Peace Out 2020

2021 looking peaceful

and hello 2021, you’re certainly off to a beautiful start.

I’m going to do a fuller look at 2021 goals and 2020 closeout later this week when I celebrate my fourth running anniversary (!!) but short version is here.

I ran 790.67 miles on the year and ran/walked 2072.49. Really proud of both of those. I thought 2021’s 71 books wasn’t enough as it was far from my goal of 100, but it turns out it was an increase of two from 2019 so yay! I love Goodreads’ Year in Books feature. I’m still shooting for 80 in 2021.

Quick post here as I’m really enjoying the screen break this week has provided before the return to work tomorrow.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • as some of you know, and also may have seen on Instagram, I decided to escape the city for a little bit. Like last time I found a way that seems to have been safe. Planned missed this Monday: as a travel day and then setting in. Some walking errands to get settled but overall the start of a wonderful disconnect and much-needed screen break.
  • Tuesday: four+ miles making sure the beach hadn’t run away since I was last here. I landed in a good routine of run or walk in the morning and do some pool running and aquarobics in the afternoon. Much more fun than just stretching and foam rolling.
  • Wednesday:  morning walk, afternoon swim, read and visit with the resident manatees. Not really resident, but resident in the inlet when the water is cold.
christmas “ham” is traditional, is it not?
head start on 2021
  • Thursday: on New Years Eve, you run for Christmas trees. Or at least I do. Really I meant to see this tree on my last visit but didn’t make it, and figured this was my last chance this holiday season. I didn’t quite make sunrise which the sun reminded me is not a smart move.  Definite positive splits and needing to drink a lot on the last mile, but still a fun run.
running has brought some amazing people into my life
  • FriYAY: hello 2021. Kicked off the year with a short/recovery fun run to the beach. Where else would I kick off the year? The clouds allowed for a pseudo sunrise, which was great since the drawbridge kept me from making it to the beach for sunrise.  It was so much fun to participate in this virtual fun run that Kim organized. While we can’t run together, I feel a lot closer to distant runners and am so grateful to all of you. Afternoon featured a four mile round trip walk. What to, you ask? Dairy Queen of course. o:)
  • Saturday: off, other than manatees and reading. 3 books read so far in 2020.
hello my feathered friend
good morning Delray
  • Sunday: Sunday long run Day.  Didn’t have a plan, and only wore the watch for distance. I just set myself on cruise control and went down a path similar to my birthday run as I knew it would give me good distance. The turnaround was a little further than I thought, so I slowed pace to a walk intervals in peak sun, and found a Walgreens to buy Propel.  8.5 felt good.

Plan for the week: mark four years running on Wednesday. With what? I have no idea. USPS making giveaways annoying so we’ll see.

40 thoughts on “Peace Out 2020”

  • Glad you were able to safely get away. Only ocean sunrises beat NYC ones!!
    Congrats on your 4 years. Glad I could be a part of the last 2 and the future ones.
    FT Lauderdale is putting in COVID restrictions but as much I NEED to get some beach time, haven’t decided yet.
    Enjoy your time away…hopefully the snow and ice will NYC.

    • I’m deferring. I don’t feel comfortable with the crowd size and knowing they’re unable to enforce masks. Feels like I’ve known you much longer. So glad we met. xx

      • I agree. I feel like I’ve known you longer. They are capping the race. Still not sure how many?

        I would definitely defer if I had been to Fla twice. You’ve had your fix. Don’t know if I can last all winter up north cooped up in my bedroom. And the hubby will be in Orlando (like last year) playing tennis the same weekend. But he will already have had 2 vaccines. Then again, it won’t be that much fun being all alone. Decisions. Decisions.

        • That makes total sense. It’s more that there’s no sane/safe way to get down here for a weekend and the quarantine just doesn’t make it worth it for a shorter window of time. Perhaps you & your husband can make a longer week of it? Glad his tournament is closer.

  • I’m glad that you were able to find a way to get away from the city safely. A change of scenery is always needed – especially in 2020! It’s currently gloomy and rainy here so keep soaking up that sun!

    • Thank you! I really needed the outdoor time as much as the sun. Little bits of self car. Who knew we’d still be here ten months later?!?

