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Last Tuesday my hip began to whinge on a short pre-work run and I wondered why. Nothing had been particularly strenuous or beyond my normal. On the return leg of a run cut short, I realized I’d accidentally run five days in a row. Oops, my feet feel so much better in good shoes that I haven’t really had to think about that.

I don’t think it’s a distance that needs a taper, but I have a 10K on Sunday that I didn’t want to be injured for, so I took Wednesday off before testing the hip Thursday (it’s same not really an injury more of an annoying nag that hit me ahead of June’s races) and it was OK. I took Friday off and then ran consecutive days on the weekend. I was sore Sunday so I rested* Monday and Tuesday before running Wednesday and today. Other than rolling my ankle at the end of today’s run, it felt good and kind of fast. It’s going to be hot Sunday so I accept that slowing will happen and I’m going to bring my own extra water, but I think I’m ready. Even though I yet again failed at my training plan, I have a more solid base than I did in the spring and think I can do 10K. It’s a super flat course.

What did I learn on the “rest” days? It’s running that is really fueling my extra steps. Objectively I know this, it’s why I’m leaps and bounds ahead of last year. But it hit home yesterday when I left work just shy of 3K steps. I’ve hit goal every day since September 4 and am pushing again for 400K steps. But yesterday was a day where I really didn’t think it was possible, and that bothered me. I didn’t want to push the hip, but I really wanted goal. I took a semi circuitous route home and just barely eked out 11,287 steps. I’m not sure if my motivation is the spreadsheet or truly wanting goal, but it really made me think. I don’t think 400K is as bad a goal as the 30 minute one, but it certainly makes true rest days almost impossible. On the plus side, it also makes it harder to justify “oh fuck it” days, which I think is a good thing

Today? Errands and a run means I’m going to end up around 20K steps. There is no middle ground. Just lots of thinking


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  • Good luck for the 10k, sounds like you’ve got a sensible plan in case and now it’s time to go out and enjoy it! I never run more than two days in a row, by the way, so there’s no shame in not doing loads of consecutive days. We recover on the days we rest, etc., etc.

    • When my feet hurt, it wouldn’t let me run two days in a row. This was the first time my schedule did and I lost track. It was a good learning moment. I plan to take Monday off aside from walking home from work, and schedule won’t let me run Tuesday. I think two days off after a 10K will be good for hip, even if it’s not needed. As I get “fast”er I’ve moved from doing one mile to two miles before or after work. It will be interesting to see how hip/feet react if speed gets to where I can get in 3-4. Food for thought. I don’t know how the poeple who do the long streaks don’t hurt. Part of me wishes I could, but I know it’s crazy given my knees/ Thanks for endorsement that it isn’t necessary

        • I’m fairly impressed with ankle and hip. Had a good stretch at gym after. May still hate my stairs tomorrow. I did all erranding needed before I came home so I didn’t have to go back out today (5th floor walkup)

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