March 2017: I ran away from “I can’t”

yep. That’s what happens when #GoTheDist meets #RunTheYear/#RunWithJoy

Earlier this month I said:

“I’m taking a run at my Q1 2016 goal. Probably impossible, but worth a try.”

My Q1 2016 total? 1,008,946

My Q1 2017 total? 1,064,082

That is my best quarter, narrowly topping Q2 2016‘s 1,059,278.

I also said:

“Why is this still a challenge when I’m so far up, step wise? Because March 2016 was an insane 394,098 steps. That’s not going to happen again because I won’t have two days walking around DC and might not have the two walking work events”


March 2017 total? 405,914. My first ever 400K step month!

I am in absolute awe. How did this happen? Somewhere during this month I quit saying “I can’t” and decided to go with “Maybe? Can I do this?” So motivating. I didn’t have as few days without goal as I did last year, including one day where I missed it by six. But I kind of expected that with company.  With seven to last year’s four, I’m exactly where I was in 2016. Since my goal days are in general much higher, I’m OK with that. I’m not sure I can do it again, but it’s amazing to know I could once.

I graduated C25K. I finished my first 5K. I ran a 10K (still need to write that one up). I’m now using my running mileage as a fundraiser for a cause that is one of the two I believe most in. #RunWithJoy is more than a cliche for me, I seem to have found a new passion.

Speaking of mileage, Fitbit mileage is so broken. My stats for two days this month:

March 21:

  • 15,328 steps
  • 6.31 miles

March 22:

  • 13497 steps
  • 6.32 miles

See a problem? I’ve given up entirely on miles walked because Fitbit is ridiculous, as much as I love it.  So my goals for the balance of 2017 are steps/miles run. I’ll track miles biked but as I said, I’m not worried about losing those as they were simply meant to ensure gym visits. I did close out March with a nice 8.52 mile ride to cross train ahead of tomorrow’s #RunToBreathe. My #RunTheYear mileage for Q1 is 457.71 and I hope to match that in Q2.

2016 had Easter in March, but I had some company and plans in April that kept my steps down. I was at 336,662 steps.

April Goals:

  • 340,000 steps (stretch: 350,000)
  • 50 miles run
  • 5 or fewer days without goal*

Q2 Goals:

  • 1,075,000 steps (stretch: 1,100,000).
  • 150 miles run

Really too soon to set a quarterly running mileage goal as I’ve gone from 14/25/45 so far this year so this is a random number based on March’s total and April’s goal. I’ll reevaluate come May 1, but speaking of running goals, I have a 4 mile run tomorrow, a 5K charity walk on 4/23 that I may run if crowd allows. I also signed up for another 10K in June, which I’ll actually train properly for. I’m not sure about outdoor summer running, so we’ll see. I would like to do the one for Achilles, so maybe I’ll keep an eye on the weather.

* A note about goal. I officially raised my goal to 11K and that’s the barometer against which I use missing goal in 2017. For days without goal in 2016 and earlier, it’s days I didn’t hit 10K.

Reading front: 21/23%/one book behind schedule. Lots of short, running books this month. It’s a new passion and it’s reading so I’m not knocking myself for that.



2017 in pages

May finish another book or two, but for 2016 I’m at 82/75 and 61 for #2016TBRPile, both of which I’m happy with. I stumbled on an amazing roundup of 2017 reading challenges for which I’m glad because it doesn’t look like the 2016 one will be back in 2017.

I’m definitely going to do another backlist challenge because it’s such good motivation to finally read once I’ve been thinking of but putting off. Simultaneously I have time to read the new Daniel Silva, Linda Fairstein and Michael Connelly releases. It also gives me the flexibility to read what I want, not what I have to because I’m still not good at the PopSugar type challenges with rules.

The Backlist Reader Challenge

After some dithering, I’ve landed on the Backlist Reader Challenge. My TBR pile is structured enough that I think it counts, even if it’s not fully in a formal list. This is my starting point (how on earth did that get to 276!), as well as these shelves. Let’s just say they got added to with the bookswap. I think 60 for this challenge is a good goal.

I’m also going to do Book Dragon Lair’s ebook challenge because that’s the bulk of what I read. Goal there? Terabyte – 75 books. Petabyte is the stretch goal. I know I can get there with a beach vacation, which I had in 2015 and will again in 2017.


2017 Library Love Challenge


I make good, but not great use of the books available via NYPL so in the interest of keeping Mt. TBR under control, I’m also challenging myself to be an Overdrive Junkie (36). There’s an outside chance I can manage Library Card (50), but sometimes NYPL is lacking and I want to give myself some needed flexibility.

Here’s to some fun in pages next year. Speaking of pages, doubling down with Book Dragon and now that I know Goodreads can track pages, I’m going to try to move from Shrub to Dwarf Peach. Starting 2017 with the Dark Tower Series will help on that front, I think.

Hashtags for my own tracking, links to my Goodreads shelves for updated counts: