Running and reading 2022 edition

By | June 5, 2022

Happy Global Running Day!

It was a good week and so much fun to run “with” all of you. By my count we had nine states, six time zones and four countries represented. We absolutely nailed the “global” piece of it and had two other states and a country who weren’t able to get pics in.

It was also great to get some “sneaker time” with friends. Daily texts are great, in person talking even better.

Reading: outdoor weather means “recovery” is laying on a park bench and reading. This was true of marathon long run days and definitely true of the last two years. Trying to keep that balance and not be overscheduled as we return to “normal”. Fun fact: I wanted to call this running and reading and wordpress appended a 2 to the URL. Can’t have that. So I had to search: March 2019, May 2019 and July 2021. So predictable, and I wouldn’t change it for the world

Relentless, by David Gething.

It’s been a while since I wrote up a book I’d read, but it has been an even longer while since I read a running book worth sharing. This is the story of Gething’s participation in the 2015 World Marathon Challenge. Elements of the story seemed familiar so I either read it before, or it has been excerpted, or both. Either way, it was a good, quick read. Gething went from being utterly unfit and on the verge of a heart attack by 40 on the  eve of his eldest daughter’s birth to running seven marathons in seven days at an average pace of under 3:30. Wow. He’s also a competitive ultrarunner and triathlete. While the early chapters covered the rest of his story, the bulk of this book was his seven marathons interspersed with some sports history about stage racing. I appreciated this as they’re not something I follow and found the sportsmanship stories as he battled with Doug to be fascinating. While none of the lead runners are at a pace I could even sniff – and I’m proud of my 6:18 – I was tickled to see there were back of the packers attempting this. There’s no way I want to do seven more marathons in my life, let alone in a week, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the Half would be a fun project. Maybe when I win the lotto, because it’s 42K Euros to do!

And I seem to have broken a running book logjam as I read Shane Benzie’s The Lost Art of Running (good, but not great. A little dry in parts) and am now reading Sara Slattery / Molly Huddle How She Did It. What running books have you read lately?



I was ahead of 2021 through April (thanks two Half Marathons and a 10M) but am about sixteen miles off now thanks to the conscious decision to step back the running in May and May 2021’s insane mileage. Looking at my log, I ran more days but less distance and that worked for my body. I’m slowly ramping back up in distance and mostly enjoying the runs. 77.96 miles as a cut back? Yeah I’d have laughed at that two years ago. Life is funny sometimes.

Needed to be at 417 to hit my year-end goal and ending May I’m at 445.53 so I’m fine. We’ve been back in the office two days/week for two months and I’m pleased with how I’m balancing work/life/running.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

always nice to see their work

summer views

  • never miss a Monday: I didn’t get out as early as I wanted since my stomach was feeling off first thing. This was  slog due to the heat, but the chalk writing is always a good distraction. The artist shares their updates and words of wisdom. Rest of the day was in my summer happy place reading and wishing I was in the water to cool off. Maybe not the East River though!

a scorcher, but a pretty scorcher

  • Tuesday: we’re flexible in the days we go into the office, which I appreciate for many reasons. I chose Tuesday because a) figured most folks wouldn’t after a holiday weekend and b) it was 95 and I wanted their AC. Despite the heat I was able to walk to and from work, which is always a great way to bookend the day. While there are fewer in person meetings than pre-COVID, I didn’t walk to work as much then so it’s curious what year on year non running mileage will look like. Especially as one thing I runfessed in marathon training was that I missed walking because it felt like I should always be running.

Global Running Day shopping

  • Wednesday: I joked back in February that we were back to normal since there were five museum events in one day. This was close with four. I made it to two, which was about as much as possible given they were in three boroughs. Of course, given Global Running Day there were some morning miles and a little retail. Wendy, Darlene and Michelle, I’ll be reporting for twinning duty soon. The one on the left was actually Jenn inspired a few days prior and goes well with some goodies that Deborah shared. No, still not a tank top runner but there’s something about the cut of the Brooks ones that work for me.

pastel sunset

  • Thursday: office run group was a schedule casualty and a run with friends was a thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening one. Luckily the storms stopped and I got out for a quick walk when I only intended to take out the trash. When that’s the only plan, do you put on bug spray? Needless to say, I was mosquito food.

the East River glitters?

the skyline sure does

  • Friday: somehow in planning our rained out Thursday run, we got to talking about Wegmans. Specifically Wegmans subs, and Friday’s run was planned. I took the ferry to DUMBO (because why subway on a beautiful day?) and ran to meet a friend and we ran from Pier 6 to Wegmans. I don’t typically post Strava, but I had to laugh at this one. After lingering dinner on the patio I had the most picture perfect ferry ride home. Magic hour indeed.

hi Fred!

