PT Week 5: PT is Like Dieting

I’ve come to the realization that PT is like a diet. You may lose 5 lbs or have the sore muscle stop hurting, but there’s lots of long term adjustments. I don’t say that to knock PT. I love my PT, but one of the changes in PT as an adult is I realize it’s a lifelong thing. A good PT (which Greg absolutely is) teaches that these are long time changes. I am determined to keep the exercises up, and graduate with a better running form and less propensity for frustrating injuries.

Speaking of graduating, I’m actually not going to PT this coming week due to my schedule and that of my PT, but I feel confident that I can do the exercises and am hoping the week “off” will tell us whether I’m close to graduating or not. I’ve packed a set of my bands and have Deborah’s wonderful post as my “to-do” list around sightseeing and running in Bermuda. I have not packed anything but bands and the sunscreen I just bought. Oops. This week was a wonderful kind of crazy, which is also why I got nowhere near done with my race recaps for last weekend. Maybe time to add in the Manhattan 7.

I can safely say I’m not running the NYC Marathon in 2020. It was tempting for half a second. I have guaranteed entry via 9+1 and the idea of running the 50th intrigued me — but I don’t feel it in my heart and marathon training was hard enough when I was excited for my first. This was confirmed when I spent Wednesday at the NYRR Charity Managers Forum. Marathon mania was all around and I love their anniversary campaign, but I’m content to spectate it and help “my” runners with their marathon journey.

Weekly Run Down with Deborah and Kim:

Mickey, sporting MIckey. What, you didn’t sport a grunge Care Bear look at 20?


  • never miss a Monday: surprisingly after two days running five+ miles apiece I wasn’t too sore. The knee was tender, but no worse than any other morning. After PT on the other hand? It’s unnerving to watch the quad shake as it works. And it worked. Split Squats. Banded semi circles. Stork. Balance Board. Step ups on a Bosu. OUCH. But definitely hurts so good. Today would have been Dad’s 81st birthday. Like too many, gone way too young. I had fun chasing my step goal home in the form of finding Dots, his favorite candy. Miss you, Dad.
  • Tuesday: ridiculously warm for February so I headed into the Park after work for our “office run group” route. I didn’t have my vest with me as I hadn’t planned to run outside, so used my lighted slap bracelet to be sure I was visible. The run felt good.
  • Wednesday: I spent the day at the Harmonie Club, a fascinating space. I wasn’t there for the architecture though, but to learn the best practices for managing a team of charity runners for the marathon. I have a great job and I love what I do, but I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite projects. I expected to be out of place with my legal steno pad, but yay, the giveaway was a new notebook. The day culminated in a “group run”. Yeah, I couldn’t keep up, but I enjoyed getting to know some of the other charity managers and learn about their teams. All great causes, but the “winner” in my book was Guiding Eyes who brought two puppies under training.
  • Thursday: evening PT, which was just weird for my routine. A lot of the same exercises as Monday with Greg giving me leeway to suggest ones I wanted to work on. Side plank clamshells will never be a favorite.
  • Friday: I wanted to run commute home when it cleared, but it was a long day at the office. Great long day, but way too late to run or walk home.
  • Saturday: much needed mental health day off. Just to the gym for PT and some errands and a haircut.
Just a few thousand friends
  • Sunday: a cold, but beautiful day in Central Park and a real test for Bermuda. Between the race’s seven miles and the 1.5+ to the start, I ran nearly nine. The race itself was a run/walk due to the hills and wanting to spend it with a dear running buddy, and I felt strong. I’m not going to drop to the 10K – the cushion is such that I shouldn’t be swept. And if I am? Well that’s a great story to tell.  I’m not sure a race recap for this will happen given vacation and general busy-ness so for now I’ll just say I’d run it again, and February > original August date.

Plan for the week:

I don’t have one. Get in my PT exercises and running. Enjoy Bermuda. Finish smiling. See some caves. Take lots of pics. Life is good.

2020 PT Week 3/4: Return to Racing

Previous post topics when I thought I’d get this posted sooner:

  • I’m taking my talents to South Florida

Yep, that made the rounds after the NFC/AFC Conference Championship Games with the Super Bowl in Miami. I can’t believe Lebron’s decision was ten years ago this summer. Where did the last ten years go?

