#GoTheDist 2017: January Chapter

By | February 1, 2017

After some family events, I knew January was going to be more of a struggle but I was determined. Even if hitting January 2016 wasn’t possible I wanted to at least hit January 2015 and, ideally, 300K steps.

Mission Accomplished!

January totals:

  • 301,270 steps
    127.16 miles walked
    53.01 miles biked

I came just shy, 428 steps to be exact, of January 2016 numbers but I was OK with that because I hit 300K. In 2016 I had 15 days below goal and in 2017 I had 11. That was a pleasant surprise considering I was unexpectedly out of town last week.

Increasing my time and speed

increasing my mileage

As I mentioned, OK with the bike mileage because I have kept up the running. I’ve done 13/21 RunKeeper C25K workouts and had 15 gym visits (11 that count for reimbursement). I’m in a good place. I know the initial gains will taper off, but in the mean time I’m enjoying the recognition.

February Goals:

  • 300,000 steps
  • 50 miles biked
  • Graduate C25K

Going to be harder with one less day than last year and a travel day or two, but I think this is doable. Feb 2016 total was 313, 153. I’m OK with a stretch goal of 305,000. The math of Charge / Alta mileage is so borked I’m not even worried about that.

Reading isn’t on track, I’ve read 7/91 and almost none count for the challenges other than ebook, but that’s OK. I’ll get back into it. Less bike mileage is also a part of it as I can’t read and run:

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