a peloton of manatees

I miss my friends

I don’t have a week of runs to run down since I spent most of the week in post-travel quarantine, so linking up with Deborah and Kim to talk other adventures in fitness.

What do manatees have to do with fitness?

I looked at them and said if they can float, so can I.

Of course it’s not that simple. But I have been trying to learn to float on and off for probably twenty years. I learned to “swim” aka keep my head above water and not drown as a kid, but never properly learned until a friend of a friend who had swam competitively decided to teach us some strokes in high school. I’m decent with the breast stroke but generally revert to doggy paddle. Pool for me = cool off rather than exercise, so that has always been fine, but I always loved how relaxing people looked when they were floating. I’d start, my butt would sink and I’d panic and put my feet down. This time after my water runs and aquarobics I decided if I couldn’t learn to float in a salt-water pool I never would.

It took me most of the two weeks, but I finally fought past the sink/panic and can sort of float. Now let’s see if I remember this the next time I’m near a pool. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be as chill as manatees just hanging out there.

I have to say, pool running, noodle aquarobics were definitely what kept me healthy running the frequency I did in Florida. Glad to have had that bit of cross training

and what kept me sane during quarantine? Marcia’s workouts and the Peloton app. Special thanks to CoCo for being my workout concierge as I figure out the app. My glutes are thrilled with the focused workouts and the dumbbells I got from a neighbor who moved are happy to be put to use. I enjoyed one of Selena’s running classes in the same way I loved Mile High where the music made it easier to pick up the pace.

Full review coming when I play more, but so far so good.

The Runs:

  • Monday: farewell to Delray Beach
  • Friday: shakeout to and from the COVID-19 testing site
  • Sunday: long-ish run TBD

29 thoughts on “a peloton of manatees”

  • Maybe we can learn to float together. I suck at it although I can swim. Most of my lake time is spent in a tube.

    I don’t have enough data but I have done the Peleton runs. I do use them for my bike rides. I have zero exercise equipment and haven’t explored the rest of Peleton. Not sure if I will pay beyond the 2 month trial.

    Glad you were able to escape the dreary NE and enjoy sunrise and sunshine. I’ve enjoyed your IG posts.

    • I preload the runs and then turn off data as soon as I do. It works so far, but not sure about pre loading and then routinely deleting. I have plenty of time luckily. All I really have are the resistance bands from PT and the dumbbells. Nothing fancy.
      I’m game for a floating lesson when we’re next somewhere warm. Glad you enjoyed. I took way too many photos.

    • I really needed some options with my tiny apartment. Even unpacking and swiffering got me only 600 steps. I’m not sure what I’d do if I ever was exposed/ill and needed ten day quarantine

  • The only swimming I do is when I jump out of the boat to get to the waterskis! Not much of a fan of swimming as a workout. It’s all about fun for me.

    I would miss the manatees too.

    • Same. I stop reading long enough to cool off and then get back out. We had a pool for a few years as kids bu t that too was about playing in the water.
      I wish manatees could survive up here. I’d watch them forever

  • floating is a different thing but yes, relaxing. Have you ever been to one of those float tanks? It’s kind of a cool experience! So glad you are loving the Peloton app-so many classes so little time!

    • Never done a float tank, but might put it on the list for after COVID. Thanks for suggestion!
      Luckily this week a lack of time wasn’t an issue for digging into all things Peloton

  • Oh, gosh, that is so interesting. I learned to swim (and float) as a tot, so it comes naturally. I hope to have a chance to float in the ocean this year ….

    I’m glad you’re liking the Peloton app. I’m happy to help when I can. 😉

  • I’m Aquarius. Swimming just comes naturally to me. Like everything, I’m not fast, and I no longer do a “real” crawl, but — if I had access to a pool — I could swim forever.

    Swimming is actually one of my favorite things, and I sorely miss access to a pool. 🙁

    OTOH, I am the only one of my siblings to flunk my lifeguard test. The swimming part, I aced the written test. Probably because I’m the only one that took it in a lake.

  • Speaking of swimming…ugh. I think I know enough to save myself, but it would NOT be pretty. I’d like to do a sprint tri someday, so swimming is gonna have to re-enter my life for that to happen. #goals

    • That’s the same for me. I can keep my head above water and get from A to B, but flailing might be too generous.
      I would only do a duathlon. There is no way I could come to like swimming enough

  • I’m glad that you are liking the Peloton app so far. So many great options to choose from!
    Marcia’s workouts are awesome. I love them because they are quick and super efficient.

    • Super quick and efficient and I feel the muscles so I know they’re workign
      My only quibble with Peloton is it’s hard to know where to start to find stuff. But a good treasure hunt

  • I’ve been thinking about swimming a lot lately. My mom taught us to float but I never learned to really swim beyond a dog paddle until I bit the bullet and trained for a tri. Your time in FL sounds glorious. My plan is to get the Peloton app as soon as we return from our snowbird trip.

    • Go for it. Or even just before if you’re going to have to quarantine to get into the routine before you have to.
      Florida was so restorative. I hope you find the same in yours

  • It’s so interesting to me to meet adults who struggle with swimming. We had a (n aboveground) pool growing up in NJ, and in Florida, it’s basically required that everyone learns how to swim due to all the ocean, lakes, canals and bodies of water. I even get nervous with the dogs around water, because I am fairly certain that Delilah would sink like a rock.

    I’m glad the manatees have inspired you!

  • I think you would get a lot out of a floatation tank. I used to float a lot when I still lived in Portland (so… ages ago) and it really did wonders for relaxation. And once you have that feeling locked in your memory bank, floating in the pool or lake will just feel second nature! Swimming underwater is a real challenge for me (or I should say swimming properly like the breast stroke) because I can really get a panic attack if I get water in my airways. But floating I can do all day 🙂

    i also really enjoy Marcia’s workouts. I am determined to incorporate them more in my weekly workouts.

    • I feel like it’s our responsibility to do the best we can to prevent the spread. Since I work from home and can easily have groceries delivered, it didn’t feel like a particular hardship. My garbage was ripe by week’s end though as I’d made salmon. Note to self not to for future times.

  • I can’t float…but truth be told I cannot swim either. Almost drowned once as a kid so the fear is real – ironically I love being by the water and I keep saying I’m going to face my fear and take lessons.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying the Peloton app! So many good options! And, you’ve reminded me that I need to get back to Marcia’s YouTube channel!

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