While it wasn’t Miami, the cold snap had me looking very much forward to a long weekend in Florida. To be honest, deferring the Half didn’t bother me at all. It’s not a dream or bucket list race, and I’ll be back stronger in 2021.


  • Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie

was on Wednesday 1/22 at PT and can’t say how true that was. So many of the exercises focus on the hip. I swear I need glue to hold mine in alignment.

The PT is really helping to the extent I was able to run back to back days twice. That’s something I typically don’t to and probably shouldn’t generally, but I was able to. The PT student I was working with just graduated & finished her internship, and I will miss her. The one she was working under is the same one I saw this time last year, so I know he’s wonderful, I’ll just miss the one on one focus on how bad my coordination is.

This year’s candidate for dead bug‘s I Can In No Way, Shape or Form Do This status is this shift into running stance from Stork. Nope, one too many steps.

and finally

Hamming with Palm Trees, for reasons you’ll see later.

Don’t ask. I Ham therefore I am

Pleased to learn that I was selected again as a Skirt Sports ambassador this year. Among the many things I learned from this wonderful run/blog group is how running clothes need pockets as much as dresses do. As I said to Elizabeth when we ran, it was nice to have on my windbreaker for all the pockets, but Skirt spoils me. I was home a few weeks ago and the random leggings that live at mom’s don’t have pockets. I can run without my phone (and honestly usually do) – but I didn’t have where to put a key.

In the odd event you don’t already have a Skirt Sports ambassador you shop with and/or aren’t one yourself, use SS15Car75 to shop with me.

Skirts for Florida and NYC running. Pleased to return in 2020 as a #SkirtAmbassador. use SS15Car75 to shop with me Click To Tweet

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for an abbreviated two week Weekly Run Down:

  • never miss a Monday: office closed due to MLK, but the day started off with PT. One of the many ways running has changed me. In the past I’d have rescheduled this and slept in. Instead I was there at 8a for a fun session of single leg squats and other oh so fun things. Hurts so good! I opted out of running there due to a frigid wind chill and after coffee with a friend who’d recently moved back, I headed to the gym. I saw a really awesome speed workout that Birchwood Pie did and knew I needed to try it. I warmed up for a mile at 5.5 and then alternated 5.2, 5.8 for 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 with two minutes easy between. The end was a little crunched as I a ) lost track and b) had the start of a blister. Still it was a good nearly 5 miles. I think those sneakers are getting binned though – they’re also the ones I’m blaming for the IT Band issues.
  • Tuesday: worked late. Nothing else to speak of.
  • Wednesday: PT. Lots of work trying to keep my hips in alignment. Run commute home as I worked from home before my flight. I love the backpack, although it’s going to force some minimalism in what I haul around. My shoulder thinks that’s a good thing.
Windy much?
I <3 Palm Trees
  • Thursday: one of those back to back runs. Couldn’t resist a beach visit before we went to Manatee Lagoon.
  • Friday: no running, but a wonderful visit to the Morikami Museum & Gardens.
Timer fail, but I kind of love it
  • Saturday: wanted to try six, and I got six running along A1A to Atlantic and back. I like Delray, but one reason I prefer Lauderdale is the beach side isn’t built up and there’s a better breeze. Run felt good. We followed it with a visit to Flamingo Gardens, which was amazing.
  • Sunday: it was “chilly” which is actually perfect beach weather for me because I don’t get too warm. Perfect Florida farewell. I didn’t run because I wanted to run to PT Monday and knew running three days in a row would be Bad.

Week of 1/27:

  • Monday: spoiler, I didn’t run to PT. I didn’t even get to the gym because of two end of day meetings. PT means I didn’t miss a Monday though.
  • Tuesday: some fun Lunar New Year art to and from a meeting. Gym after work for PT, yoga.
  • Wednesday: I don’t remember. Oops. Probably worked late.
  • Thursday: return of the office run group. We’ve done this route seventeen times. This was probably our slowest as we’re both in PT for various injuries. It was a cold but manageable evening.
hey. Ball. Sit. Stay!
  • Friday: yoga ball taming! AKA, PT and yoga and bib pickup for Saturday’s Frozen Penguin
Running the River
  • Saturday: my fourth Frozen Penguin, and first with Elizabeth. It was so (relatively) warm & foggy it was nuts. More on this Tuesday. It was great.
tree limbs trying to brush my hair
drunk Garmin
  • Sunday: Super Bowl Runday! My Garmin had a bit too much beer, but it was a lovely day to be in Central Park. More on both of these races Tuesday.