  • It is nice to find ways to escape for a few days. Makes a big difference mentally. Way to finish the year strong with some great mileage. Running and exercise saved me from going insane this year! Have a great week ahead

    • It really makes a huge difference. I waffled back and forth on going, but ultimately decided I’d regret not going more than I’d regret going.
      We need to do all we can to take care of ourselves

  • Glad you are able to get away safely. Holy cow, that’s a lot of walking miles Cari! One of the benefits of being in NYC I guess, you walk everywhere!

    • Yes, definitely. It’s a huge drop off from last year without my commute and errands, but I try to walk when I can’t run (injury or schedule). Oddly I’ve lost my love for just walking. Hoping to find that again in 2021. I’m so used to walking everywhere. I haven’t rented a car here and people think I’m nuts but I’d just rather walk than drive.

  • Such beautiful sunrises (as the snow gently falls here).

    That’s a lot of walking! I really don’t know how many miles I walked last year, since I only randomly tracked it. This year I’m planning to track it again, I think, but I’m always forgetting to start my watch.

    Happy New Year, Cari! I love that you still celebrate your runversary. I really don’t know when mine is.

    • That’s the upside of wearing a fitbit. It keeps all the data and I periodically put it in my spreadsheet. I need to do that more often. I’m not good about wearing the Garmin when I’m not running as I don’t like how it fits.

      Always good to visit with you on text. So glad to know you. I’ve been looking forward to my runversary since I finally got back to pain free running. It’s a fun reason too to look back on the year since I rarely have my year in review done on time for the 1st.

  • Happy happy runniversary! I love that you have counted the years. Now I really want to know when I started so I can count. Who knows about races this year — I have one on the books for May, but that’s it.

  • I totally forgot to mention how cute the Christmas tree pic is 😉 Your NYD pic looks a tad bit warmer than mine LOL Oh well, I’m in Iowa…it’s not supposed to be warm here. Glad you’re enjoying your vacation; I’m sure the manatees are glad to have you there 😉

    • That Christmas Tree, endless silliness. Thank you! Sometimes I think the manatees are wondering who is walking over their heads. Their choice for enjoying the “spa” under the decking

  • Glad you got to escape to somewhere warm! Enjoy your getaway. Congrats on your runversary!
    I also enjoyed that Goodreads data but I don’t set a book goal. Too much pressure! Reading Obama’s book really slowed me down, lol

    • I set a goal and then proceed to get mad at Goodreads for yelling at me when I’m behind. I really shouldn’t, but it has become habit.
      I want to read that, hopefully soon. Dr. Biden’s was a good recent read, thankfully shorter

  • I’d love a beach getaway. I think my son’s new place is still a solid hour from the beach, but it’s closer than we are …. I hope you celebrate your runiversary with a run – or does that go without saying. 😉 I read more books this year than I have in a while, but still less than you. I got stuck in some middling ones that took me weeks to finish.

    • Same re: some middling books. For some stubborn reason I insist on pushing through, but I usually regret it as they’re rarely worth it when I think of how many more books I could have read. Kindle now showing streaks and I broke an 89 week one this spring. Grr.
      Hope you can combine a visit with your son with a beach visit when it’s warmer. Never thought of you being that far, but the eastern coastline is so weird at times.

  • Reading and manatees sounds about perfect! Glad you were able to enjoy a winter escape. I need to start getting my head around ours. Ozzy’s under-the-plan-seat carrier arrived yesterday. This is going to be interesting…

    • Sometimes it’s about the little things. Has Ozzy flown before? I’m glad you may also be able to do one. They’re really necessary and, knock wood, safe if done correctly.

    • Yes, I’m so glad we did that a few times in 2020. Was something I definitely want to carry forward into 2021. One day we’ll get to run together in person

  • That’s a lot of miles AND a lot of books! My daughter in law is an avid reader and hoped to hit 75 this year, but wound up with 71. Still a great accomplishment!

    Congrats on your 4 years of running! I was also late to the game and started only about 7-1/2 years ago. Here’s to many more miles ahead for both of us!

  • I’m so excited for your anniversary! Four years is a huge accomplishment! I can only hope we get to run a race together one of these days.

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