Steptember: #GoTheDist 2017 Q3

By | October 2, 2017

September was many kinds of weird. Vacation to start the month and I was injured yet again. Still, I closed out the month with a 27 day (and counting) step goal streak.

Stat time.


  • 444,689 steps
  • 190.7 miles run/walked
  • 34.47 miles run. (Pace: 11:38. Run time: :25:11)

Yep, I’m very happy with that.  Overall I hit some of my stretch goals, but not all. I think that’s a good month marker. I only had two days without goal.


  • 1,386,041 steps
  • 595.34 miles run/walked
  • 108.86 miles run

That’s a nice increase above Q2’s totals and I hit two of the three Q3 goals and one of the subsequent stretch goals. I’m OK with not hitting the run one as I’m listening to my body and practicing smart healing. Only five days total below goal.

Year to Date:

  • 3,775,858 steps
  • 1628.48 miles run/walked
  • 314.33 miles run

Wow. That’s better than 2015’s totals and I still have a full quarter to go!

October goals:

  • 400,000 steps
  • 166 miles run/walked
  • 50 miles run
  • 2 days below goal

Yeah, that feels/looks like deja vu. But I think it’s a good baseline. I hope to more than exceed the first two and don’t expect to hit the third. It’s a goal to keep working toward as I heal and train. I am setting my time goal to 11:30. Doable? I think maybe? October’s 5m will probably be somewhere near September’s 10K, although much cooler I hope. But I had a 14:50 to start the month that I hopefully won’t have to work off in October

I’m not sure about Q4 goals yet. I mean bare bones is 1,200,000 as I really want to hit 400K each month. I think, as I did for Q3, I’ll probably set them one month in.

Maybe by then I’ll actually look at how far off I am on my reading goals. 60/91 read.

2 thoughts on “Steptember: #GoTheDist 2017 Q3

  1. Liz Dexter

    All the steps!! And you’re getting speedy, too. I might pick up some speed again once the marathon is over … well done you! Is there significance in the 91 books to read this year?

  2. cari Post author

    I had to look it up, which means not really. I think though it was a 10% increase on books I’d read last year factoring in a beach vacation in January 2017 that was supposed to be in December 2016. I’m loving Pace though, even if it’s taking me forever due to lack of adequate reading time. In addition to running, we have a new train line which took my commute from ca. 40m to 15. Not at all complaining, but there went my reading time


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