friend and a road trip make a great week


Elizabeth, Darlene and I at Croton Reservoir Tavern
Deborah and I on our way back from lunch since we didn’t like the restaurant pic
Hudson Valley Road Trip, Esopus Creek

and not just because Darlene and Deborah were in town and then I got out of town for a few days. Lots of walking this week to go with the runs which meant hip stayed nice and loose. Win win.

Quick Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

Times Square Ferris Wheel
Greenacre Park, Midtown East
  • never miss a Monday: and I’m not going to miss these humid swamp runs. Tried to see the up side and then capped off the day with dinner with Darlene and Elizabeth and a walk home via the ferris wheel and a new to me park.
  • Tuesday: knew it would be a long work day, so glad to get in a four mile walk before work.
guess who got caught in the rain?
  • Wednesday: Ida came to town. Luckily not until after Deborah and I talked non stop over lunch. Although I didn’t make it back from my run on time, I was in before it got dangerous. Nearly 9 inches fell in Manhattan, shattering records-again. Grateful to have been safe, many others in the tri-state area, as well as Louisiana and Mississippi weren’t so lucky.
huge root system!
  • Thursday: office run group on hiatus due to schedule and I was off so squeezed in a midday Ida exploration while waiting to see if the trains would be running out of the city. They weren’t, so I enjoyed sunset on the Hudson.  Actually needed a light jacket when the sun went down!
Good morning world!
  • Friday-Sunday: trains were sort of running, so I made it to mom’s and got the car. My plans were in a constant flux due to Delta, then Ida, but I was so grateful to get into the Hudson Valley and out of the city for the weekend. Want to do more on the Hudson Valley Rail Trails, but in the interim: gorgeous ten miles on the Wallkill Rail Trail with perfect temperatures, back roads forever, and is there anything better than “vacation” sunsets?

More when I”m home. Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend.

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