Plan for the week:

  • Monday, Thursday: PT
  • Run when I can, rest & PT when I can’t
  • Sunday: Manhattan 7 Miler. Nervous about Harlem Hills, although I had no issue with Cat Hill this week.


I meant what I said. No goals for January or even 2020 as I focused on healing.But I did track my numbers because it has just become habit:

  • 400,508 steps
  • 175.31 miles run/walked
  • 43.78 miles run

I didn’t even think about daily step goal other than Friday, January 31 as my spreadsheet told me that if I hit goal that day I’d get 400K for the month. Not chasing pointless steps was a smart move.

12 gym visits; 49 for September – February cycle. Whee. On track.

No goals for February. Just continuing PT/prehab/yoga and running when I can. Bermuda is going to be amazing whether I run or walk the Half, or some combo thereof.

PT 2020 Week 2: Runners are the Best People

subtitle prior to Saturday: making time for all the things, which is also true.

Blogger Meet Up!

A few weeks ago, Deborah mentioned that she’d be in New York and I had a bad feeling that I wouldn’t be — while Darlene and I almost always catch up when she’s here, I’ve missed blogger visits all too often when I’m out of town myself. The stars aligned this time and we met for drinks on a snowy Saturday afternoon.

We had such an amazing time. I’m pretty sure we didn’t shut up once and would still be nibbling on popcorn if we didn’t need to get to other evening plans. Runners really are the best people.  While I always do better in very small groups or one on one, I never even got nervous thinking about this-mainly because I felt like I already knew Deborah from nearly two years of reading each other’s blogs and social media. Yep, Cherry Blossom marks two years of starting to meet most of you. WOW.

As an aside, while we did manage to run together last week, Darlene and I have not run together way more than we’ve run together lately. #RunnersNotRunning really is or should be a thing. This is also pretty much why I’d default to Friends v. Running Friends.  We all may have met through running, but there are so many amazing people here that I dare say we’d be friends no matter what we were doing.

Runner Bingo

This was making the rounds in some of the running Facebook groups and I had to laugh. Here’s my board

There was a runner who had a game and BINGO was her name-o

I guess I could claim a DNF in my DNSes, but to me that’s different. Of the ones I didn’t get I’d say it’s a mix of possible: costume, DNF, lose a key and an impossible/not likely: stroller, dog, Disney, Boston, winning age group, streaking. And let’s just say I hope I never poop my pants, but I wouldn’t be the first or the last runner to do so.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