  • Saturday:  I don’t run two days in a row, except when I do. A friend was looking for company on her marathon long run so I decided to join her for some. It’s amazing how fast you can run when you’re with someone. This was one of those runs where I could fly, and just as easily decide to walk up a hill. It was toasty. Nice to get in 8.5 ish. Hit a street fair or two on the way home and capped off the day in my happy place reading. I really hate to be indoors at all on a beautiful day.

life goals

  • Sunday: speaking of, meeting a friend for lunch at Pier I and plan to finish a book and maybe start another. I’m not doing 20 Books of Summer this year, but enjoying making headway through Mt. TBR.



18 thoughts on “Running and reading 2022 edition

  1. Darlene

    Let me know when I need to wear that shirt.

    I’m relieved to not have a half until Sept. I can walk more and run done short races.

    I think I’m on track for my goal mileage because of the long runs. I’ll have to play catch up in the fall.

    Love your pix.

    Sad about no fun nyc trip next Monday. I’ll go hiking instead.

    Hope to connect sometime June 16.

    1. cari Post author

      Hiking is good. Playing outside in any form is great.
      I’ll get back on track for the long runs in July. 7-8 is just fine for now.
      I couldn’t run a summer half. It wouldn’t be any fun with the weather

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    I’m listening to Bravey right now. The start kinda threw me off, but it’s been interesting. I’ll be sharing a tip from it I really liked.

    I did 2 back to back days this week, and lucky thing, too, since the aide changeover changed to today (well, tomorrow actually but I need to leave soon).

    Thanks for reminding me to put some bug spray in the car! I haven’t seen a weekly mileage in the 60s in a long, long time. As it heats up I probably won’t see that (after this month — maybe). While I’m ok with being inside, I am definitely also spending more time outdoors & it just makes me feel so good!

    1. cari Post author

      Yes, absolutely on the outdoors. I think I sweat off some of the bug spray yesterday or a bite from Wednesday just got itchy, but I almost didn’t care. And yes, I come in ala pig pen
      Hope aide changeover went as well as possible.
      I bought BRavey when it was on a Kindle sale but I haven’t read it yet

  3. Michelle

    Thanks for the book reviews. I recently returned to running books and finally read Deena Kastor’s – it’s been on my list forever. It was a good one!

    There is something about the Brooks cut that I love as well. I need to pick up the Freedom one – happy to twin with you 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Relentless sounds great! I want to read it. Sounds like you had a full week- and I love that quote “At the end of the day…” I feel like we lived that over and over again when my kids were little!

  5. Coco

    Sounds like you had a great week. Thanks again for taking the lead with the GRD collage.

    I’m not really into running books, but once in a while there’s one I really like.

    So, are Wegmans subs a thing? There’s finally one not too far from me, but I haven’t been ….

    1. cari Post author

      Wegmans subs are A Thing! You will get an argument from those with access to Publix subs, but I think Wegmans’ breads are better because they have ciabatta.
      They’re not cheap but they’re huge and so worth it
      Was happy to be collage herder.

  6. Kim G

    Thanks so much for putting together the collage for Global Running Day. Always a pleasure to run with you and so many amazing ladies virtually on this day each year.

    I ordered the “running is my hoary hour” tank from Brooks and received it today. I can’t wait to wear it!

      1. cari Post author

        OK, we officially need to plan a quintuplet collage. I couldn’t believe how quickly that arrived
        And yes, one of the pandemic traditions I want to keep is running together
        We need to figure out running together for real one day though too

  7. Deborah Brooks

    I am way behind on my reding this summer. I am too tired every night to even open one. Thanks so much for putting together the global running collage it was fun to run with you all from halfway around the world/ Love you NYC photos this week. Have a good one!

  8. Wendy

    I’ve got a huge backlog of books to read. Liz and I are going to coordinate on Running in the Midpack. i have one more book to finish before i pick it up.

    I keep bug spray in my car, just so you know…so when I arrive at the trails and I’m waiting for my Garmin to connect, I spray myself. Last week, I still got bit in spite of my spray. I’m more worried about ticks this year, tho.

    I will twin with you any time!!!!

  9. Liz Dexter

    You’re getting a lovely balance in. I haven’t read any running books v recently but have Running in the Midpack and The Pants of Perspective coming up. I can see I’m trailing 2021 at the moment but then we all know what happened when I ran too much in 2021!!

  10. Jenn

    Hey! I have that white tank 🙂

    You’ve been doing great at balancing everything. And taking the best pics of all the best places!

    I am still working on the same book. It’s Ruth Ginsberg’s last and it requires quite a bit of brain power.

    1. cari Post author

      gee I wonder who the influencer was behind that tank purchase? 😀

  11. Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder

    Those running books sound really interesting! I love Molly Huddle so I’d like to read that one but I’m with you on the marathons in 7 days, no way no how lol. After every marathon (I’ve done 3 so far) I want to take at least 10-20 days completely off of running!


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