#GoTheDist 2016: September and Q4

By | October 1, 2016

so a 350K month happened. Specifically, a 352,423 step month. Whoa! I know exactly what hat I pulled that rabbit out of – beautiful weather and a lot of museum hopping for work made for two 20K days

September Totals

  • 352,423 steps
  • 144.75 miles walked
  • 3.81 miles biked (it was just too nice out)

Q3 Totals:

  • 1,023,687 steps
  • 420.46 miles walked
  • 107.57 miles biked

Year to Date Totals:

  • 3,091,911 steps
  • 1270.94 miles walked
  • 419.33 miles biked

What does that all mean? I’m going for 4m steps for the year. It is going to be a challenge because Q4 is always hard, but shouldn’t all goal be challenges? My spreadsheet is ready and I think I can do this. I’m also shooting for 500 miles biked which will be my best in a long time, I think.

October I’m once again shooting to top 2014 since 2015 fell short. Coincidentally, it’s nearly what I need to aim for 4m on the year.

October Goals:

  • 301,135/302,677 (actually aiming higher, I want a cushion against a bad December)
  • 30 miles biked

What were my 2016 goals? 3,600,000/3,680,000 steps and 1515/1600 miles. BOOM!

Going to make for some challenging 2017 goals, but I’m not worrying about that yet.

Reading: bad month for that, “too much” walking, but 71/75 read and 53 for #2016TBRPile.

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