  • never miss a Monday: while I was eager to run to PT with my knew running backpack, I was not about to run three days in a row. PT was a mix of balance and strength training. The balance work really needs to be an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but my main PT swears I’m getting better. I definitely feel like the strength training is helping. I went to the gym after work to get in some of the stretches and other exercises that there just isn’t time for during a one hour session, especially when some time is spent working on my IT band.
Quack Quack!
  • Tuesday: well technically another chapter of running friends, although it wasn’t the ducks. I was just fascinated by them all sleeping in a near straight line. I had a late start to work due to an exhibit preview in Queens (go see Kubrick at Moving Image!) so Elizabeth and I met up to run the reservoir. We were too tired & forgot to take a photo, but the run and miles happened. I swear 😀
  • Wednesday: one of the days that lead to this post’s original subtitles. PT, a luncheon, some training, a metric ton of email. A good chunk of the PT session was her working on the hip/knee/tendon as it was tender to the touch putting on leggings and a little swollen. Her work helped and walking wasn’t sore the rest of the day – which was good because I had a meeting in a location where the trains didn’t really help. You can do many things in Manhattan – going diagonal isn’t easy.
Yep, 1980s crop
  • Thursday: had all the things to run outside after work, but the temperatures were dropping and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good workout, so after stopping by NYRR to get Darlene’s Lebow bib and checking out the spring “fashion”, I headed to the gym. Knee was feeling better, but the treadmill pounding wasn’t, so I headed to the elliptical for 25m. I really really love that evil workout. Followed this with a full set of PT.
  • Friday: another late night at the office. But I got through the inbox ahead of the weekend. No step goal. No gym. Although there are always days like these, it overall feels good to be active again. The two weeks of running combined with the general sedentary element of the suburbs were hard.
Runkeeper is a meanie
  • Saturday: snowy snowy Saturday. I’d take the hit for it, but it was already snowing when I opted to wear the wonderful Brooks shirt. I had a late start due to a real feel of 16F and headed to the gym. The original thought was a semi-long run, but the reality was two miles of speed work since I wanted to be sure I had time to do my stretches to keep the hip from tightening up. I alternated 5.5 and 5.8 for .2 / .1 / .15 intervals and it felt good overall. Hard, because I’ve done no speed in a month, but a good hard. The time felt familiar and it was about twenty seconds faster than my July time trial. On the down side, treadmill is more climate controlled, but on the plus side, I’ve done virtually no speed work since the marathon and coming off injury. So it’s neither an improvement nor a fall off. Nice to see I can hit these paces when the runs of late have deliberately been jogs to heal. I forgot to tell Runkeeper I deferred. Not to worry, it told me.
Gorgeous day in Central Park
Not running it, but silly fun still mandatory
  • Sunday: Elizabeth and I cheered on Darlene and the other Lebow runners. I love having the chance to do this and still be a part of my favorite race. It was a beautiful January day. Followed it with PT and some overdue sushi

Plan for the week:

  • Monday: office closed; run to and from PT?
  • Tuesday: off/cross
  • Wednesday: run to PT before my flight?
  • Thursday – Sunday: fun in the sun. No race, but there will be some beach runs. I already sent my foam roller on ahead with mom’s husband who drove down and am packing my bands to keep up the PT.

PT 2020 Week 1: “I Like Hard”

This week marked my third running anniversary. With it falling on a weekday and my not running that day due to PT, I didn’t mark it in any special way. I will… just haven’t decided the form it will take. I’m the worst at doing things on the actual day anyway.

I officially deferred Fort Lauderdale. The deadline to do so was January 15 and I figured rushing back up and/or doing this undertrained was a recipe for further issues. I’m completely fine with this decision and am on to Bermuda. In the interim I look forward to the Frozen Penguin (! yay, my favorite) and Gridiron on Super Bowl weekend.

With morning PT appointments again, I look forward to run commuting there as a warmup. Yes, somehow in the last year I’ve become a morning person. I look forward to building back sustainably. Because I’m giving up Lauderdale, I’m pretty sure I’m going to do Cherry Blossom. Yes, the Amtrak 40% coupon helped with that.

Linking up with Kim and Deborah for a Weekly Run Down with more running than in the last few weeks:

