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By | August 28, 2022

the actual reunion run

the re-staged for better angle

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of us finally running together in person. It’s hard when it falls on a weekday with work schedules and the the time difference, but Liz and I always enjoy the fun. We couldn’t run at the same time this year, and I didn’t have time to do the distance, but even as we come past the worst of the pandemic, hopefully, these virtual runs are fun. I had to selfie and the angles were off so I washed the shirt and ran again in it to fix the angle. No rules, just fun.

While Liz is as much reading, as running, it’s another reason to celebrate the people running has brought into our lives. Even if there’s an ocean between us. Hoping to see some of you more local-ish folks this fall. Fall. Summer flew. I knew it would, but July 4th feels like five minutes ago.

Running? It’s August. Running sucks. I think it’s partially mental though. I’d all but decided in the lead up to the Half that I was fine taking August as recovery and I think my brain is remembering that more than my legs actually need it. I’m back into my run day routine, sort of, and that will help when the weather finally breaks. My friend and I coined them maybe miles: maybe I’ll run five, or maybe three is just fine. In the mean time, linking up with Kim and Deborah for a fun week because life isn’t all about running.

mischief managed

This was actually Sunday, but what better way to kick off a week than dinner with friends. Two groups of friends were overlapping by a day and we finally managed to get almost everyone together for a welcome/farewell dinner.  I’m never taking little things like dinner for granted.

public art you can run through

who needs sun?

  • never miss a Monday: I have been meaning to get to Jeppe Hein’s Changing Spaces since it was installed and I finally remembered to do it while en route to the office on Monday. While you can run through it, I did not because there would be no freshening up from that. The weather was changeable, to say the least, but still got a nice walk in with a friend after work.  Nice to balance run and walking and the long daylight is the one thing I miss about summer. Sometimes you don’t need the sun for gorgeous skies.

at the Chinese Scholar’s Garden

greatest city in the world

  • Tuesday: an amazing day. I don’t know if Travel Tuesday is a social media creation (probably), but it’s a fun one. We were able to take it to a new level with a field trip with our tourism development team, three international office staff and some of our senior staff. In the before times, we did these frequently but this was the first large scale “local FAM” and it was a long, amazing day. Pics on Instagram and Facebook, but we hit: Alice Austen House, Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor Cultural Center (including the Chinese Scholar’s Garden and Newhouse Gallery), the Noble Maritime Museum, Staten Island Children’s Museum, National Lighthouse Museum, St. George Theatre and Empire Outlets. It’s one thing to read marketing materials, but another to see the places in person. We had great view of the Statue on the way back to Manhattan, but this sunset sky? Absolutely magic. The sky too was representative of the day-planning for ran but we had mostly sun. We laughed that our totes were full of ponchos and umbrellas when it should have been sunscreen. Was glad I was wearing pants though despite being a dress convert because I did trip and fall once. Nothing a Dairy Queen stop couldn’t fix and luckily the sole casualty was the pants.

late summer skies

  • Wednesday: I still haven’t made complete sense out of our hybrid work schedule, but summer is a huge piece of that too. I worked from home in the morning before heading into midtown to celebrate a colleague’s lunch. There was a tight turnaround before a meeting so I went to the office to take it. Hybrid on the micro and macro level? The weather was less sucky than forecast so I ran/walked home. This was the mental game. Knee is fine. It wasn’t that humid but while I wanted to run, I didn’t want to actually run. The sunset though? That was a ten.

how can you stay inside when this is happening?

  • Thursday: annual field trip to Katonah to visit a friend for lunch and see what’s on at the Katonah Museum. Tradition Interrupted was amazing and it’s always great to spend time with a friend. While office run group took an August hiatus due to consecutive vacations, I got back in time to do a quick reservoir loop. I mean, how could I resist?
  • Friday: a low key day. Two days away from my desk meant a lot of catch up and we had intermittent storms. We need these days for all the reasons.

