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on the eve of a year of covid19, I think I’m the last person to post about virtual races. Between rehabbing the IT band last spring and a lack of interest, I didn’t really do many virtual races or the distance challenges, and I didn’t do the one I thought I would definitely do. That changed in a week. On my calendar:

For a cause:

    • 9/11 Memorial & Museum Nationwide Run/Walk, I do this almost every year and with it being the 20th anniversary I couldn’t not take advantage of a virtual opportunity. They’re trying to get folks across the country to run/walk a cumulative 20,000 miles in honor of the anniversary. Totally free. Anyone want to join me? Team name is: NYC & Company (for work) but we’re happy to have any and all friends & family. April 25
    • NO MORE’s Virtual 5K to End Domestic Violence.  No surprise here, I have fundraised for Joyful Heart throughout my running journey and their work has never been more important.  Doing this “with” some friends in Florida and Mississippi next Saturday as the culmination of No More Week.

    Just for Fun:

    I mean they’re really all just for fun as I don’t race virtual races, but I do see a difference between the fun ones and the ones for a cause. I have no idea when my first in-person race will be and don’t anticipate falling into more virtual ones, but March is going to be busy. I kind of like that as a distraction from the world.

    One  major upside to working from home? I really notice the change in daylight. I have excellent southern exposure and my desk chair faces that living room window. I usually wrap my work day by 6ish and don’t need to turn on the lamp now. Evening walks here I come!

    This week in Peloton? Spending quarantine with Matty. I’m not sure I’m going to do the entirety of March Maggic, but I did say I wanted to move forward from solely focusing on core to bring in other body parts, and here came a challenge delivering on that. It came in perfect time with my return flight as I’m not very good yet at choosing my own strength workouts so gave me structure to the four day NYS quarantine.

    I don’t know if it’s a factor of the strength training or just a polite scale, but I’ve noticed over the last two months that I don’t have as much weight fluctuation as I normally do. I don’t think I’m eating that much less salt, especially with soy sauce my favorite salmon condiment. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

  • Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:
        • never miss a Monday: especially when it’s the first day of a new month. 6 miles to say goodbye to the three Delray beaches I run to most often. I’d just missed sunrise most mornings but I was determined on my last day and some low clouds helped make for a gorgeous run. Even though it was my third day running in a row, I felt strong.
    happy fridge!


        • Tuesday: I didn’t have time post-run or post-flight Monday so I stacked Monday and Tuesday’s March Maggic workouts on Tuesday evening. Ssh, don’t tell the Peloton police on me 😀 After talking about Stack when it first launched, I never actually did it since I couldn’t make it work while outdoors, but it works perfectly for strength training. I scheduled a Stop & Shop order for Tuesday morning and my fridge is very full and happy.
        • Wednesday: know what happens when you do back to back strength workouts? You’re sore! Didn’t put me off from a chest and back workout. It’s crazy how some 20s feel shorter than evil 10m classes. I’m modifying these as I don’t have heavy weights, but I feel like I’m still getting the benefit.
        • Thursday: Facebook memories are getting weird, but this was a good one from four years ago. I was so excited to graduate the Runkeeper version of Couch to 5K that I even wrote about it. Spoiler: four years later I’m still trying to figure out what speed I’m capable of. March 4, 2021 was dedicated to a full body workout with my BFF Matty. Plank rows are the Dead Bug of 2021 but I’ll get there… eventually!
        • Friday: day to test out of quarantine and of course I woke to a ten degree wind chill. It was so nice to be outside after three days in my apartment that I didn’t even really mind, although the head wind wasn’t fun. Miley Cyrus for an evil 20m Core class to cap off the first week of the March challenge.
    geese can’t read
    so dogs do their job
        • Saturday: sprung from quarantine and had an all Rebecca Kennedy day: 45m rock run, 30m 90s run, 10m lower body strength, 5m hips stretch, 5m active recovery: feet, 5m active recovery shins. I’m trying to diversify from all Matty all the time and figure this was a fun way to kick off  Women’s History Month. I love her foot stretch, and the hips one was nice after way too much sitting this week after an active week. She also made for an excellent sound track for a 7ish (dumb Garmin strikes again) mile run around Central Park. No place like home! About that happy fridge from Tuesday? I *still* had leftovers and so I made dinner. I never make dinner on Saturdays. It’s usually sushi but occasionally pizza. I was cozy after an epsom salt soak and didn’t want to go out for pizza. Was too cold to want to sit outside when I wasn’t feeling sushi.
        • Sunday: um hi DOMS from Rebecca’s squatapalooza. When I woke up I couldn’t figure out why I was sore as 7 miles isn’t an increase and I didn’t do the hills. Oh right, all the squats. Going for a walk, pedi and to get my Apple Watch. Yes, finally made the jump. I know it isn’t a perfect Garmin replacement but I needed to replace the Fitbit anyway and I think this is going to work for me. It sounds like it will do almost everything I “need”. If I ever get to a place where I need minute details on splits, I can get a running watch, but I think this will be fine. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t care about that in marathon training I probably never will.


  • Haven’t posted plans for the week for much of the last year, but with the weather showing some signs of spring I’m looking forward to getting out for walks. That was a huge Florida upside, just being comfortable outdoors. Maybe I’ll even be able to read outside one day soon. Hang in there all.


31 thoughts on “Forward March”

  • Can’t wait to hear what you think of the Apple watch!

    You’ve got some good virtual lined up – I’m interested in the 9/11 memorial one. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years.

    I’ll be dabbling in March Maggic too – Matty’s hard to break up with LOL!

