#GoTheDist 2013: Went

By | December 31, 2013

I did it, I did it.

Yes, you should read that in a complete sing-song voice since I am wearing a pink tiara.

Been a good #GoTheDist year, despite a rough start after which I revised my original goal of 750 miles down to 500. Then, in July, I realized my initial goal was doable and in September, vowed to beat it.

So how did I do?

I finished* 2013 on a high note:


  • 205,116 steps
  • 87.2 miles walked
  • 47.48 miles biked

Totals for 4Q

  • 641,913 steps
  • 269.41 miles walked
  • 55.16 miles on the bike

Totals for 2013

  • 1,889,696 steps **
  • 948.09 miles walked
  • 335.83 miles on the bike


I also hit my Q4 goal (barely, pathetically on the biking side) and with 87.2 miles walked, I hit my last ditch goal that I set Friday.

Inspired by that, I’m setting my walking goal at 1100 miles. 1,000 seems to little of a bump from ~950 even though I know that’s lower than real, but 1,200 seems too high. So 1100 it is. I still need to do some steps math, so I’m not sure which is primary yet.

ETA: 1100 miles, 2.5m steps is my goal.

More to come on 2014. For now I’m going to bounce, that burns calories, right?

* there will be more steps tonight but it’s too cold so I don’t expect them to amount to much

** since May, when I got my Jawbone

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