nine months, I could have had a baby!

today marks nine months working from home. Our office announced it on Wednesday, March 11 and we had a transition day on the 12th to gather what we’d need “for a week” before starting to work from home on Friday the 13th. I quit tracking the weeks when I ran out of fingers, and nine months kind of snuck up on me.  Time is a ridiculous mess in 2020, but it’s ridiculous to think I could have gone through an entire pregnancy in work from home time.

I’m generally happy working from home and glad to be safer than in an open plan office. The new desktop made my life so much easier (as did some other purchases) and the Instant Pot has made lunches manageable. The floor lamp and general natural light is much better than fluorescents, and I’m not as drained after being “on” all day, but I miss my colleagues. It’s going to be weird when we all see each other for the first time in probably a year by the time we’re back.


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch. No, I did not watch the live action Grinch that aired this week. It looked creepy when I saw the ads during the Minions special a few weeks ago. 41 going on 5, why do you ask?

2020 has been weird in so many ways. I’m personally chuckling that it might have made me a little less grinchy. I don’t think I’m actually a Grinch (and I think The Grinch is more misunderstood), but I never really got into the holiday mania. Sure, I’m usually the reason there’s penguin and a reindeer in mom’s nativity, but going gaga for Christmas? Not me. I even contemplated getting a tree that wasn’t a Charlie Brown Twig. Oh 2020.

My accidental theme for this week, the old cheer 2…4…6…8, who do we appreciate, for reasons you’ll see below.

In non Grinchy news, Jenn, Darlene and I ran a 5K “together”

Seasons of Light. Photo (c) Jenn

I mentioned this race earlier this fall but then promptly forgot about it (and didn’t do Ted due to quarantine :() but when Jenn messaged that she thought she’d do it Tuesday, I decided to as well. Would have loved to be festive in my Brooks shirt, but it was insanely cold and can’t layer in that, so warm it was. First flurries of the year and nice to be back on my riverside path even though there was no sunrise to be seen. I’m still not a huge virtual race person but I really love the post-race hijinks we’ve gotten up to for Freihofer and Bix7 and what Liz and I did to commemorate our run together two years prior. I look forward to continuing those shenanigans in 2021.


I joined the short hair club again. I really, really wanted to be done with the dyed brown and while we couldn’t accomplish that all in this cut, it’s so much less. And lighter! Head-on pic to come when I get one that isn’t wind-blown. Grateful for an outdoor haircut as I’m not sure I’m ready to go indoors yet.

Weekly run down with Deborah and Kim:

  • I didn’t run on Monday, but I never planned to, so I didn’t miss it in that sense. Nice morning walk to the Met Museum, reminiscent of early quarantime as that was my routine when I wasn’t running.
  • Tuesday: four miles including the aforementioned 5K.
  • Wednesday: bupkus. Could not get going and didn’t really care.
a return to midtown
  • Thursday: office run group meets midtown holiday lights. I hadn’t been to midtown since March and it was surreal to be only a block from my office. It was nice to see some old favorites and new additions to the holiday lights landscape.
winter sunsets are the best
  • Friday: actually took a lunch break for the aforementioned coffee and then a lovely walk on a mild day to and from the new Target to find my new favorite Peppermint Mocha coffee. Will walk for coffee! My steps are still 95% running, but no judgement on anything this year.
like a painting
  • Saturday: oh what a beautiful runset. I dilly dallyed all day but was absolutely rewarded by this scenic run. Temperatures were a perfect low-mid 50s and legs felt strong. Didn’t really have a plan but 5K felt like five minutes, five miles like 5K and then I randomly heard a young girl doing the 2,4,6,8 cheer and I knew what I was running. Actually slightly more to get home as I finished the run looping the Great Lawn as it was dark and that’s even/better lit than the reservoir. Dinner was sushi for probably the last time this winter and a strong hope they make it through to warmer weather.
Spring in December
  • Sunday: I don’t run two days in a row, especially not morning after afternoon/evening run. I was all set to go out for a walk to enjoy this nearly 60 degree day when I looked at Monday’s forecast (icy rain) and said absolutely not. So shift the off day to Monday and enjoy a four mile riverside run. Legs felt good and I could have run longer, but opted not to push it.

A solid week even though it felt weird to be off my typical Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday routine. Be safe everyone.


35 thoughts on “nine months, I could have had a baby!”

  • Outside haircut – how cool is that?! Nice one. And looks good. I’m still dealing with my lockdown locks, although my ponytail is getting quite annoying for running in … Love the triple hi-five shot!

    • I had fun with the pig tails this summer, but once this got to be ponytail length again, it had to go. Was pleased to find & support this salon doing safe(r) haircuts.

  • I remember how ridiculous it sounded when my work went from “well, if you’re not comfortable being in the office it’s OK to WFH” to “get out and stay out until June” a day later. They were definitely ahead of the curve!

    • I don’t think we had any go on early WFH, but I was impressed with our leadership making the call ahead of the governor and allowing us to stay home. So important for morale especially as we have the kind of jobs that can be done anywhere.

    • I asked the organizer of the one here to send me a list. If I see any in your general area, I’ll send the link. They’re trainees, but I was fine with that

  • Funny you should mention the 9 months because we are seeing a baby boom at work! I’ve been seeing a lot of newborns the past couple of weeks and we were commenting about the timing, lol!

    Your haircut is adorable! I’d love to stop coloring my hair but I already look so old. You’re much younger than me and you can wear the gray well.

    • Thank you! I’ve been going gray since 15 and my hair has been all the colors, so in addition to Lockdown Locks that everyone was dealing with, it was interesting to see what color my roots came in. I’ll likely end up coloring it again, but figured this gives me where to start from.
      Also, you do not look old

  • I love that you ran virtually with Jenn and Darlene. Such a fun way to still stay connected.