    • Matty is addicting and I’m so glad you posted about his challenge as I didn’t follow him on Insta yet then.
      20 years is an odd feeling, it feels both longer and shorter. Let me know if you end up able to do it.

  • I love that Matty has been putting out monthly challenges lately. He personally is so infectious, I just love him.

    Those virtual races sound great. I have a little virtual are burnout but I’ll still participate in any that benefit charities. At least that way I can use my miles for good.

    • Miles for good is it exactly. I don’t want to pay to run my usual route without a good reason.
      He really is, and I think that’s why I can deal with his chatter. He’s almost like a silly friend.

  • Matty has been entertaining me as well lately, I move around the days to fit better with my running schedule though. The peloton runs are the one feature of the app I don’t do. Love your virtual line up. Thanks for linking and have a great week ahead

    • I happened to be so bored with my iPod playlist when I first tried Peloton so it was nice to have new music to run to even if I go back to my favorites many times. Especially on MOndays it’s nice to have fun “new” music.

  • Ive had an Apple Watch for years. Love it…esp to answer texts by voice and not have to look for my phone.

    But I sometimes use it for running (I have all kinds of apps on it) but haven’t replaced my Garmin with it.

    Glad you hear that you’re out of quarantine. Beach view runs are the best. 2nd best are runs in NYC.

    I’ll run 3.14 with you sometime tomorrow. I have a real race next Sat.

    • I haven’t figured out how to send after dictating a text answer. When you come into town for VanGogh you can teach me how to use it if your schedule allows.

  • I love having you as a Pelo-partner-in-crime. 🙂 With my injuries, I avoided bodyweight classes because I know many have push-ups and burpees and such that I couldn’t do, so I did strength workouts without the weights and can confirm that they are challenging enough even at that level!

    Re daylight, what I am noticing is that when I come upstairs @ 6 pm, it’s still light out. When I was at my office springing forward messed me up because I was used to working until it was almost dark and would stay late by mistake!

    • right back at you. It’s so much fun!
      My no burpees/squat jumps excuse is I don’t want my downstairs neighbor to hate me. I recently heard they may be moving so um.. o:)
      I ran late yesterday and couldn’t believe it was light after six. Good to have the Park as an evening option again. When I’m at the office I have no window within my line of sight nor on my exit route, so frequently surprised when I walk out and it’s light/dark when I don’t expect it.

  • Once it’s comfortable enough to hang out outside that’s going to be a game changer. We can have family dinners with my SIL’s again. I’ll be able to work in my “Friday office” (the backyard). I’m over the moon that the ice is gone so that I can run outside again and it’s going to be just that much better. And hey, the vaccine supply in my state is going up and they’re working on setting up mass vaccination centers so it can’t be that much longer.

    • Woohoo, hope you can be vaccinated soon. My spring office is my fire escape and I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my laptop for that reason. I may take a few days at my mom’s either before or after they come back (they’re now vaccinated) and work from her back yard or porch.

  • Were you back in Florida? You really have the best of both worlds! Let us know how you like the Apple watch- my husband has been talking about getting one.
    Have a great week!

    • I was briefly. Hoping we can meet up on a future visit. Will be easier now that NYS has dropped the quarantine regs
      So far so good with the Apple watch

  • It was a severe lower body DOMS week for me as well. Enjoy that Apple watch! I’ve been waiting until we got back from FL to try the Peloton app. Maybe the time is now. Have a great week and enjoy the glorious daylight!

    • Sunlight is magic. Glad we both timed our returns to miss the worst of winter and transition into spring. Boo on DOMS.

  • I am definitely looking forward to some warmer days this week!

    I like my Garmin Vivoactive. It’s basically a Garmin GPS + fitbit. Hope you like your Apple Watch!

    I have to try to remember to sign up for the 9/11 run/walk. Perhaps I can even interest Mr. Judy in it.

    • I thought about the Vivoactive, but I never got as into the Garmin ecosystem as you & Jenn. I just used it to dump to Strava.
      I’ll remind you on 9/11. It’s free so I have no shame in doing that. 😀

  • Yay, I’m glad you are doing the Chubby Mermaids run 🙂 A cause I can get behind and cute swag.

    Sounds like a strong kickoff to the month Cari!

  • Shoot! I have to sign up for that 9/11 race! Adding to the list!

    I hope you love your apple watch so much. I’m still very much on the fence about switching, but we will see what happens when my Garmin peaces out.

    I’m glad you will be able to get out for more walks. Honestly, fresh air is what keeps me going these days. I NEED that hour or so just out of my house and at one with nature.

    • Yes yes on fresh air and no screen time other than pictures.
      If my Garmin and Fitbit hadn’t simultaneously decided they were done, I’d probably still be on the fence. I don’t need it, but it fits a need.
      So glad you can do 9/11

  • I am still not on board with virtuals fully but I could get on board with something for a good cause or something that I love. Or something that is a block of time (as I’m currently doing).

    totally understand DOMS situations lately – been like that with my ab workouts, feeling them for dayyyysssss

    I noticed too that it was a year ago that I was having the dilema of do I go to Pilates or not? We were just having the first cases here in NL and I was nervous. I went to class but a week later everything was canceled and we were working from home.

    • Yeah, the virtuals need to have a pull for me. I’m now on the mailing list for the organizer of the manatees one and nope, sorry, not interested in the others.
      When I first started Matty’s core I thought I’d never sneeze without pain!

  • I’m so glad we got to do the Women’s Day run “together” that was so fun! the lighter evenings are great and my morning runs are having to be less hi-viz now …

  • I love Matty for my running classes. Today I took one with Chase and it was pretty good!

    How can it be 20 years since 9/11? Great cause for a race. I just sent you a donation.

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