Confession: Scale Wench

By | March 5, 2012

I like “wench” better than “wh0re” but when it comes to the scale, both are true for me.

I can weigh myself daily and it doesn’t make me (too) crazy. I’ll even weigh myself multiple times. I just need to know where I am. Non-scale cues don’t work for me especially since I have yet to learn to properly use a measuring tape. Yes, I’m special at times.

Weighed myself this morning knowing it would be up because a) couldn’t bend my fingers and b) overnight cankles. Hi. Crazy salt in Knorr Rice Sides buffalo chicken, anyone? Saw the number, shook my head, started drinking. At day’s end? I’d peed about 12 times and my night weight was 2 lbs less than my morning weight. Good sign but further proof our bodies are nuts.

Proud of myself today. I tracked everything (except 4 m&ms as I couldn’t figure that out) and stayed OP.


Currently reading: Tales from the Scale. I see so much of myself in there, it’s eerie.

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