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By | April 25, 2021

So glad so many were able to “join” me in the 9/11 Virtual 5K. In honor of the twentieth anniversary, the museum is remembering and celebrating the 9/12 spirit when the world came together. Throughout these last couple of years, I’ve really missed that and I’m hoping we can remember how to get back to that. While the in person run isn’t a race due to the course, it’s always a fun day and I look forward to coming together again in person hopefully for next year.

Does the Chauvin verdict allow us to hope for change? Personally my take over the last year is that there’s not going to be one leap but lots of baby steps (hopefully) forward.  Society, public health, human decency. A girl can dream, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Before I get to this week, a step back to last Sunday’s cooking class.

Cari Cooks!

No, that old tumblr is in no danger of coming back (and is Tumblr even still a thing?), but last Sunday was fun. The wine was not in the recipe, and apparently you’re supposed to drink red with spaghetti carbonara, but I a) don’t like red and b) don’t care. I am usually very good at making glue, but this was delicious and easy. The original frying pan was a mistake, but I recovered and had a delicious lunch. I actually liked it so much that I bought the ingredients to make it again sometime soon.

In perfect pairing with that was Go Ask Ali’s Our Bodies Are Instruments episode which was a very frank discussion about the objectification of women inherent in beauty standards. Tenet: Your body is an instrument, not an ornament. According to society, women should look a certain way to be attractive to men (always men) or to be ready to hold and feed a baby, but what about what we want? Why have we been socialized out of playing in the sand in bathing suits? Good food for thought. Her guests have a book, More Than a Body which I’m very eager to read.

It was amazing not to need to go grocery shopping this week since I had: spaghetti carbonara leftovers (even though I halved the recipe), broccoli and macaroni, and chicken cutlets. I love my salmon and udon, but sometimes we need some variety.

stepping out!

The move to the Apple Watch has been great for facilitating the move away from stressing out over steps, which was gradually happening over the last year. But I still participate in challenges and needed to log in to accept a friend request. Bonkers to see just how far I’ve walked in seven + years. The floors isn’t accurate as I haven’t consistently had a fitbit that tracks them. I wonder what on earth I was doing on September 7, 2015!

What I also really like about the Apple Watch is it reminds me that I don’t need steps to have a true workout. The exercise ring is in some ways more meaningful, although I’m not sure my Peloton stretch classes are exercises any more than my sleeepy meanders for coffee.

In non-exercise news, did anyone else watch the ER Reunion on Stars in the House?  I watched the first hour live and the rest over two days because they went on for two hours. It’s like the cast hasn’t been apart at all. So much fun.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

  • never miss a Monday: not quite up with the sun, but a beautiful sun-kissed warm river morning got the week off right. A side dish of Matty Maggiacomo and a wonderful 90s playlist helped too.

reflections on the past year

so lucky to have discovered this

  • Tuesday: a semi-planned off day after my second shot. I could run after my first, but I was very groggy this time and opted just to go for a walk after work. Motion is lotion and it helped, although plod was a much more accurate description of my movement. I am truly grateful to have “found” the Great Lawn as an oasis in this upside down world.

good morning world

  • Wednesday: feeling better and wanted to get out ahead of the rain so did a short three mile shakeout. It felt good although the arm was still sore.


  • Thursday: with the rain on Wednesday came 27 degree wind chills. Absolutely not. I was up before my alarm, a sure sign that my body was mostly recovered from vaccine side effects and I finally got to do the Wicked 30m strength training on Peloton. Never done a 30m class before and that was fun. Can you not have fun with showtunes? After work it warmed up a little and we got out for the Office Run Group loop, which was nice. Of course, do you think we remembered to take a picture for the 9/11 5K? Of course not. That would have been way too easy.

always a favorite, (c) Jason Naylor

  • Friday: this mural always makes me smile. The elements have faded it some, but the sentiment never will. Nice walk to meet some friends for an outdoor dinner.

I museum therefore I am

Peter Pan and the tulips

  • Saturday: the Frick opened in the former Whitney Museum space in mid-March and I hadn’t made it there yet due to schedule, but I was so happy to have a ticket for Saturday morning. It’s wonderful to see their amazing collection (typically housed in the Frick Mansion, currently under renovations) in a relatively neutral space where the pieces could stand out vs. competing with the beautiful architectural details. Plus my absolute favorite work of art was on view. Was able to meet up with a colleague I hadn’t seen since last March in their outdoor cafe and it felt almost normal. The un-wanted side of normal? Sitting outdoors without a mask and eating, oh allergy-driven sinus headache.  I then looked at the weather for Sunday and decided to pre-emptively run the 5K in case it was a soaker. The tulips made up for the weather driven headache.

