Kicking off 2019 with Coffee

What better way to start the year? And for once, I actually remembered about the coffee linkup in time to write a post. My theme for the month? Some of the stories behind my mugs and how they tie in to my running journey.

oh wise coffee cup

Over coffee I’d tell you that I have way too many mugs for one person who usually uses the same two mugs each weekend. But I was tickled to receive this from a dear friend who saw my tweet from Target. Holiday season is always busy for me with our gala, but this year was exceptionally so. Busy with good things, but crazy. I can’t wait to have a weekend day at home to use this cup.

a wonderful gift when grandma passed

Although she wasn’t a runner, grandma’s passing coincides with the beginning of my running journey. I spent about a week out of town and this was before I was willing/able to run outside so I missed training but didn’t quit running. That surprised me. Among the many things I learned from grandma is my love of reading, and I occasionally find myself remembering and chuckling about her habit of reading the end of the book to see if she liked the ending before committing to it. I was pleased to see so many reading resolutions in the Weekly Wrap – not only because I’m an incurable bookworm, but because I’ve planned a running book giveaway in honor of my two-year running anniversary. It will be in Sunday’s weekly wrap post, and Sunday is coincidentally my anniversary.

another great saying

Those two are the aforementioned frequent used cups because they’re huge and I can make two large Keurig cups and sip coffee while catching up online. I’ve also had them about twenty years and should retire them, but Loony Tunes and Pooh! Race days can be hard on me as I’ve not yet managed how to get up on time to have coffee in time for things to move along so I can head out. When I run later in the day this is a non issue but long runs without some caffeine can be hard. Over coffee I’d tell you that I tried the caffeinated gum and the texture is just wrong. Sometimes coffee is just best in its natural form. Haven’t found a caffeinated gel that works for me either, but I really need to assess my fueling plan for the Halfs and beyond.

I didn’t need another mug, but it matches so well to my ridiculous plate
couldn’t go to Seattle and not get a mug from Pike Place Market’s Starbucks! Cameo above it by Montreal mug

Over coffee I’d tell you that I don’t have any destination races planned for 2019. OK, that’s a lie, I’m doing the Fort Lauderdale Half but that doesn’t feel like a destination race to me since I go to Fort Lauderdale so often. I see it more like running a hometown race. I’ll either do the Rockland Lake or Troy Turkey Trot depending on where we do Thanksgiving, and I’m sure I’ll run on vacation, but I don’t have one planned yet either. I should think about that. Mom and I are going to do a 40th birthday trip, but it’s unclear whether we’ll do that this year or next.

Little Miss Trouble

Raise your hand if you grew up with the Little Miss or Little Mr. books? So many good memories and I was tickled to find some titles at Heathrow last summer. This cup is ridiculously small, but I love it for hot chocolate.

In the lead up to the Fred Lebow Half Marathon I’d tell you that I’m suffering from some Impostor Syndrome when it comes to running. While I recognize and accept the clich√© that if you run, you are a runner, I have trouble truly seeing myself as a runner.

Sometimes I see the person I’ve become in the mirror, other times I see the person I was for most of my 37 years. Although I played sports into high school, I was never an athlete. I guess I am now? I’ve run for two full years. This, and my social anxiety, is also largely part of why I almost never make it to my run club’s weekly workouts. Like it’s a club I’m not sure I really belong in, even though they’re nothing but welcoming. I think back on last Lebow and realize that not only have I been a runner for two years, I’ve been a Half Marathoner for almost one.¬† Sometimes the brain needs an off switch. Or at least a mute button.

I did take a step forward this Run the Year in joining a team with “strangers”, although I knew one of the women from a satellite Facebook group. If there ever ends up being a NYC area FIT, I might join. Maybe.

The Ultimate Coffee Date

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