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By | February 20, 2022

Meant to mention this last week and I forgot. Listened to Victoria Sekely on the Strength Running podcast and it was amazing look at the role between prehab and PT and why strength training makes for better runners. Personally what applied the most to me is that I stayed uninjured. Without strength training, which included some of my PT that came out of the ITB injury, there is no way I could have run 1100 miles last year. To me, that’s more important than whether strength training makes me faster. Also on the podcast front this week: Brittany Charboneau on Ali on the Run, Marathon Training Academy: Running Injuries and Get to Know your Podcast Hosts.

Mix of milder weather (and therefore walks) and some moments where the Peloton app hadn’t yet had enough coffee. That helped too because podcasts were stacking up and it was time to make some headway. Brittany was fun, even though I’m not a Mouse person and the idea of Dopey is just… no (for reasons beyond Mouse, I’d break). And while I listened to MTA on and off through training, I didn’t know that much about Trevor and Angie so that was fun on the run.

speaking of fun on the run

Stealing Michelle’s “weather whiplash” term. It was back in full effect this week. This is not one of my New York today, Florida tomorrow moments. Both photos were in Central Park, about 80 hours apart. And I loved both runs. Running was very good this week which meant tapering was… not. Oh well.

a frequent lunch this week

I’m on a salad kick. Have no idea what nutrient that means I’m missing, but I’ll take it. I actually “cooked” and meal planned this week, which I need to do more of. I always like the results even if the motivation on Sunday is… lacking. Mississippi Chicken, minus the butter, was in rotation with the salad.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim (whose post title is hysterical given my Monday pics!):

where there’s a castle

there must be dragons!

  • never miss a Monday: I woke up and the wind chill was 6. I had been up way too late for the Super Bowl and did not want to go out. The result? An absolutely magical run where I felt like I was flying. Of course. Social media is split on whether that’s a dragon or a squirrel, but my eyes saw a dragon, so a dragon it is. I can see the squirrel case though too.

Ebony Test Kitchen at the Museum of Food and Drink

Sonny’s Bridge, Faith Ringgold

  • Tuesday: as I said on Instagram, there was a moment when my life/feed was not all running. Got a taste of that back on Tuesday when I went museum hopping with my boss. The day felt almost like normal in that there were five previews! scheduled. There’s always a few Tuesdays like that each year. We made it to African/American: Making the Nation’s Table and Faith Ringgold: American People. African/American, a Museum of Food and Drink exhibit at The Africa Center, was especially poignant as I was in the last chapters of Imani Perry’s South to America and the cultures in the book/on exhibit overlapped, and there was something magical about standing in the Ebony Test Kitchen, which was just acquired and preserved before the COVID-19 shutdown postponed this exhibit. We’re not going to talk about patterns run amok. I also was really amazed by the Faith Ringgold show in a similar vein to Jasper Johns, these two iconic artists are still here and making work! More photos of the amazing Ringgold show are on my Instagram. I’m not ready for “back to normal”, but I missed this piece of normal. No formal exercise aside from a strength class, but lots of steps to and between museums.

good morning world

  • Wednesday: not warm, but warming up. Beautiful morning for four miles on the river. Could have run forever.

reflections on a weekday morning

  • Thursday: 58 degrees when I woke up. Time to go play, err, walk in the park before work. Amazing that it was frozen on Monday and snow kissed on Sunday. The temperature was still perfect after work and Office Run Group turned into 7 because what’s one more mile when the weather is quite literally perfect if a little humid? I had company because I’m still not running in the park alone after dark. Even more top of mind when The Gaborone Runner shared an account of it hitting close to home. It’s disgusting how stressful it is to be a woman runner. Thought I might see the post-full moon, but it was playing hide and seek.
  • Friday: woke to a pouring rain and was so glad I could roll over because it wasn’t a run day.  It cleared and ushered in cool temps, but I got out for a sunset walk (the header picture) and some errands. I feel like sunset has been creeping later in an observable way, and I love it.

friends, and Fred

  • Saturday: when your taper mileage lines up with a friend’s March run training mileage, what else do you do but run together? 10K ish (can’t even blame Strava math, I got to Dunkin and my brain thought 6.16 was > 10K. Oops! Clearly needed the coffee) felt good other than calf being slightly annoying at one point. We did the road since the bridle and reservoir were rutted, icy mess from all the seasons and no one needs to twist an ankle. Am I ready for next weekend? Yes. I’m ready to have fun, which is all that matters. Honestly. That’s why I race. I’m not winning, so I want to enjoy my race. Or as NYCRuns says, win my race!
  • Sunday: drinking coffee and reading while waiting for my watch to charge. I’ll go out later. Maybe. Cold is different when you’re running vs. just out for a meander, and I don’t really have any errands to do.

A week from now I’ll be nearly done with the Half.

Do I have a race plan for Sunday? Finish strong and smiling. Yeah, that’s my race plan for every race. I’ve enjoyed some podcasts recently about process goals, and I have those for Brooklyn (and maybe Cherry Blossom, except we know that pace will be photos!), but as I said last week training properly wasn’t in the cards for this race. I know I can finish 13.1 without getting injured. If I couldn’t, I’d defer.

22 thoughts on “running through all the seasons

  1. Kimberly Hatting

    Staying uninjured makes a strong case for strength training! It’s definitely upped my fitness game 😉 Wishing you best of luck with your race next weekend! Finishing strong and smiling are two winning objectives for a great race day experience!!

    1. cari Post author

      I mean… outside of age group or other win, what else can we ask for?
      I think strength training has made me me a happier runner too. Less stress about/pain from injuries, the miles are more fun

  2. Wendy

    You know I’m a huge fan of strength training. I’m sure I wouldn’t be running as well as I am if it weren’t for that. Now to find a balance between what my coach wants me to do and what I think I should do.

    We are having weather whiplash here too and I’m pretty sure I stole that from Michelle too.

    Good luck on your race next weekend!

  3. Deborah Brooks

    You know I love my strength training and I know it makes me stronger for running but also for daily life. Crazy weather week indeed. You never know what you will wake up to around here. Good luck next weekend! After that we can talk cherry blossom

    1. cari Post author

      I can’t wait to celebrate our Halfs over some cherry blossom mischief. We’re having an amazing spring <3

  4. Jenny

    I was always afraid to run in Central Park after dark too when I lived there.
    Sounds like you had a fun week of running and I love the day of museum hopping! You can tell you live in NYC. Anyway good luck next weekend and I hope you win your race : )

  5. Jessie

    Definitely a proponent of strength training for so many reasons- injury prevention, overall health, longevity as a runner, etc etc!

    Good luck at your race! I can’t believe it was that warm pre-sunrise! Jealous.

    1. cari Post author

      not quite pre sunrise — I won’t do the park until it’s lighter, but definitely at sunrise. We’re having a weirdly humid winter, which helps.

      Thank you!

  6. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I don’t care if you’re a runner or not, I think that ST is important for everyone. Because there’s more to life than running!

    Glad you were able to grab a little bit of normalcy and enjoyed the museum hopping.

    Definitely jealous of 58 in the morning of your run. I’m doing runs in the morning and while it was nice to have some warmer temps, mostly they were maybe 40, with a lot of wind.

    Cheer to finishing strong with a smile on your face next week! That is absolutely always my first goal.

    1. cari Post author

      Definitely more to life than running, and I want to be strong for all the things — even if it’s just hauling a kitchen table up three flights.
      If my goal ever ceases to involve smiling, it’s time to stop racing.

  7. Marcia

    Sounds like you are well prepared for your race. Having fun is what it’s all about. Strength and Balance are the fountains of youth. You will definitely run stronger and more injury free when you are strong and muscles are balanced. Funny how everyone’s into process goals right now!

    1. cari Post author

      Process goals are the new cross fit are the new whatever the last fad was. LOL.
      I love the Core/Strength for Runners for the balance work. I still wobble, but I feel like I wobble less

  8. Darlene

    Don’t ST but am a fan of having fun and staying uninjured. The key for me is short easy runs. And doing them consistently. I stay fit and don’t stress.

    Of course the goal will be for me smiling. Only that will be after the race. I will be swearing on the hills.

    I’m so jealous of those museum visits.

    See you soon.

    1. cari Post author

      We’ll be able to museum some time soon.
      I think we all have a thing that works for us. Not necessarily better, just what works routine wise. It would be different if I were stressing pace. Maybe when they settle on an April course, but not likely there either

  9. Jenn

    So excited for your next race!

    And I love following your adventures. Our local museums are starting to host things again, and I need to make more of an effort to try them out. I will probably go during the day and alone, but that’s ok.

    1. cari Post author

      Mid day is definitely when I feel most comfortable, and not this week for school vacation. We all have to fly within our own comfort zone

  10. Kim G

    Running through all the seasons was such a perfect title for your post. I think we’re in for another wacky weather week again, lol.

    Hope that all goes well with your upcoming race!

    1. cari Post author

      yep! Ran with a friend today and on Saturday. Saturday we were in tights and I had a hat on. Today? Shorts and long sleeves. I never remember February being this crazy, usually March.
      I think/hope it will

  11. Michelle

    I’m so with you on strength training to stay injury-free vs speedier…I let that last ship sail a long time ago.

    It made me smile to see your museum post on IG – yay for that taste of normal!

    I think you’re more than ready for your race. Yes – it’s all about enjoying it…otherwise what’s the point, right?

    1. cari Post author

      Oh yeah, I will never be fast. Faster, maybe. But stronger means so much more. I missed my museums. I am truly not cut out to sit at my desk all day. They’re a huge part of why I love what I do, and why we live in such great cities.
      And yes, ready to have 13.1 miles of smiles. Well maybe not on the hills, but the rest of it for sure

  12. Shathiso

    I’ve recently come to this realisation…LOL! I’m putting it in a post coming up on Sunday — but seriously, I’ve been stressing so much about my ultra training and a few weeks ago had to change my whole attitude – I get to run, I get to race, I get to explore… so the best game plan is to finish strong and smiling! Can’t wait to hear how your race goes. Good luck my friend.


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