  • never miss a Monday was back, with my PT intake appointment. I love Greg, Spear and the PT student who was working with him to assess me. There were no surprises. I have some tightness and imbalances, but my flexibility is better than it was a year ago. This is part of why I wanted to go back to the same one – he knew my normal. Even better, they gave me the all clear to run if it doesn’t hurt, and she’s determined to get me into a Prayer Squat, which I haven’t been able to do since I caught softball in high school. This was followed by a wonderful dinner with Darlene and Elizabeth.
  • Tuesday: PT encouraged me to run and who am I to disagree with my PT? A gorgeous East River runrise that felt really good.
  • Wednesday: first full PT session, and the inspiration for this post title. Wall sits and single legged squats are a bitch, but I want to be stronger, not just fix the pain. My glute at one point was wiggling with fatigue. Ever grateful for Skirt hiding that from general view.
we must do what the JackRabbit sign says!
Glow worm! (c) Darlene
  • Thursday: in an anti-preview for what was to come at the weekend, it was FREEZING. Neither this nor our respective injuries kept Darlene and I from run/walking the lower loop in Central Park. First use of my light vest in a while and was pleasantly surprised how well the batteries held out. Post-run was some retail therapy. Shoes for her, the beautifully ugly Brooks Run Merry ugly shirt for me.
  • Friday: off. Headed to Mom’s after work.
my happy place
  • Saturday: not much time for running since I slept in a little (7), but there was no way I was missing out 60s in January. A quick two mile shakeout before a quick trip to Albany to see my niece for her 2nd birthday. I focused hard on my PT so I didn’t tighten up due to four hours in the car and an hour on the train, and while I was a little stiff it wasn’t bad.
Hi Fred!
Hi Ducks!
Hi Ms. Silly
  • Sunday: 66 degrees + January = Central Park. I headed to the reservoir for the relatively flat terrain, but did some wiggling. I didn’t have an exact mileage plan, just to see how it felt. Ended up about 5.5 miles and I was happy with that. Early on I had to pause some to stretch, but knee never felt worse. And no, I wasn’t remotely cold in the Skirt and tee, even walking home after coffee. And yes, I was wearing a buff and hat in the same park on Thursday. Could I have gone longer? Sure. Was it smart to stop? I think so. No reason to exacerbate this.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: PT
  • Tuesday: run
  • Wednesday: PT
  • Thursday: run?
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: run? Mischief with friends
  • Sunday: run? depending on Saturday.

Physical Therapy 2020: Week 0

I was working on a post to closeout 2019 and share my 2020 goals, when a wonderful thing happened. I realized I could run a little!

Linking up with Deborah and Kim to share this week.

New Years Eats

Had an amazing weekend in the Rochester area with my college roommate and her kids. We share an obsession with all things buffalo so the food to accompany endless board games were: buffalo chicken dip, a keto BLT dip that was my hands-down favorite and dessert was a Keto cookie dough dip. The latter was much better the next day once we doctored it a bit with more cream cheese – the called for sweetener was way too much.

I brought my PT bands and a small roller ball to Rochester. Having a large space (aka house in the suburbs sized living room) to do the four pages of knee/hip exercises was wonderful. My college roommate’s kitchen counter was the perfect height for the calf stretches that go back to my Achilles PT. By week’s end it was starting to feel better and I was curious whether that was seven days of PT exercises, or generally walking way less (and way fewer stairs) than when at home.

gorgeous approach into NYC
and over the Rockaways

Those two and an aerial view of the marathon route were my welcome home. Although my knee was sore from sitting (you don’t sit much when spending time with an eight and three year old), the commute back from the airport on Thursday wasn’t bad. I noticed on Friday that my leg/hip was tightening up as I sat at work all day. While I got out briefly for lunch, I didn’t go far so made the decision to walk to the gym after work.

As I was in the middle of an amazing book – seriously, loved Scott Fauble & Ben Rosario’s writing about Fauble’s 2018 NYC Marathon training – I was curious to see if I could cycle without pain. Victory! I followed that with the full complement of PT exercises including the ever indecent ball squeeze.

face of someone happy that running wasn’t too painful

I had a slow start on Saturday as I was tired and much as I wanted to run, I was afraid it was going to hurt. I finally got out the door around one and decided to run in the direction of the gym as I wanted to do PT anyway and this route had buses if it went pear shaped. I mixed walking and running as up/down hills felt worse, but it was overall OK. After most of the PT (didn’t bring band for clamshells as there’s a limit to Skirt pockets) and a short cycle, I ran back home. It was a busier road so I had many light breaks, but no walks. This felt great, mentally.

Sunday I expected the knee to be sore, and it was, but nowhere near as bad as it had been before the PT exercises. I had some errands, including Urban Athletics’ going out of business sale, and then went back to the gym for the PT. Yes, gym is the easiest place for PT as I just do not have the room at home (bucket list, Deborah’s in-home yoga space and the space for one!) It felt so good to purposefully walk at a speed that felt closer to exercise, even if I didn’t get step goal. Baby steps!

Plan for the week:

  • PT consult Monday. Run when I can, strength train when I can’t.

Oh my right knee, you old frenemy

Not a Weekly Run Down, as there was a strong lack of running, but linking up with Deborah and Kim to talk about my knee diagnosis and some other 2019 odds and ends.