Honor 911

  • Sunday: shocker, the weather wasn’t the soaker it was meant to be and I’ll probably get out. In the mean time, here’s the photo from yesterday’s run with a collage with all of you to come. I had a red shirt, but blue felt right given the color of Tribute in Light and with that decision, could I wear anything but my beloved first race shirt? Absolutely not. It was probably the first of the virtual races where I ran the actual distance v. whatever else I felt like. The virtual race version of adulting?

27 thoughts on “a sense of community

  1. Kim G

    I’m happy that you’re loving your new Apple watch! I’ve had mine for a year and I agree with you that it definitely took the focus off of steps for me. Instead I focus more on getting in some type of movement every hour and I pay attention to my daily move goal as well.

    So sorry that I couldn’t join in the memorial run today but so happy that so many other bloggers were able to participate!

    1. cari Post author

      No worries, I’m just so glad to see you back. You were definitely there in spirit.
      The shift in thinking has been an unexpected and most welcome benefit to the Apple watch. I’m sure rings will be their own kind of addicting once I figure out the stand one. Right now I dropped it lower to get it to quit yelling at me. Welcome back. xx

  2. Kimberly Hatting

    Thanks for the heads-up on the 9/11 memorial run! I’m a sucker for tribute runs, and 9/11 is more than worthy of a few miles (in my opinion). That mural is SO striking…the colors and the message 😉

    1. cari Post author

      Seriously. And I hope they keep the virtual around as I always hate to miss it if I’m out of town. It just feels like something we should all pause and remember.
      I’m going to look for one of my mural pics when it was first installed. The colors were eye catching and I’m so glad it’s held up relatively well against the weather and pollution. It’s right by the 59th Street Bridge

  3. Deborah Brooks

    That’s great that you love the apple watch. I tried it a few years back and did not love it but I know they have made some major updates. Glad to hear the cooking class went well! Thanks for the heads up on the 9-11 run nice to know our miles can count for something good

    1. cari Post author

      Counting for something good is so well said. I was so glad to read that the museum hit the goal of 20K miles run/walked. Was something so small that we could all easily do.
      I don’t know if I would have loved the apple watch as much a few years ago either. I had no interest, but then I had a Garmin that I also didn’t love. When that died I decided why not try the Apple Watch since I’m Apple everything else and so far so good.

  4. Jenny

    Oh, I want to listen to that podcast! Just when I feel like I’ve moved on from that phase of my life, I have a twelve-year-old daughter so I feel like I’m living it all over again.
    My son just got an Apple watch, and can’t stop telling me how great it is. He loves how it wakes him up gently, wishes him a “good morning,” tells him how many hours he’s slept, and then tells him what the weather is. Among a zillion other things of course.
    Yay for your second shot! You’re done! I get mine this week.

    1. cari Post author

      Woohoo on being so close to fully vaccinated.
      ALi Wentworth has teen daughters and that was exactly her premise. She has moved beyond needing to look a certain way to be “attractive” but her daughters are just entering into that phase. I would have liked the podcast to be a little longer, so going to look for the authors on another while I wait for their book from the library.

  5. Jessie

    I’m glad you’re loving your Apple watch! To be perfectly honest, I haven’t put mine on for most of the pandemic. I just wear my Garmin all the time… Not sure why really. Such a waste, I know!

    The cooking class sounds awesome! You don’t like ANY reds? I love them all, ha!

    Great week, love all the artwork!

    1. cari Post author

      I’m not much of a wine drinker at all. In order of preference it’s rosé, white and red if I’m in a scenario where I can’t say no. White feels lighter to me.
      I only ever wore my Garmin on runs as I didn’t love it, so wearing my “fitness watch” all the time has been a fun switch. I’m enjoying the fun bands until we have to go back to the office

  6. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Running was not an option for me after my second vaccine. Walking barely was. I’m still tired, but the really bad side effects only lasted a day, thankfully, and the weather was relatively crummy anyway. So weird how random it all is.

    Gotta ask — why is a 9/11 memorial race in April? That kinda had me stumped.

    All the yummy food (that was something else I couldn’t do for a couple of days post vaccine). The appetite is back though!

