peeking in

the internet is great, social media is wonderful. Both kept us connected through this crazy year. Yet  sometimes you need to disconnect.

and so I did.

but I didn’t get eaten by an alligator

At the time of sitting down to write this “run down” on Saturday night, I hadn’t touched my computer in a week and didn’t really want to. I’m still “fine” in that I’m healthy and working, but the non stop snow on the eve of the one year anniversary? Time for a  mental and physical break. I read a lot this week so didn’t fully break up with electronics. I think I’ve found I’m just a Kindle reader these days.

Didn’t mean to worry anyone by going slightly AWOL. Oops. xx

caught ‘gramming in my favorite spot

Some highlights from the last couple of weeks in a semi linkup with Deborah and Kim:

  • I do love winter and winter running, but even I had enough of the grey skies and penguining that was necessary to get outdoors after more non-stop snow. I did get back on the Never Miss a Monday train, which helped a lot with routine even just to get outside around the snow and ice.
  • Lucky enough to run into friends in the Park, including the photo above before I saw Elizabeth. Human contact is essential and I truly believe we’re not meant to be indoors.
  • cannot believe I stuck with the enCore28 challenge. I had to modify the last week due to a lack of weights access (and a few other random days for skill level), but I’d call it done. It was fun, but glad to move on to other body parts. I will definitely re-visit some of Matty’s classes later to see if I find the moves easier. I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to do plank reaches though
variations on birds’ life
runners not running files
a flotilla of running buddies
  • the geese were fun to watch in Central Park, but they don’t quite compare to the wading birds of the Everglades or the random ones you find crossing the streets in south Florida.  On rest days, or afternoons where it was too hot to be active, it was so good to be able to be outside. Vitamin F as in Fresh Air is even more key than Vitamin Sea. Beachfession: while I run to the beach on most of my run days, I’m not a beach person. Too hot/sandy.
  • I thought I’d come in just under my 75 mile goal due to the weather this month, but I eked it out with some back to back runs. It all adds up. Baby steps toward the yearly goal.

and baby steps back to normal.

Hugs to all that need them.

36 thoughts on “peeking in”

  • It’s great to see your update. Work cut down on my social media time this week — I mostly trolled my Peloton groups for ideas of which classes to take. 😉 I’m going to keep doing daily core, but I’m ready for a break from Matty!

    • I can’t quite break up with Matty, I did an 80s run this morning and he’s the king of those. It was an all Matt* day with Matt Wilpers’ Billy Joel run

  • So agree with the need for human contact. I was not happy during my TEN day quarantine.

    And so happy (even it was a week too late lol) that you got to escape the gray skies and dirty snow for some beach views and warmer temps. The best. Especially going outdoors and not having to put on layers of clothing!!

    Welcome back.

    • Yes, easier to get up and go when there’s no cold, five flights facing me. Sunrise is a good “deadline” to push me out too. Finally got out ahead of it today.

  • I think we’re all taking baby steps back to normal, and that’s not all bad. We’re learning (and practicing) perseverance, right? Although ZOOMing doesn’t equate with in-person, it has been a nice thing to come from this past year. When Debbie and I were FT’ing, on our bonus ride yesterday, we both agreed that was one thing we’d probably never thought of doing prior the 2020 craziness.

    • Oh absolutely. We’d have all been even more out of sorts without Zoom & Facetime. Imagine if this had happened even five years ago? Yay bonus rides.

    • I couldn’t believe how much my screen time decreased even playing (too much) Candy Crush and using my phone for Peloton and as a camera.
      Can you read in the evenings or it keeps your brain too awake to sleeep?

  • Believe me, for the past few weeks I’ve been torn between writing or not writing my “Hi . I ran. Bye” posts. I totally reserve the right to skip any time that I want to. My kindle is the one electronic that I would never give up.

    • I had the best laid plans of one last week, and then nope. I knew if I skipped this week there’d be none next week. So I feel you wholly on that. Hang in there

    • It is my favorite link up. Truly.
      I knew I wouldn’t truly miss anything time sensitive. If there was major news, someone would text or otherwise message me. I think in these times especially people are more forgiving of “oops I missed a post”

  • Give me Vitamin Sea! Love the beach. Of course it’s been literally years. I did notice you disappearing & wondered about it — glad you were on vacation.

    I agree with human contact, but not with groups, still — for me. I personally don’t really feel the need to document it with photos, either (getting together with friends, that is). To each their own.

    Love my Kindle. So many books at my fingertips.

    • Only groups I’ve done is my brother/kids and Mom/Bob outdoors. Otherwise it’s mostly duos. I take a lot of photos but go through fits and spurts as to whether I want to post them.
      Ran to three beaches this morning. It’s so good for the soul

    • That’s pretty much where I landed. The week before I was only checking for a friend’s new baby and decided my brain was telling me something.
      Hope you find your mojo

    • I do, thank you!
      Next time I’m down your way I’ll reach out. Didn’t expect the warm temperatures this early.

    • Yes, definitely enjoyed the break. I realized that it’s akin to not needing to be “on” at all times. Messages can wait. And if they couldn’t well.. there was a time they could.
      Thank you!

    • Thanks! The break is helpful if you can do it. I honestly don’t think I missed anything. A friend did have her baby but I think I’d have heard about that via text first anyway

  • I agree, many times we need a break from social media. I’ve been trying to read more too but with a book instead of watching TV. Nothing wrong with using a Kindle but I’d rather just read a book. I am going to start Matty’s enCore28 challenge today. Let’s see how I do!

    • You will kick Matty’s ass, I know it.
      For a long time I was a book person, but now even though I have new readers I still find the Kindle easier.
      Luckily I’m not at all a TV person

  • Oh, the Florida birds! If we could only get some flamingos around here.

    Honestly, the gray hit everyone hard. We had some weeks here that were just awful and dreary and it rocked my world. The sun is back, thank goodness, but I don’t like the non-blue skies.

    Welcome back to our blogging world.

    • when times are normal-ish we need to go to Flamingo World, or one closer to you if there is. So much silly fun.
      I think winter hit everyone this year, especially the grey skies. It reflected all of our uncertainties about this world

  • Good to read your update and hear that all is well! A break from social and blogging is nice. I didn’t do a recap last week, I had a small medical procedure and wasn’t running much. But still checking in on everyone 🙂

    • Hope you are OK or will be soon. I noticed no post when I went to get a head start on this week’s and link to manatees virtual, so I’ll link to your insta. Fitting as that’s where I saw it.

  • I’ve been scaling back on social and have thought about taking a break. So glad you had a chance to unplug for a bit.

    Yay for making it through encore28! I’m hoping to keep the core work going, but I think I’m ready to mix in some other instructors.

    • I like that the March one says “Matty and friends” so hoping there’s some instructor variety. I’m committing to that for this week but then we’ll see.
      Interesting how many of us are scaling back

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