Am I disappointed in the injury? I think frustrated is a better word. I ran 862.97 miles in 2019. Four half marathons and the NYC Marathon this year, I met some amazing people. I wish it had ended differently, but disappointed doesn’t work for me.

This week’s exercise:

  • Monday: stretch and foam roll
  • Tuesday: tried to run, made it 50 feet
  • Friday: went for a walk after ortho, it wasn’t bad. PT after
  • Saturday: stretch, PT and foam roll. Realized rowing didn’t hurt, so 2K row
  • Sunday: literally running errands. Run / walk. Ice and PT after.

On the Knee:

I was able to get in to see the orthopedist on Friday afternoon. It was a new to me doctor, although I knew the practice. As is their normal, they had me do x-rays first and then a metric ton of paperwork. There is nowhere else I feel handwriting/penmanship is a use it or lose it more than doctor’s forms.

I was glad to have a good book (hi Book of Life and the amazing All Souls Trilogy, 1600+ pages still 1.99 on Kindle) as there’s often a wait. I can’t say I minded too much as getting me in with less than 24 hours notice didn’t do much for their schedule.

Dr. Lopez is a welcoming face – such as you ever really want to see a doctor. As he listened to symptoms, onset and examined the scars of a 20+ year ago surgery on my right knee, he began to manipulate that leg as well as the other to compare. I didn’t tell him of my thoughts of the IT band but knew he was thinking the same when he began to palpate that area of my thigh.

He had me turn to my left side and brought out the ultrasound. Since I couldn’t see the screen, he narrated what he was looking at as he continued to touch, bend and adjust my leg. After confirming that my knee wasn’t pregnant he said the ligaments looked good, no arthritis or bursitis. We then reviewed the x-rays, which were clean aside from a possible spur, which has been a possible spur for five or so years. AKA no worse.

He gave me a prescription for PT and some home exercises. Due to some travel this week, I can’t get in for my first appointment until 1/6, but I’ve packed my bands, small ball and will stretch as much as possible. I’m not even packing my sneakers, which feels weird. But I think the break from running will be better for the knee.

Next up:

  • 2019 Recap: so many good things. Maybe for Friday coffee.
  • 2020 Goals; I want to think about this some while traveling this week, and maybe wait until week one of PT to hear his assessment

#UnitedNYCHalf Recovery Week

I knew this was going to be a light week even without recovery from the half. We have our Global Summit/Annual Meeting and there’s just a lot going on. While I do chase steps in general, as Judy and I discussed on her post, I’ve learned through this injury cycle to take some true rest days. While I got in good steps doing errands and commuting, I had three days this workweek without meeting my step goal. Very unusual for me.

If you missed it, my race recap is here.

not running related, but I almost never wear dresses and really love this one

Physical Therapy:

PT exercises for a healthy achilles

After winding down to one visit per week, I officially graduated PT after about six weeks. Beyond fixing the current Achilles issues, I learned a lot about dem bones or to be more precise, dem tendons, ligaments and muscles. I also finished with a much better understanding of what to do at the gym vs. mindless stretching and rolling which I think will help me build a stronger base. Maybe one day I’ll actually do the free trainer session that comes with my gym membership. Maybe.

I look forward to maintaining that routine as I hopefully stay healthy through spring in the head up to the next training cycle. There’s also a lot I can do in the course of normal day to day activity such as the arch lifts.


PT for a healthy achilles


With my PT’s permission I’m sharing the ones he has me doing. This does not include some of the gym specific ones like the heel raises on a leg press or Stork, which I detailed below

Half Recovery:

I actually felt really good after the Half and probably could have run Tuesday if the schedule stars aligned. I can’t believe how long it took me to realize that PT really was strength training in disguise. That was definitely a part of my three minute time improvement as the course was way hillier than Fort Lauderdale.

While I don’t have anything double digits on the calendar until summer, look forward to working on my long runs.

