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By | April 11, 2021

ETA: Commenting is back. Live post from this week is here. Grateful for the backup, but glad to be back here.

running? No, that was four in January.

Three years blogging with all of you after I “met” Coco in the comments of my Cherry Blossom 10M recap. Fitting because a theme of this post is cherry blossoms, as might expect if you follow me on Instagram. So glad to know all of you.

There were almost no photos since WordPress had a moment this week, but I think it’s back online.

March was a decent reading month.

A huge change from a year ago is my ability to read non fiction. I was barely reading anything last year at this time, and definitely not non fiction. Grateful for a slightly saner world to allow me one of my favorite activities.

another week err, two weeks where I’m looking at my Strava and photos. I skipped some days entirely where there was absolutely nothing worth saying. Short version: lots of running, and the daily strength classes continue, although I ended up doing way more Becs than I imagined. Linking up with Deborah and Kim for a pass at two week run down:

Week of March 29:

tired, but happy

pretty medal

  • never miss a Monday: I finally did the Save the Chubby Mermaids 10K. There was a whole lot of do not wanna on this run, including a struggle getting out the door (thanks Jenn for the nudge!), and I almost called it good at five, but then decided I needed to finish. Running is such a mental game. The southern end of the Lake is finally finished, trail wise and it was nice to off road for a bit and have some new/old views. The Boathouse reopened at the end of March and I hadn’t realized how much I missed seeing the boaters out last year.


  • Tuesday: caught ‘gramming when I met Elizabeth for a birthday walk in the park. The western side of the reservoir was so far ahead of the rest of the park, it was almost comical. But I enjoyed every pink petal!

palm tree laying down on the job

always fun to see a well-stocked Little Free Library

and make sugar cookies

  • Saturday: I’d thought it would be too hot to run while visiting for the weekend, but winter came back for a minute and it was a glorious morning for an eight mile loop to the beach and a dessert of sugar cookies. They spread a lot in the oven and ended up being easter manatees, but they were delicious.

what a glorious morning

in my easter bonnet

all the easter pies!

  • Sunday: never ran to the beach on Easter, so I guess I had to run two days in a row. Quiet easter lunch with so much food! It wasn’t quite normal since easter at my aunt’s is normally huge, but it was so nice to be with mom & Bob for a holiday.

Week of April 5


sometimes evening runs are better

  • beautiful Tuesday: schedule wise I couldn’t run in the morning so I hit Central Park after work or a loop. Is there anything better than sun-kissed cherry blossoms? The whole loop was gorgeous and made for an “easy” run with that scenery.

“I Want To Fly to the Universe” Yayoi Kusama, 2020.

  • Wednesday: no running, but definitely the highlight of the week with a preview of Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. Not saying it in the sense of “oh no, your pictures are great”, but seriously the photos do not do it justice due to the pieces’ size. This show is magic and I like it better than some of Kusama’s infinity rooms, which I also enjoyed. A beautiful day for my office to be the garden.

sometimes solo is better

  • Thursday: run group was TBD due to one person’s second COVID shot. I ended up running solo and that was OK since it meant a slightly different loop around the south end of the Turtle Pond to check out the blossoms there. I always joke that in spring no one really wants to run with me since I’m way more interested in photos than pace, and I wouldn’t change a thing about that.

just hangin’ around

  • Friday: wasn’t originally a run day, but Elizabeth asked if I’d be in the park and I know I’ll miss these mornings when we go back to the office, so we got in some miles and some fun shadow puppetting.

all about the blossoms

  • Saturday: have been long runs lately, but I knew a third day of running just wasn’t going to be about any distance. I had been wanting to do Roosevelt Island’s cherry blossoms for a while but wasn’t feeling either bridge (or eight miles), so I “cheated”. I took the ferry to Astoria and ran from there onto and mostly around Roosevelt Island checking out their (stunning) trees. Similar to the weird bloom patterns in Central Park, some trees were in peak and adjacent ones were barren. Was wonderful to run somewhere different and rock my blossom accessories. I actually realized when Elizabeth took the photo of me last week how crazy it was that I didn’t have a cherry blossom mask. Thanks Etsy! I am so grateful to have a ferry connection to Roosevelt Island as it’s way faster and prettier than even the tram.
  • Sunday: it’s pouring. I’m not sure if I’m even getting dressed. Legs are a (good) sore after three days running so might go for a short walk if there’s a break.

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