so a week into 2012

By | January 7, 2012

and I’m mostly still on track.

I had a slower start to exercise then I wanted because I started off the year sick. Still, I made myself go to the gym on both Sunday and Monday and even a short workout is better than none at all.

So far, I’m in a good place for #GoTheDist. 21.41 miles out of a goal of 750 for the year and 175 for Q1. I think I can do it even when I switch to more walks over bikes when the weather is nicer. Speaking of nice weather, it was 13F when I left the house on Weds. AM & today when I was walking home from the gym it was 55F. Same city. Wish I’d had more time for an outdoor workout today. Maybe I’ll walk home one day this week if it stays nice.

After a few missed weekends in the fall due to other commitments, I’m back on track for 50 gym visits in this 6 month window. It’s good for fitness, it’s even better my wallet.

Food choices were mostly good too. I’m in my usual winter challenge of a lack of fresh fruit & veg & it being too cold for smoothies, but I’m making better choices.

So let’s see where the rest of 2012 goes.

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