    Sounds like you’re doing well, Cari, and nice that you’re having more social interaction again.

    1. cari Post author

      Bizarrely, my appetite has been off the charts since my second shot. I have no idea where that came from. Glad you’re on the mend. Tuesday was generously called a walk.

      When Congress declared 9/11 a Day of Service in 2009, the resolution (law? bill?) was passed in April. By that time, there were a number of races honoring 911 that fell in September/on the anniversary. In addition to not wanting to compete with them, the museum is also usually slammed for the anniversary commemorations, so they went with April. It also allows them to integrate the February 1993 bombing which has become part of their mission too.

  7. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    Yum! I need to make spag carbonara some night since I know that everyone in my family would like it. It’s been forever since I’ve had it. I totally agree with throwing out the red/white rules.

    1. cari Post author

      I’ve said often that (non safety) rules are for boring people

  8. Zenaida Arroyo

    I’ve never had spaghetti carbonara but it looks yummy! I was a huge ER fan and did not know about Thursday’s event. I looked it up and it is available on Hulu. 🙂 I know I’ve said this before but 20 years since 9/11? Simply WOW!!

    1. cari Post author

      Thank you so much for supporting the race.
      ER on Hulu was a wonderful distraction du ring this past year. Lovely to skip around to favorite episodes. Watch the reunion when you get the chance. It was fun & Julianna’s book comes out Tuesday

  9. Darlene S. Cardillo

    Nice chatting with you today.

    How did I miss the ER reunion?

    Glad you were able to be active in spite of the vaccine.

    I agree about the Fitbit and step obsession. I find the Apple Watch so convenient.

    1. cari Post author

      it’s so convenient and I’m always finding that it does new things.

  10. Michelle D.

    Your cooking class sounds like fun!

    It’s great to hear that you’re loving your Apple watch – I continue to waver on whether to get one. My Garmin has not been coopering – do you think it makes a good replacement?

    So glad you put out the reminder on the 9/11 Memorial run – I was happy to participate!

  11. Wendy

    I don’t know how I missed the 9/11 memorial 5k, but good on you for organizing it!

    I have the original Apple watch and while I don’t use it to track my runs, I like it for everything else! I love changing the faces and there’s even a Toy Story face that my patients just love!

  12. Coco

    So bummed I missed the 9/11 run. I guess I unplugged at the wrong time. Yay for “Carrie cooks!” You definitely picked up some skillz in the kitchen this past year. 😉 Thanks for the h/t on the ER Reunion. O.M.G. That takes me back. I don’t know much about Apple Watch but I see lots of posts and memes about closing those rings. 😉

    The pink trees and rainbow tulips are so pretty!

  13. Lisa @ Mile by Mile

    Sorry I missed the 9/11 run! Sounds like a really great event for such an important cause. Glad you are liking the Apple Watch! Interesting that it has other ways of measuring activity other than steps.

  14. Jenn

    I love the mural, the tulips, and your carbonara! I should make that one of these days. I forget how good it is.

    Thank you so much for recommending the 9/11 virtual. It was so good to be a part of it.

  15. Renée @runlaugheatpie

    your cooking class sounds fun! well anything with spaghetti carbonara would be right up my alley anyway. Interesting about the apple watch – I can understand the differences with fitbit; I wonder what they would be with the garmin. i have it in my head that the apple watch is too expensive for me but to be honest I don’t know the price comparison either (and just got a vivoactive 4s last year).

    you’d love the tulips here. I have a feeling I’m going to fill up my photo storage just with all the lovely blooms in town…

  16. Liz Dexter

    Wonderful photos, such lovely places even in the middle of a big city! I’m sorry I missed the memorial run, I got confused I think and it slipped my mind. Lovely you had so many taking part. Oddly enough I was talking about 9/11 in the week with Claire as she hadn’t known when Matthew and I got together – horribly easy to remember it’s 20 years for us, too (at least it was the October so not the same month). And that cooking – well done! A new string to your cooking bow!

  17. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to participate in the 9/11 Memorial Run. I’m heading out for a run shortly and will reflect over that day and dedicate my run, albeit late.

    You Sunday cooking class sounds fun, and spaghetti carbonara, yum! I’m the opposite of you, I don’t like white wine, but like some reds.

    Have a great week!

  18. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    Yay on your Apple watch! A coworker was surprised the other day that I don’t have an Apple watch due to all of my other Apple devices. Nope, still rocking the Garmin here. What a beautiful mural!


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