Weekly Run Down with Kim and Deborah:

aggressive non-matching is especially prevalent on a cross training day. In that new Shamrock tee
  • Monday: PT graduation. After a nice, long calf and hip/TFL/glute massage, he just asked me what I wanted to do and there were two exercises I wanted him to show me again. No, neither of those were Dead Bug. I will finish PT without being an insect. Hip Hike, and The Stork (albeit with a ball). Graduation gift is a tee-shirt so I guess PT has become a literal example of been there, done that, got the tee shirt.
aforementioned tee shirt
  • Tuesday: off. Was at the office until nearly 8PM.
oh what a beautiful morning!
  • Wednesday: our Annual Meeting whose program runs until 6 with a reception to follow. Knowing I wouldn’t get to the gym after, I used the first day of having the PT window free for a sunrise run. Chilly, but absolutely gorgeous. Legs felt good and I was so happy to have the run in since I didn’t leave the reception until almost eight and I was on sore feet. I love how I feel after a morning run. Also, this was the last good weather so glad I got to play outside.
  • Thursday: closing reception for the global summit. Awesome venue in Lucky Strike but it’s out near the Intrepid & the Hudson River, which at least meant steps walking from the subway in an icy rain. I didn’t bowl or play pool, but it was a great way to unwind. We’re not going to talk about the food choices. Tracked and moved on.
Spri Xerdisc for President!
  • Friday: an evening that was my own. I wanted to run outside and it had finally stopped raining, but wasn’t sure that was going to hold, so I went to the gym. Two miles on the treadmill as follows: 5.5 for .25, 5.6 for .5, 6.0 for .5, 5.6 for .5 and 5.5 for .25. I didn’t really have a plan, but didn’t want to do too much too quickly even though I’m feeling good. Followed the run with a good roll and some PT exercises as I try to work though how to best combine the two on a non cross train day. I really, really love the Xerdiscs for balance work, much easier than Bosu. I really need to remember to pack my resistance bands in my gym bag though.
  • Saturday: was supposed to be a long run, but turned into mental & physical day off which was sorely needed. I put on my run clothes and ran to get dinner. Don’t regret a single non step.
Hi friend! Are you a red-tailed hawk?
  • Sunday: long run short shakeout and hopefully a sorely needed haircut.

Plan for the Week:

  • Monday: cross train. Conscious choice not to use my PT time for a run as I don’t want to run three of four days. May walk to work
  • Tuesday: off, book talk & signing. Anyone else read Linda Fairstein?
  • Wednesday: run
  • Thursday: office run group
  • Friday: off, show tickets
  • Saturday/Sunday: long run TBD based on schedule. Friends in town

Tuesday Topics: Do Frozen Penguins Play Football?

if they do, I bet they’re better than I am. I love the pre-race football throw at the NYRR Super Bowl Sunday race but I am laughably bad at it. Tiny hands (not politics, a pure fact when you’re 5’2) and footballs don’t mix.

I want to play football with penguins. In the mean time, I'll just recap @NYCRuns and @NYRR races Click To Tweet
Tuesday Topics

Linking up with Kim and Zenaida to recap this weekend’s runs.

NYC Runs Frozen Penguin 10K

My beloved first race, which I did again in 2018. I noticed only after I’d signed up for Sunday’s NYRR race that NYC Runs had moved this race from March back to February. I wondered what that would mean for weather, but remembered last year’s Super Bowl run as quite temperate. I figured I’d have survived a January Half by then, so why not. I also appreciated it not falling the day the clocks changed.

As we’ve all blogged over the last couple of weeks, winter got the memo it didn’t in November-December and while we didn’t get as cold as the midwest, NYC was unpleasant last week. Luckily it showed some signs of warming for the weekend.

2018 was warmer than 2017
that was sort of true for 2019 v. 2017

That 8:42 on Saturday morning’s screen shot? Yes, I was a last minute Sally arriving. Running in 20 degree weather? Doable. Standing around waiting in it? Nope. Not going to happen. Alarm went off at 7 and I hit snooze until 7:30 when I finally got moving and got an Uber around 8:20. Like the Half, there’s no easy way to 108th & Riverside Drive. Maybe in warmer weather I run it. Maybe.

No flat Cari as bib pickup is day of, but layers were:

  • Bottom: Cuddl Dudds Climate Smart leggings under full-length tights
  • Top: Hanes base layer under Tek Gear with thumbholes under last year’s shirt topped off by a windbreaker. I knew I’d get too hot with all of that, but wanted the windbreaker for the lap that is on the water.

