Great Saunter and Steps Goals

By | May 16, 2017

The Great Saunter is not only a gorgeous walk for a great cause, it’s a wonderful thing for my steps math. With Saturday’s 60K steps (~56K of which were Saunter), my May stretch goals went from iffy to doable.

That reminds me, I never followed up here on my May goals once April’s were finalized. In short, my realistic goal with the Saunter was hoping to top May 2015 (slightly higher than 2016 as I had Saunter and walking vacation) even with a non-walking vacation. I left my stretch goals what they were the last two months and while I’m not certain, I think I have a good chance at them. Exactly what stretch goals should be.

pre-saunter average: 6,559.21

post-saunter average: 10,131.06

Pre-saunter step goals:

Steps needed to goals before the Saunter


Post-saunter step goals:

steps needed to goal after the Saunter


The craziest thing about that is the change in average in the 1m goal column. That usually increases because my spreadsheet math isn’t good enough to factor that there’s another month of days left. With 60K in one day, I lowered that.

I topped my Saunter distance from last time and although I didn’t keep such great spreadsheets, I’m sure my numbers were just as fun.

Part of the reason the pre-saunter average was so low was I’d factored in some minimal days for time out of the city and day post Saunter. That way I have a worst case to work from. I look forward to what May brings.

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