Weigh In: February 24

By | February 24, 2013

Weekly Loss: 0.5 lbs

Total Loss: 11.1 lbs

A loss is a loss. Yeah, I’ll parrot the official loss of any loss is a good thing, but this week has been bizarre. The scale has been all over the place for two reasons: a little too much eating out and a touch of the stomach flu. Plus, the cold is finally? gone and I have my appetite back.

I made good choices while eating out but holy crap, restaurant food is salty. I am still tracking (down to the 5 chips I ate at the restaurant) so I know the daily “gains” weren’t actual weight and my fingers are still a bit bloated and dinner out was Friday night.

Hope the scale gets back on track this week. I want a good start to DietBet 3. Still, 11.1 lbs in four weeks is many kinds of WOW.

ETA: Sodium culprit IDed. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I might as well have drunk soy sauce. Sad, because I’d been abstaining from for this exact reason. Now I know what to avoid pre WI.

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