    I can’t believe it’s been 9 months since we all started working from home. Like you, I stopped counting after around 4 months, lol.

    • To quote my nephew a few years ago “But how can you count when you don’t have [enough] fingers”
      These virtual races “with” friends have been life

  • outdoor haircut is a great idea! I’d love an outdoor mani pedi and a massage 🙂 I keep seeing a bunch of babies being born posts. I guess that’s a real thing! Anything we should know?? lol

    • LOL, absolutely not. I make a wonderful aunt, not so much a parent.
      I got an outdoor, emergency pedi in Florida as I thought they’d all close here before I got back and out of quarantine. That didn’t transpire, but it still felt safer than being indoors. Hopefully you can find one there or when you return. BEach massages should totally be a thing

  • I have no routine. I guess that’s good? I’m lucky that I can sort of choose when I run (but not always).

    mmm, sushi. We’ve had it a few times this year, but far less than usual. In fact, right now it’s been weeks since we’ve actually even ordered anything in!

    The sunsets are so pretty. I love watching them (usually from inside).

    • Sushi was a habit between July 2 when they reopened and fall. I hadn’t been in about a month due to travel and quarantine, but it was nice to have one last warm evening. Takeout just isn’t the same as I really love the temperature of freshly made
      Same here re” from inside, especially with them so early

  • Outside haircut! I wish we had that offered here, I would definitely do it! Wow..9 months. I agree about not being as drained from being “on” though Zoom can be draining, particularly now that I’m back to doing zoom for social life too.

    • Yeah, I scheduled a friend zoom for tomorrow before I looked at my calendar. Rookie quarantime mistake. I said to Lisa above, but when I get the list of their partner cities if there’s one near you I’ll send it. I was pleased and would use them again. Not sure how they’d work for highlights or anything though

  • That was a great week! How fun to do another virtual (with the requisite post-run “group” high-5’s). I LOVE your haircut! I have some ideas in the works for a NYD “virtual” blogger thing…stay tuned 😉

  • Great haircut.
    A very solid week.
    Oops. I never did Ted. I had planned to do more miles after the 5k but then I was too cold and walked with Elizabeth instead.

    I had my peppermint to mocha after the race – took me 4 Starbucks before I found one open.

    9 months at home…and no end in sight!

    • I knew Ted wasn’t going to happen once I didn’t do it on Monday before leaving Florida. I tracked down two more boxes of the KCups since Keurig & Bed & Bath were out. Can’t possibly go without.

  • I knew Ted wasn’t going to happen once I didn’t do it on Monday before leaving Florida. I tracked down two more boxes of the KCups since Keurig & Bed & Bath were out. Can’t possibly go without.

  • LOL on what else you could have done during these past 9 months! I kept going in for one more week after the 13th, so I guess I’m not due yet, 😉 Can’t wait to see the rest of your hair — looks great so far. I’m never a Christmas curmudgeon, but I’m a little more into this year than I have been in a while. Also, this is the first December in a while I haven’t had stressful work trips, so I can enjoy the whole month.

    • That’s part of why I thought about getting a tree, I’m actually here for the whole month. Glad you’re able to enjoy it. Congratulations on your impending due date. LOL

  • I cannot believe its been 9 months. Wow! Cute haircut. I will be going for one before the end of the month but have not decided if I want it short or just a trim. My last haircut was in June.

    • mine was September. I really just want to be done with the dye, so hopefully that will be accomplished with the next cut. In the mean time this is one that can grow out without a cut if things shut down again

  • Wow I hadn’t realized it’s been 9 months…

    Your haircut looks great! I love the idea of an outdoor hair cut. I’m due to go this week for a cut but mine will be indoors.

    Fun to do a virtual run with Jenn and Darlene – we need to do what we can to stay connected until we can meet-up for in-person races again!

    • Yes, absolutely. A fun and different way to connect.
      Thanks! 2020 has put lots of new things on our radars. I’ll call an outdoor haircut (and in December too!) a positive one and one I’d be willing to try again.

  • Your hair looks adorable! I just love it!

    It was fun doing that 5K! I’m game any time you mention another one!

    I get really amped up for the holidays. I love decorating, and baking, and cooking, and parties, and and and. Obviously, no parties this year but I am all for the magic. Then again, I also love the grinch. Because he doesn’t people very well. Same, buddy. Same.

    • Thanks! And yes, absolutely. The NYRR ones are free so I never feel bad asking people to have some fun. Baking is the thing I’m missing this year. Mom & I had recently started making sugar cookies again and… BOO. So we decided whenever it’s safe we’re making sugar cookies. She has all the cookie cutters anyway that if it’s say Feb 2 I’m sure she has a groundhog.

      And yes, totally re: Grinch. He can people on his terms as we see at the end. That’s me too. I can’t make myself people, and when someone tries to push it? Nope.

  • Your haircut looks really nice! I need to make an appointment to get highlights, but I’m dragging my feet. Not because of fear of COVID, I just dislike sitting around in a salon any time of the year! I’ve convinced my daughter to trim my hair, because it’s just a straight line cut. Prior to that I talked my husband into doing it! My hair is so thin, it’s an easy task!

    • Thanks! Mine is so many lengths anyway so I could hide an oops.
      It’s amazing how “fast” it is now that I’m no longer coloring mine. That took so long

  • Wow, I missed that it had been nine months since Bill and I started working from home. My last day in the gym and Bill’s last day in the office was March 12th as well.

    Great pics as usual! Thanks for sharing.

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