judgement on anything this year.
like a painting
  • Saturday: oh what a beautiful runset. I dilly dallyed all day but was absolutely rewarded by this scenic run. Temperatures were a perfect low-mid 50s and legs felt strong. Didn’t really have a plan but 5K felt like five minutes, five miles like 5K and then I randomly heard a young girl doing the 2,4,6,8 cheer and I knew what I was running. Actually slightly more to get home as I finished the run looping the Great Lawn as it was dark and that’s even/better lit than the reservoir. Dinner was sushi for probably the last time this winter and a strong hope they make it through to warmer weather.
Spring in December
  • Sunday: I don’t run two days in a row, especially not morning after afternoon/evening run. I was all set to go out for a walk to enjoy this nearly 60 degree day when I looked at Monday’s forecast (icy rain) and said absolutely not. So shift the off day to Monday and enjoy a four mile riverside run. Legs felt good and I could have run longer, but opted not to push it.

A solid week even though it felt weird to be off my typical Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday routine. Be safe everyone.


November Run Down

do you even drive South if you don’t hit Fort Pedro?

I’m ba-ack.

And no, this isn’t going to be three weeks of run down because I’m lucky I remember on a normal Saturday what I ran on Tuesday.  Some notable moments from my sojourn as I link up with Kim and Deborah: (and no I have no idea why my font changed colors twice).

  • a quick meetup on my drive south. Weird times make those even more wonderful. Maybe on the third time we’ll even remember to take a photo!


trails in Rocky Mount were just gorgeous


  • I ran in three states, North Carolina was new to me and despite being my coldest run yet, was absolutely stunning. I was grateful to Deborah’s RunBet to get in a run before day two of the drive.
post-run jump in the pool fully clothed, as you do.
this is 41. Matching is still overrated


  • I ran 11.23 KM to the beach on my birthday, which was a wonderful first. Also a first, the wear something new on your birthday being a bathing suit.

  • Beach runrises are the best.
“slower than gravy”
runners are the best people. Collage courtesy of Kim.
  • I finally got to wear the shirt I bought for a Turkey Trot I never ran a few years ago. So good to run “with” so many of you.
  • I did not regret rarely looking at my laptop while out of town. Alas this means I’m about three weeks behind reading. EEK.

I was fried. Nothing wrong, just 2020 and I made the decision to just let all the things go for a month. No musts. I realize that came from a place of major privilege and recognize it’s not an option for everyone. I am grateful it was one for me and I am feeling recharged.

I ran 80.59 miles in November. Yes, I looked at the mileage for the last day so I didn’t end up short.

for the year:

  • 4,322,681 steps
  • 1918.41 miles run/walked
  • 710.24 miles run

I’d like a 90 mile month to hit 800 on the year, but that is unlikely with post-travel quarantine restrictions, so 750 is just fine. Wherever I end up, I’m thrilled given the IT Band issues the first half of the year… and 2020.

*HUGS* too all who need and here’s to a strong month before we kick 2020 to the curb.