GoTheDist 2015: Q3

By | October 1, 2015

How on earth is it already October?!? How have I still not finished the photos from my trip?

Despite some amazing steps while exploring the National Parks, September was the challenge I knew it would be. My totals:

  • 309,764 steps walked
  • 126.38 miles walked

I should be (and am) happy that I hit 300K on a travel month, but I’m so pissed I miss my stretch goal by fewer than 300 steps. I could have walked downstairs again if I’d looked at the numbers on time. So that’s on me. Bah.

Overall though, Q3 was OK.

  • 930,573 steps walked
  • 382.37 miles walked

That’s 101.79% of my official GTD goal. Whee? Whee. My numbers for the year:

  • 2,885,304 steps walked
  • 1189.79 miles walked

I am 514,696 steps from my 2015 step goal and 310.21 miles from the mileage goal and I’ve spent the better part of today (over) thinking Q4’s goals. Weather on the horizon, work hell and some more trips. I know December is always bad and November isn’t much better.  So after some analysis, my goals are:

  • 800,000 steps walked
  • 315 miles walked

That’s 300K for October (I managed 301K last October but remember working very hard for that with a Wall Street Walks ghost tour on Halloween night), and 250K apiece for November and December. Not ideal, but doable.  I may revise it up but this is the bare minimum.

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