Super Turtle

  • Saturday: so many plans for this run. I nearly jumped into a CP 10K but it sold out before I could, which was probably just as well. Got out later than I wanted and had to cut it slightly short to get to breakfast on time but 4.5 miles, pancakes with friends before they went to the airport and an afternoon reading in the park. Calling that a good day.

On tap this week:

  • Short week as we extend the holiday weekend to prepare for very busy fall. Time for one or two last summer hurrahs. But Alaska recap is almost done and will be posted Tuesday. Manifesting it into being.



16 thoughts on “busy bee

  1. Kimberly Hatting

    I like the concept of Travel Tuesday…though I never go anywhere, LOL. Love the pics of your sunsets!! The maybe miles is a nice thing 😉

  2. Marcia

    My whole summer has been maybe miles. Not gunning for a certain number of miles or a certain pace make summer running so much more pleasant. Love the pics of you and Liz! Your field trip sounds so fun. We’ve had a long lull in our travels over the past few years but fingers crossed (and Covid willing) we’ll finally make it to Australia/New Zealand this Christmas!

  3. Kim G

    Love the photos with you and Liz! Hopefully you can have a reunion run together next year.
    Travel Tuesday is such a cool concept ! I’m so boring and don’t go anywhere (lol) but i always enjoy seeing all the different places people travel to.

  4. Coco

    Sounds like a great week! How fun to celebrate your runaversary with Liz! Hope to see you myself this weekend!

    Love seeing all your tourism/museum/arts activities on Facebook.

    And of course the scenes from CP never get old. Stunning!

  5. Deborah Brooks

    Great NYC photos this week! August is mentally tough for running but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Glad you fit in some fun social stuff this week. Can’t wait to see you this weekend

  6. Darlene

    Love maybe miles. All my runs. Even the long ones.

    You know I want your job. Getting paid for seeing the things I want to see. Haven’t been to Staten Island in years. Don’t count the marathon.

    I was thinking about Greta and wondering.

  7. Jenny

    Those sunset pictures are gorgeous! Yes, it is a great city. It shouldn’t be long till the weather breaks and you’re enjoying a beautiful fall. You were definitely a busy bee this week- enjoy your short work week!

    1. cari Post author

      I’m hoping the weather is going to break sooner rather than later. Sweating while sitting still is not a thing I’m ever fond of

  8. Chocolaterunsjudy

    LOL at manifesting your recap — saying you’ll do it always works, right? Sounds like a busy week filled with lots of fun & good memories too.

    We are in the beginning stages of planning a trip & just crossing fingers & hoping it can actually happen. Maybe that’ll manifest that, LOL (it’s not for a while yet).

    1. cari Post author

      I feel like trip planning and research is always a good thing because even if you don’t go when you planned, you’ve done the leg work for when you do.

  9. Debbie @ Deb Runs

    What gorgeous pictures of the city and the sky! Thank you for sharing!

    LOL, on re-staging the pictures with Liz to get the right perspective for your high fives. That sounds exactly like something I would do!

    1. cari Post author

      Any time. The city was definitely showing off last week.
      I think you and your husband spoiled us rotten when you did the Bix photos for us that year.

  10. Jenn

    I love Travel on any day of the week, so Travel Tuesday it is.

    You have been a busy bee, and I love your photos “with” Liz. So fun.

  11. Michelle

    “maybe miles” – oh I’m so in touch with that concept!

    I always love your photos of the city! Reminds me how much I miss it and that I’m long overdue for a return.

    Looks like you had such a fun week – great photos of you and Liz 🙂

  12. Liz Dexter

    I still can’t decide which of those sets of pictures I like best! I was lucky to have Claire to take mine! And a lovely week of photos for you!

  13. Michele L Heller

    I love that idea of running with a friend virtually. I moved and left my running pack behind. Congrats on 4 years for you and Liz.

    Those pictures of the sunset are gorgeous. I can’t blame you for a slower August. That humidity has been no joke.


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