Alberta, Canada: April 2004

Well after I posted the first batch, I realised that no matter how much I like to see each picture at it's full size, it doesn't work for everyone else. This page is still a little too large to be totally dial up friendly, but I think/hope it's manageable. Each of the smaller images leads to a much larger one, still smaller than last week's. As always, let me know what you think.



 Driving through the Town of Banff to the mountains and the Gondola. I love how the mountains loom up just beyond the city centre.

 The Bow River Valley from the Banff Gondola. I like the shadows.


 I think these are what you'd call a cross between goats and deer? Not sure what they are, but they were wicked close to my car.

 On Route 11 as I headed West toward Banff National Park. I love the colour of the glacier lakes.



 One of the many ice fields along Icefields Parkway in Banff.

Oh how little the mountains look from the top of Mt. Sulphur, 7000+ feet up in the Rockies.



 The Banff Gondola

 Driving west on Route 11 from Red Deer to the entrance to Banff. I was getting so excited to see the Rockies.



Some of the peaks at the entrance to Banff nearest Saskatchewan River Crossing.

This picture is slightly out of place. It wasn't in/near Banff National Park but rather in Red Deer as we stood outside the rehearsal dinner. The sky just looked so cool with the light and clouds.



More of the Bow River Valley from the Gondola, I like how the sun kind of washed it out a little.

 The TransCanada Highway from Lake Louise headed SouthEast to Banff.