GTD 2013: Q1

By | January 31, 2013

It took a lot of editing and re-editing not to call it “Q1 down the drain”, but I know Robby would brain me if I did that. :-)

I went off track with #GoTheDist last year when the weather got better. I naturally switched to walking home more which hurt my GTD goal (750 miles on the bike). I was at about 50% for the year (after a kickass 136% start to Q1) when I quit tracking there. But I just looked at my Map My Fitness totals and…. 682.9. 91.05%

I think if I’d realized I was so close I’d have pushed harder to find those miles.

But anyway, this year I flipped it. I made walking my primary goal and the bike secondary (translation: miles don’t count). Through January I’ve walked 16.28 miles and biked  58.89. Let’s see where that decision lands me. Right now I’m thinking I shouldn’t have switched up my main and alternate exercises.

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