Speaking of shirts, while I didn’t (and still don’t) love last year’s shirt

animatronic penguin

it made way more sense than this year’s

which hemisphere is this race in?

I miss the t-shirt from the first year and there’s a reason I still wear it a lot, it’s just perfect.

When I got to bib pickup, I was looking around and spotted the 2019 shirt. Hah! I had plans to ditch last year’s shirt in favor of this year’s so I didn’t have to carry it while running, but this years is getting donated as I chafe just looking at that. I waited until the end to pick it up, not caring if they’d still have my size.

Despite arriving just 20m ahead, I still had time to kill as they let us know there would be a few minutes’ delay to deal with some ice issues at mile one. That’s the one thing about this course that always gets me — the ice and frequently leaves on the hills. They solved the issue with a small semi circle onto the adjacent hill. Yep, walked both of those so I didn’t turn an ankle.

The course is two giant loops and miles 2/5 are pretty cold right on the water, but they’re also absolutely gorgeous. No pics as phone died of frostbite pretty much on arrival. I won’t lie, I had a moment of wanting to bail after the first loop, but I didn’t. For the sake of preserving my ankle for Sunday’s run, I did walk the hills on the second lap

Speaking of last year’s shirt… I was way happier the first time

Done. This 10K managed to feel harder than the half marathon. I wasn’t miserable despite how wonderfully awful this photo is. More like “oh shit, there’s a camera. Will my bib read. Where’s the hot chocolate?” This race will never be a body then & now photo with all the layers. I would have liked to keep the windbreaker on, but it was easier to take off and hold then the top shirt would have been. Crazy that you can indeed get “too warm” when it’s 19. Legs though were perfect.

Last year, I ran to the bus. This year I sipped my hot chocolate and walked to the subway. I stretched and iced when I got home and my ankle wasn’t too bad when I went out to drop off a library book and got my favorite post-race meal.

sushi rungry

I actually hadn’t tried sushi the night before a run in a long time and was curious. It was more late lunch/early dinner, but it worked.

NYRR Gridiron 4M

long sleeved, and way more practical than last year’s white

I know that Super Bowl is a protected term, but I wish they’d call this race something less silly. Game Day 4M? Gridiron is just so dated to the point of being silly. It was another last minute arrival as I hit every light between my apartment and the park. Amazing how tropical 34 can feel after the Vortex and I was caught indecisive in what to wear, hence another race with no flat Cari. Opted for:

  • same tights as Saturday since I had a layer between them in the first wearing
  • tee shirt, last year’s race shirt and an Eli Manning tee
  • light gloves, Lebow hat both of which were off by about mile two.
one eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater!

Last sighting of last year’s shirt, post-Holi. It never really did get clean. Less purple, yes. White? Not really

I found myself wishing for my windbreaker. Not for weather, but for the pockets. Phone, keys, metro card are a little too much for one hand and I didn’t want to, but ultimately did wear my belt. I really need to find a smaller one soon.

Corral K crossed the start line about 7m after the start. 102nd might be my favorite starting spot because you have time to get your legs under you before the west side rollers and at only four miles, you’re not trashed before you hit Cat Hill. I was pleasantly surprised the ankle didn’t voice an opinion on Cat Hill. All in all it was a good if uneventful race. I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere close to last year’s time and decided to just enjoy a gorgeous day in Central Park.

Goofball alert! (c) CheerEverywhere.JPG

Did I have fun? Not one bit. LOL I Ham, therefore I am. Life is way too short to take yourself too seriously  I really love the Cheer Everywhere team and was so glad to get this via DM.

Only oddity of this race? I had a larger dinner Saturday night than Friday and ate a breakfast bar before the 4m. Which race was I ravenous after? The 4M of course. Bodies are weird — even accounting for the hot chocolate at the end of Saturday to take the edge off.

Best news of all came Monday and will lead to fewer fun runs and more training runs, I have a referral for PT for the Achilles. Podiatrist who specializes in running also gave me some stretches to do and I did them at the gym after work.

Fingers, toes crossed.

Do you enjoy moments of silliness when you run?

Does podiatrist just sound like a doctor for old people based on its name?